the water of alibour, also well-known like D´Alibour Water, is Liquid a pharmacological product, of blue color clear transparency, with a subtle scent to Camphor .


Sulfate of pentahidrato copper, heptahidrato zinc sulfate, camphor, Saffron, and purified water; components these that unite according to proportions established for each element.


is used in the treatment of Impétigo, Eczemas Dermatitis, exudative dermatosis and injuries sobreinfected of Skin .


To the outside, on the skin, diluted generally and on the affected zone. In some cases it is possible to be applied pure.

Life utility

Maintaining it to a temperature that does not surpass the 30 Degrees Celsius, its life utility can reach approximately - between 20 and 25 days.


It is necessary that the package is opaque, for better conservation of the product and minor exhibition to the light.

Preventive measures

In his use and guard it is also necessary to be cautious, since in cases of accidental ingestion it can cause neurological problems, like gastrointestinal problems of gravity. For this reason, it must be individualized the bottle very well where is packaging the product, and must stay outside the reach of the children and little prudent people.

It is also seen


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