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Etymology of the French word biologie

the French word biologie
derived from the Late Greek word bios, βίος (life; life; the present state of existence; by implication, the means of livelihood)
derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *gʷei- (to live)
derived from the Greek word logos, λόγος (word, speech, topic, treatise, reasoning)
derived from the Greek word legein, λέγω (to speak)
derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *leg- (to collect, to speak)


The earliest known usage of biologie in French dates from the 19th century.

Derivations in French

biologique, biologiste, chronobiologie, microbiologie, neurobiologie, biologiser, biologisme, agrobiologie, aérobiologie, cosmobiologie, cytobiologie, ethnobiologie, exobiologie, géobiologie, hydrobiologie, paléobiologie, phytobiologie, potamobiologie, psychobiologique, radiumbiologie, zoobiologie, électrobiologie, astrobiologie, phréatobiologie, radiobiologie, sociobiologique

Derivations in other languages

Romanian biologie


Dutch biologie, English biology, German Biologie, Italian biologia, Lithuanian biologija, Norwegian biologi, Polish biologia, Russian биoлoгия, Swedish biologi

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