Wilhelm Wattenbach (* 22 of September of 1819 in Ranzau, Holstein – f 20 of September of 1897 in Frankfurt ) was Historian alemÃn .

Wattenbach estudià ³ FilologÃa in the univesidades of Bonn, Gotinga and BerlÃn . In 1843comenz ³ its works in Monumenta Historical Germaniae . In 1855 was chosen like secretary in the University of Breslau . In 1862 convirtià ³ in professor of History in the Univerisidad de Heidelberg and ten años después ocupà ³ the same position in the one of BerlÃn. ³ is clear to him by its knowledge in crà nicas and original documents of Average Age, field in which mÃs desarrollà ³.

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