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Unbelievable: Huawei E173U USB Modem Change The Life

With the improvement of people’s life and the development of technology, more and more telecom devices such as 3g router, [url=http://www.3gmodem.com.hk/Product.html?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=candy&utm_campaign=modem3g]3g modem[/url] begins to appear in our work, as some people have to work in different places even in one day, in China, due to the limitation of Wi-Fi coverage, how to make user’s telecom device get access internet that has become an problem that they have to face.
Two years ago, I remember clearly I was a shop assistant, and I worked in an electronic store and I sold all kinds of notebooks, it is the day of 15th, March, you know this is a Consumers’ Day in china, If consumer’s goods have problem in a extent time, Consumers’ Association will entitle the right to users, so it was a busy day. I am very busy doing my work when an old man came to me , I recognize him when he closed to me , for he bought a notebook from me two weeks ago ,he said ,his notebook always couldn’t access the Wi-Fi network in his home ,or the notebook always slipped away the network. Why? He suspected that the notebook had problems and requested me to refund him, he was so angry that he shouted at me, you know, which created a bad influence on our store. Because of the block of Wi-Fi network, I left my workplace and had to go Starbucks to connect Wi-Fi to his notebook for his request, isn’t it ridiculous?
Now I am not an assistant, I work as a clerk in another company, normally I have to take my notebook to my workplaces, I bother that I cannot access the internet at some place when I have to search something via internet, so I need a 3g key wherever I go. I search in the market then [url=http://www.3gmodem.com.hk/Huawei/E173U.html?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=candy&utm_campaign=modem3g]Huawei E173U USB modem [/url]catches my eyes. Huawei E173U 3g modem is compatible with 2G and 3G on conditioned that you insert your SIM( Cellphone Card) in Huawei E173U USB modem, Huawei E173U 3g modem is up to 7.2Mbps DL speed and UL 5.76 Mbps and it is easy to use if you follow these steps:
Insert a SIM card in E173u 3g modem and install the driver in my notebook, the computer will detect and recognize Huawei E173U USB modem, after the program run automatically and being installed, a shortcut icon for the management program appears in the desktop, then the installation completed.
It reminds me the event two years ago, if I offered a 3g modem like Huawei E173u USB modem to him at that time, and is he still angry with me? The result must be different, the fast speed, the fashionable style of Huawei E173u USB modem with USB storage will absolutely make the old man satisfied, I think. What a surprise that Huawei E173u USB modem could bring us.

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