wild Heart is one Novel written by the prolific Mexican writer Brave Charity Adams and published in 1957 after to be adapted for the screen in previous year. History takes place in Martinique in 1903 and describes to the life in the Caribbean Sea of a boy who grows to be Pirate, while its brother means are going to study to France, and the two brothers that fall in love with him.


There have been five Mexican productions based on the book, two films and three soap operas, one of which was rolled in Puerto Rico . The last production was Soap opera of 1993 carried out by Edith González like Mónica de Altamira, the missing person Eduardo Palomo like Juan of the Devil and Ana Colchero like Aimée de Altamira . Nevertheless, the history adapted by Maria Zarattini, takes place near the port of Veracruz and the French last names were changed by Spanish last names, Molnar by of Altamira and D'Autremont by Palace and Valley. The singer Angelica Maria interpreted the paper of Mónica in the film of 1968 and in the soap opera of 1977, that was rolled with the collaboration of Armed Mexican.

Adaptations to the screen

Mexico. Production of 1993 : Soap opera of 80 episodes Edith Gonzalez : Monica de Altamira

Eduardo Palomo : Juan of the Devil

Ana Colchero : Aimee de Altamira

Ariel Lopez Padilla : Andres Fortress and Valley

1977 : Soap opera

Angelica Maria : " Monica Molnar"

Martin You cut : " Juan of the Diablo"

Susana Dosamantes : " Aimee Molnar"

Fernando Beyond : " Renato D'Autremont"

1968 : Film

Angelica Maria : " Monica Molnar"

Julio German : " Juan of the Diablo"

Teresa Vela'zquez : " Aimee Molnar"

1966 : Soap opera

Julissa : " Monica Molnar"

Enrique Lizalde : " Juan of the Diablo"

Jacqueline Andere : " Aimee Molnar"

Enrique Alvarez Felix : " Renato D'Autremont"

1956 : Film

Martha Roth : " Monica Molnar"

Carlos Navarrese : " Juan of the Diablo"

Christiane Martel : " Aimee Molnar"

Rafael Bertand : " Renato D'Autremont"

Puerto Rico

1966 : Soap opera " Juan of the Diablo"

Braulio Castle : Juan of the Devil

Gladys Rodriguez : Mónica Molnar

Martita Martinez : Aimeé Molnar

Jose Ivy : Renato D'Autremont


This novel, original of Brave Charity Adams, is acclimated in the Caribbean, specifically in the French colonies; the Mexican adaptation of 1993 is acclimated in the Atlantic coast of Mexico and to this we will talk about in future for being most well-known world-wide.

Francisco Palace is a rich and important man, that he owns a sugar cane property, married with a severe woman and without compassion, Sofia, with that has a son, Andres Palace and Valley, perpetually allowed by his mother.

Francisco had had an adventure with a married woman who was mistreated by her husband before marrying with Sofia. The woman was pregnant and died when the boy was three years old. The boy, illegal son, are, in fact, his first-born. When this woman is pregnant woman, his husband refuses to let march it, he does not allow that Francisco knows that the boy is his and he either does not recognize. So the boy, call Juan, grow well-known like Juan of the Devil, not to have last name. The mother of Juan finally dies of the shame and of the bad treatments that the boy had received from his husband and he is bred without love nor education, in the unheeded poverty and.

Being adolescent, the husband of his mother dies and then Francisco Palace, that finishes knowing of the existence of that son, hiding such fact, invites to him to live in his property with his family, with the pretext of which outside a companion of games for its Andres son. Sofia discovers him truth and tries to throw to Juan, to which Francisco is against. Finally Francisco has an accident while he mounts to right horse before recognizing Juan like his son legally, as he had glided. Francisco, nevertheless, has left a letter with his intentions directed to his friend and lawyer lawyer Noel Mancera. Sofia intercepts the letter it hides and it. In his I milk of death, Francisco sends to call to its Andres son, who is as soon as a boy, and without saying the truth to him, asks to him that he takes care of of Juan since would make a brother. After its death, Sofia throws to Juan without saying nothing to him to Andres, that throws much of less to Juan.

Fifteen years later Juan already is a man who lives between the sailors and the pirates on the port, gaining a doubtful reputation by his dirty contraband businesses, to gain his fights and for being amiable and right with its men, who compensate to him with a loyalty without limit. Also he is mujeriego, but nobody has robbed him the heart. He knows who was its father, because Mancera lawyer said it, because the unique one became its better friend and who has given something him of education). Mancera offers its last name to him, but it refuses because he does not need it for his businesses.

On the other hand, Mónica and Aimeé are the two adorable young people countess daughters of the deceased Count of Altamira. They very used to be respected in the high society, but the family Of Altamira is in the bankruptcy, her unique possessions are her last name, its beauty and the long promise of the future marriage between the major, Mónica, and Andres Palace.

Unfortunately, Mónica, that is reserved and extremely prudent, does not write to Andres, which forgets its commitment. When this one is in the city of Mexico, it knows the sister of Mónica, Aimeé. Aimeé is pretty, but attractive and egoistic. Sample interest in Andres, that, more than probably, is rich and has influence and power. Andres falls in love completely with Aimeé, fact that tells to its mother when this one is going to visit to him. Sofia returns to house to inform to Catherine, its cousin and mother of Mónica and Aimeé, of the feelings of its son. When Catherine finds out the rejection towards her Mónica daughter, it is consternada, knowing that can mean the ruin of its family. When one finds out that Andres loves Aimeé, horrifies before the thought of how it is going away to divide the heart to him for Mónica, but accepts the new commitment. When Mónica discovers the feelings of Andres, it is destroyed: that is the marriage about which always it had dreamed, for that was educated and was enamored with Andres. It falls ill, but, after recovering, it decides to enter the local convent and to take the habits. It tells them to all that one feels alleviated of which Andres broke its commitment and pretends that always it had had religious vocation.

At that time Aimeé returns with its mother. A day, while it takes a walk by the beach, discovers and spy a man who is occurring a bath in a house of the beach. One is Juan of the Devil, although Aimeé knows him, neither its past, nor knows that he is gift son Francisco of Palace and Valley. It observes to him from the distance, but it sees it to Juan. In the successive days, Aimeé returns several times to spy on Juan. He decides to face himself with her he catches and it while it is hidden hoping to him. Soon they have a romance and they fall in love.

Whereas Aimeé maintains love affairs with Juan, Andres returns to the town of this one. With the approval of his mother, and the mother of Aimeé, Andres she requests his hand to him in marriage, and it accepts, in spite of her relation with Juan. On the other hand, Juan begins to think that perhaps he wishes to marry with Aimeé, and a day him question that if he were rich, if she would marry with him, to which she responds " If you were it, why no? ". With that small hope, Juan decides to make a trip of two months, his last trip, to knead a fortune and power to appear before the family of Aimeé like a good future husband. His mentor, Mancera Lawyer, offers to give him his last name to him when he discovers that Juan has inclinations by one young lady, not knowing that the young lady with who Juan is enamored is Aimeé. Juan starts off and Aimeé promises to hope to him to him and to marry with him, in spite of already being it jeopardize with Andres.

After several weeks, rumors begin to arrive from which Juan of the Devil was stopped in his trip and has condemned that it to 10 years of forced works. Before these news, Aimeé follows with its commitment with Andres and the wedding takes place. Juan arrives at the town, without knowing it, the day of the wedding of Aimée and Andres. Only on the following day, when one meets with Mancera Lawyer, one finds out the wedding of Aimeé. Then part immediately towards the property of Andres, Real Field, to do in front and to take to him to Aimeé to the force so that it fulfills her promise. Andres, that does not know anything of its kinship with Juan nor of the adventure that this it had with his wife, but remembers who it of the childhood, decides to use it like new administrator of Real Field, its property.

While, Mónica leaves the convent and it meets with his family in this property of the Palace and Valley. Worried about the miserable life about the workers and its families, defending to broken Andres through thick and thin in spite of having his commitment, it begins to be called “Santa Monica” by Juan, whereas it and their mother discovers the romance that this lived with Aimeé. As Mónica no longer is going to be nun, Andres wants to repair its offense marrying it with its Alberto friend of the Serna, while it finds out that Juan in fact is his brother and of which had an indecent romance with one young lady who is in the house. Naturally, Andres thinks immediately that it is Mónica, since he is incapable to imagine the truth: that the woman of that to Juan and his bred Lily spoke was in fact her wife, Aimeé. Because of this misunderstanding, Mónica is pushed to marry immediately. It accepts to protect to Andres and its sister of the shame, the scandal and its consequences, but she refuses to marry with Alberto. The lawyer gift Noel Mancera has spoken of the nobility and the generosity to him of Juan, something that has gotten to glimpse by itself by his behavior as much with she herself as with the farmers, so he proposes his mother to him to marry with Juan instead of with Alberto. After all, also it is a Palace and Valley and thus will manage to separate to him of Aimeé for always. Before the surprise of Andres, the stupor and the firm opposition of Aimeé and against all prognosis, Juan accepts to marry with Mónica.

There the history of one of the most enthusiastic romances begins really. Juan and Mónica, in spite of to have married according to other interests, fall in love, but the way to them will not become easy until arriving at " and they lived happy by siempre". At the beginning of being married, they do not know themselves, they do not know until where they are wanted or itself they are respected, reason why Juan, uncertain the love of Mónica, deals with to find out what she by him feels, because she does not know if it still loves Andres, leaving to glimpse that little by little, like her, who is fallen in love without remedy. She always denies to continue wanting to him Andres, and in char it in which both confess their lives and yearnings, Mónica declares its love to Juan, who wants to believe it because she to him already wants so much to it as and no longer demonstrates to be interested in Aimée. But Aimée, that is not satisfied to having lost to Juan against santurrona of its sister, prepares a dirty trick and hides a picture of Andres where Mónica declared its love to him between the clothes who this left in house of its mother, sending it to house of Juan. When this he finds it, rage mounts in and asks accounts to Mónica, but his husband is so jealous and furious, that don't mention it he serves that she cries denies and it, he march to the bar as the One-eyed and only the intervention of gift Noel causes that returns to its house and apologizes to Mónica, saying to him that she is unique it that brings crazy person and who it would let itself kill by ella.LLegan very happy days, both very enamored, until Juan must start off by businesses.

Knowing of their absence, the head of the jail, Espindo it and his compadre, Guadalupe Cagiga, the owner of the brothel where she had had and violated Lily, prepare a trap to him to be able to accuse it of contraband of arms and murder. To his return Juan he is stopped in his house along with One-eyed and the gift Noel, that is released shortly after.

Espindo it she does not leave Mónica visits Juan, although is allowed it to Aimée in exchange for the promise of its loving favors, and the poor wife does not have more remedy than to disguise itself of nun to be able to visit Juan with the excuse to be making works of charity. While, Do6na Sofia, aware the loves that had their daughter-in-law Aimée and Juan, draws up a plan next to her Alberto friend of the Serna to undo of Juan and Aimée: to say to him to her that they will escape together and him she will make that it with Mónica soon to be able to kill to his daughter-in-law and Juan being pretended an accident.

As Juan does not entrust itself in Do6na Sofia, he decides to advance to his flight a day, but he does not count whereupon Aimée has gone to the jail and that Espindo it tries to receive itself. When hearing it, Juan goes and Espindo he shoots it to him, hurting to him of gravity, reason why the One-eyed shoots as well and it kills to him. Thus they are able to escape, but as Juan is so severely wounded, they take it to the cabin of the Tehua healer, where also Aimée hides.

Between Do6na Sofia, Alberto of the Serna and Guadalupe Cagiga they make run the rumor that Juan and Aimée they were escaped together in the boat of Cajiga, that make explode pretending in any case that has died.

Opportunely, the judge of San Pedro retires and Marcelo replaces to him Rosemary Vargas, who comes accompanied from their Amanda sister-in-law, widow of their brother, and the daughter of this, Mariana. It does not take in knowing that Mariana is not daughter of the husband of Amanda, but of gift Noel. Rosemary Vargas, who has a strict sense of justice, becomes position of the case of Juan although its certificate of death is being transacted. Don Noel finds out that the arms found in the warehouse of Juan do not come from the contraband, but of a previous seizure and that the dead is not but another criminal who was in the jail from before Juan he started off.

Mónica, destroyed by the pain and of mourning, creates like all which Juan and his sister are dead, but days later, by words of Lily, he discovers that Juan can be alive and decides to sell the house and the boat to make him return. Finally it rents the house to the new judge, returning to house of his mother, and it gives the papers him of the boat to Andres it sells so that it. He buys this it to get even and Baptist, his overseer sinks, it. While Juan recovers in the cabin of Tehua, instead of a Mónica finds Aimée, that as already is pregnant woman, it tries to deceive Juan so that it believes that the son is his and not of Andres, but is deceived she it and Juan is going to see Mónica.

Mónica, that does not fit in himself of joy when seeing Juan, takes care of the wound to him, makes him rest and it proposes to him to escape together, but Juan, although what would more wish in the world he is not to have to separate more of her, refuses, because he does not want to flee all the life, nor of justice, because he is innocent, nor of Andres, that now thinks that it escaped with his wife and will want to take revenge itself. When Juan reappears in misa in front of all the town, he challenges it to Andres to a duel and when this it takes place, Andres is so drunk that it fails twice, but Juan pardons the life more to him hurting to him in a hand and than ever in the pride.

As one already knows that Juan and Aimée are no dead, he fixes himself that Aimée was taken to the force by the men of Juan so that this can return with Andres, but still is pending the death of Espindo it and Juan, as he killed it to the One-eyed to save the life to him, cannot less than to lie down the fault and to allege self-defense. As Mónica says to him that it could not support to return to see it imprisoned and less to protect to another one, Juan decides that the best thing will be to separate it from him while its innocence is not demonstrated, hides in cortijo left and, when Mónica is going to look for to say to him that it could not reclaim the boat and that this sank, he to him lies to him and makes him think that the boat was more important that she, finding therefore the excuse to cause that it moves away of him.

Meanwhile, Andres has found out that Aimée was the lover of Juan and maintains only it in the house because waits for a son, but Aimée undergoes an abortion and, to hide it, it decides to leave to horse and to pretend a fall. Baptist, to take revenge his masters, hides a stone under the chair and, while Aimée galopa, is with Mónica, comes to speak with Juan on the boat, the horse rears itself, Mónica thinks that by its fault, and Aimée falls on rocks. Seriously wound takes, it to their house, where it dies, not without first, taking advantage of the feeling fault of their sister, makes him promise that never it will return with Juan.

Andres, disgusted and mainly widower, decides that it was mistaken, who had to marry with Mónica, and that stops to only obtain she must it clear the last name to him to Juan. That way the marriage would be invalidated, since Juan Palace and Valley would stop existing. On the other hand, Juan must give itself until all subjects with justice are clarified. Taking advantage of this circumstance and destroyed by the death her Aimée daughter, Do6na Catherine sells her house to Juan, without Mónica knows that buys he it, so that he does not have where to go and to force it to go with her to the capital to house of his Amalia aunt.

When Juan leaves the jail three months later, he is going to the capital to look for his wife, but he finds the premium of which he says to him that Mónica does not want to see him. Desolated, she returns to San Pedro while the one is Andres that yes the visit. Do6na Catherine sees with good eyes that Andres wants to marry with Mónica and tries to convince it so that it accepts, reason why return to San Pedro, where, walking by the market with Andres and its premium Dolores, it eets again itself with Juan, who wants to speak with her and to explain it everything, but she it does not feel with forces to continue suffering and declines to speak with him. For that reason Juan strains itself at night in house of Andres, in the quarter where Mónica to duer to me with its premium, ready to force it to listen to although she to him begs to him that it goes away. They go to the hall and there they surprise Andres and Bautista. Rifirrafe between the brothers begins and Baptist shoots to Juan to protect to Andres, but Mónica interposes and is hurt in an arm. Decided not to support than they take more both brother it like currency from change, rents a quarter and one is going away to live single, in spite of the opposition of all.

On the other hand, as Do6na Sofia does not want that his son marries with Mónica, because he blames to his cousin Catherine and her daughters of all misfortunes, conspires so that Mónica returns with Juan. Letter leaves in the light of new that wrote Francisco recognizing Juan, who is in the power of Guadalupe Cagiga then, without this account occurred (it left him on), robbed Baptist, who had as well robbed Do6na Sofia. So Sofia and Alberto beam a plan to attack Baptist and to rob the letter to him that thinks that still it has, but Juan thinks about the same, and, although this he knows that only he will find on, thinks that it will be sufficient to demonstrate to the existence of the letter before judge Romero Vargas to him. When Baptist is beaten and registered by the mercenaries of Alberto, the envelope does not appear, which displeases much to Sofia, it hid because it in the hat. Juan thinks that they have gone ahead to them, but the One-eyed remains with the hat where it accidentally finishes appearing on. One Andres night, eager drunkard and of revenge, one appears in the quarter of Mónica and tries to do it hers by the force saying that if Juan had to Aimée, he also must right to have to Mónica, but the pleas of her make him see what is on the verge of doing and march. She does not tell it, because Juan fears that this time mate to Andres. Juan continues insisting on which Mónica still loves as he to him to her and the visit at night in its quarter. The caretaker complaint of which he is not decent that to Mónica visits men in unsuitable state at an inconvenient time. Regodea Andres before Juan and is lain, saying that it did hers. But Juan, who has reclaimed his last name thanks to the letter and to judge Romero Vargas, is going to look for Mónica and takes it to house, the one that was of Do6na Catherine. Juan finds out that Mónica is waiting for a son, but says that he does not matter to him if he is of Andres. When hearing this, the Mónica poor woman desmaya of the impression, because Juan has found out and has been able to believe to Andres. Finally, Andres commands to call to Juan to its house and while they are both there, an earthquake takes place that collapses the house on its heads. Andres is catched under the rubbish and Juan, affected, saves the life to him, whatsoever, before returning running to his house in ruins to find that Mónica has disappeared. Desperate, he looks for without rest during two days between the wounded and deads to it, until finally he appears in house of Tehua. Way of there goes when they place in ambush in risco Baptist and his men to kill it, but jumps to the water, where it gives it to Baptist by dead, and Mónica, have seen who it, jumps after him and to the aim they are eeted again. Andres, hurt by the earthquake, conscious that Juan saved the life to him in spite of everything, finally recalls to mind: it lets know to his mother who that it does not want to return that is to say from her because with her intrigues has not obtained more than to destroy the life to him and, colérico, kills Baptist when this it tries to asphyxiate to Do6na Sofia. When it knows that Juan is in his house, Andres appears there to clarify that it never arrived to abuse Mónica, to apologize by everything and to take leave of his brother. Finally, happy Juan and Mónica can live .



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