WHSV-TV, channel 3, is filial ABC of Harrisonburg, Virginia, of the market. 'WHSV the 3 News, as it is known him in the air, is property of Gray Television and has its emitter located to the west of the city of Stanley in Massanutten Mountain. It serves to 14 counties in Shenandoah Valley as Virginia and West Virginia .

WHSV could consider a period of three networks of entailment. It is affiliate to the networks of ABC, FOX, and my network. These networks denominate WHSV TV3 ABC, the valley of the FOX, and My Valley . Also it has a called meteorological channel of alert First 24/7, in which the channel plays climate segments of AccuWeather and the local climate anchors.


Channel 3, signed October 6, 1953 like “WSVA-TV” ( “W” e' S' erve “V “irginia” To” griculture). It is property of Frederick L. Allman and its Shenandoah Valley Broadcasting Corporation along with WSVA radio ( 550 A. The station is one of main NBC of affiliates, with secondary CBS and ABC affiliations.

Although it was property of one of main Virginia broadcasting organisms, the television of WSVA operated with a budget very reduced budget. The station of commutation for engineers and the signals of the three affiliates to the network Washington, DC because it could not to pay the direct channels of network. Nonaerial local programs (except the news) until 1956. The CBS in 1963 was reduced.

In 1965, the WSVA stations were sold James Gilmore, Jr, Michigan businessman. The station began to eliminate NBC in 1968 gradually, continuing to the atmosphere some NBC shows until 1975. The Today took shelter Show between 1968 and 1975 (when Good Morning America made debut), but only left to the air the second hour of the spectacle from the station has not signed to the 8 in the morning (a practice that continued until entered good the decade of 1970). Sometimes, the engineers forgot to change of the premises breaks themselves, which turns out in channel 3 to air local the pauses of WMAL-TV (now WJLA-TV ) in Washington, that provided the ABC of feeding through the network of lines WSVA.

In 1975, FCC decided that if radio transmitter FM were a single market, a radio station A. and a television station, they cannot be property of the same person. Gilmore WSVA sold to the television of Benedek de Radiodifusión in 1976, and the station assumed its present one asks, WHSV. By virtue of Benedek, the station was finally able to buy an feeding network.

At the beginning of the decade of 1990, the station began its day of the week in the reporter of the noon.

Until 1999, main WHSV of the study was located throughout EE. Route 33, to the west of Harrisonburg. The construction of a new broadcasting service in center of Harrisonburg began in 1998. WHSV transferred to their new home in the spring of 1999.

The majority of the stations of Benedek, including WHSV, was bought by Gray Television in 2002. To day of the week 5 news p. also it is added in that same year. Then, a new set was constructed in the station of Augusta in the County of Press room Staunton . The set streetside included a window with views Center of the city throughout Staunton West Frederick Street. The day of the week 5 news p. WHSV became the first reporter that comes from the Press room of the County of Augusta. In October of 2003, p. began 5 original WHSV its reporter of both Harrisonburg and Staunton. WHSV day of the week of the 6 news p. also came from both Harrisonburg Staunton and by a brief period in the spring of 2004. During that time, WHSV day of the week of the 6 news p. The 3 of anchorage, of double format city were left after months.

WHSV bought their first truck of live microwaves in 2004. Before that, the station was based on equipment rented for the remote emissions. From 2004, WHSV has acquired more equipment of microwaves for the use of their department of the news.

Also in 2004, WHSV, the first society of Gray Communications, sent WCAV in Charlottesville. WHSV of management that an important paper in the beginning of WCAV carries out, providing of management, human sales, resources and support. Several members of WHSV of the news of the production and the transferred personnel to WCAV following to the one of its launching in August of 2004.

2006 were a year of significant changes in WHSV. February 27, 2006, WHSV in the morning of the day of the week To dawn news began to transmit itself to 5 a. instead of previous the 5:30. This agreed with the debut of the new bought climate the WSI technology Corporation.

WHSV of Harrisonburg and Augusta County the news studies underwent a dramatic revision in April of 2006 with the addition of new sets of camera and equipment of study. News WHSV emit of temporary form in the study of Harrisonburg press room during the two weeks period of construction. to establishes made debut in 5 April 24, 2006 . Then, WHSV portions of the previous series, that was used from 1999 to 2006, were donated to close Ashby Turner High School .

Director of the News Van Hackett announced his retirement of the station in 2006. Hackett WHSV served like director of the news of December of 2003 until August of 2006. Hackett was happened by ex--TV Ed journalist reams, that in New Orleans left to a work in WDSU, Luisiana to return to Shenandoah Valley . Julio 21, 2006, the climate of popular anchorage Jay left Webb after six years with the station. Webb accepted a work with WDBJ in Roanoke, GOES . Webb enjoyed one week long send-off of its in-air colleagues before its final emission WHSV in Julio 21 .

During the aims of summer and principles of the autumn of 2006, WHSV registered important technical improvements to take step to the station of the new digital SUBCHANNELS. A great tower was constructed behind the station of Harrisonburg studies to give to capacity to the new necessary receivers of satellite for the WHSV FOX and MyNetworkTV ventures. WHSV the main analogical transmitter was replaced during the week of August 31, 2006 . The emissions were only is available for the viewers with cable, whereas the transmitter is being replaced.

In October 30, 2006, WHSV lowered to long time 5:30 p. the program " The Andy Griffith Show" in favor of a reporter 5:30 p. This agreed with the debut of a new logo for the graphical station and news update. Although the own logo was new, the elements of previous a graphical package stay. WHSV mark also began to itself like " WHSV the News 3" during the reporters. November 27, 2006, WHSV fell Gari Communications " Making to Difference" in favor of 615 of Music " The news One (V.2, Mini) ", like its music of the news open.

During Thanksgiving day 2006 weekend, WHSV.com and the Web sites TV3Winchester.com received a great maquillaje. The majority of Gray Communications stations has adopted this new design of page Web.

Until WVIR-TV signed the one of Charlottesville in 1973, channel 3 is the unique commercial television station between Richmond and Roanoke . A translator in channel 64 in Charlottesville in 1979 abrió itself. Nevertheless, WHSV rarely (or never) that includes the events in the zone of Charlottesville. 2004, the Charlottesville translator became a separated station, WVAW-LP in channel 16.com, 2007 renewed WHSV, the 31 December its page Web.

Wednesday, of January of 2008, announced 16 WHSV that its three main networks, WHSV, the valley of the FOX, and My Valley, will be available in the line of Direct TV.

Monday, 7 of April of 2008, the 5 WHSV p. consisted of a line of anchorage 3. This new format came along with a new adjustment of the reporter.

2008 WHSV, 10 Tuesday, of June announced that they hope that his reporters to be in HD before finalizes year 2008.

Voice of the Valley

Every year, WHSV sponseres a competition of called song Voice of the Valley. The idea originated of ex- WHSV Jenealle personality Smith. WHSV shows to finalist in WHSV the News at noon 3 during all the week of the Fair of the County of Rockingham and have one hour of live end from the fair. Personallities to include Horseradish tree Jones and the Cooters Band Garage.

WHSV DT2: The Valley's FOX

WHSV DT3 " TV3 Winchester "

The 5 of March of 2007, WHSV sent " TV3 Winchester ", filial ABC of Winchester, Virginia . The station is a joint project between WHSV and Shenandoah University . Along with Winchester, the station serves Frederick, Clarke, Warren, and Shenandoah counties in Virginia . Although the station transmits an excess of air of the signal in WHSV the digital DT3 subchannel, that only can be seen by cable in its primary coverage area.

WHSV DT4: " My Valley"


  • The 3 News WHSV Amanecer WHSV (WHSV News 3 Daybreak)
  • The 3 News at noon (WHSV News 3 AT 5)
  • WHSV the News 3 to 5pm (WHSV News 3 AT 5)
  • WHSV the News 3 to 6pm (WHSV News 3 AT 6)
  • WHSV 11 11 the 3 News @ (WHSV News 3 11@11)

In agreement with a recent announcement of WHSV director of the Ed news reams, are plans in works to begin a new day of news week 10 p. in the Valley of the FOX. Although it does not have a radar of his own one, WHSV uses to live NOAA NWS the radar datas of four regional sites in a system of prognosis presented/displayed in screen like " first Doppler" alert;.


  • the Endzone (11: 25 p., Friday at night during the secondary school season of soccer) - It is a joint production between WHSV and TV3 Winchester and spreads in the stations of both at the same time.

The present time Personalities

WHSV equipment of the news

  • Emily Brown - Morning Reporter/Anchor WHSV News Daybreak
  • Bob Privateering - 5:00 p. News Anchor WHSV News AT 5
  • Jamie Curott - 6:00 p. News Anchor WHSV News AT 6 and 11
  • Meg Gatto - Waynesboro Reporter WHSV News AT 5
  • Haley Harrison - Daybreak News Anchor WHSV News Daybreak
  • Michael Hyland - Harrisonburg Reporter WHSV News AT 6 Weekday and Weekend
  • Keith Jones - Staunton Reporter/Weekend Anchor WHSV News AT 6 and 11 Weekend
  • Yuna Lee - Reporter WHSV News AT 5 and 6
  • Melanie Lofton- 5:00 p. Anchor WHSV News AT 5 and 5:30
  • Mike McNeill- Daybreak and Noon Anchor WHSV News Daybreak and Noon
  • Kay Norred- Executive Producer/Anchor Fill in
  • Mary Pulley - Weekend Anchor/Rockingham County Reporter WHSV News AT 6 Weekend
  • Ed Reams- News Director/Anchor Fill in
  • Val Thompson- 6:00 p. News Anchor WHSV News AT 6 and 11 Weekday
  • Phillip Townshed - August County Reporter WHSV News AT 5 and 6
  • Lorilee Victorino- Daybreak Anchor WHSV News Daybreak

WHSV meteorological equipment

  • Kirk Clyatt (AMS/NWA) - " Daybreak" and Noon Meteorologist WHSV News Daybreak
  • George Hirschmann - Chief Meteorologist/6: 00pm and 11:00 p. Meteorologist WHSV News AT 5, 6, and 11 Weekday
  • Tracy Turner - Noon and 5:00 p. Meteorologist & Anchor WHSV News AT Noon
  • Mallory Brooke - Meteorologist/Reporter WHSV News AT 6 and 11 Weekend

WHSV sport equipment

  • Damon Dillman- Sports Director WHSV News AT 6 and 11 Weekday
  • Zac Choate- Weekend Sports Anchor WHSV News AT 6 and 11 Weekend

Note: It saw Links directly go to the Web site WHSV and the rights of author WHSV.

Remarkable personalities ex- WHSV

  • Jane the Smiths - 6 and 11pm Co-anchor, Daybreak Anchor, Reporter (1994-1998, now AT KGW-TV )
  • Julie Bidwell - Daybreak Co, Noon Anchor (1997-2000, now AT Fox News Chanel ace Julie Flags )
  • Chris Suchan - Weather (it annoys 1990s, now AT WBTV-TV )
  • Rum Magnuson - Reporter, Weekend Anchor (it annoys 1990s, now AT WSOC-TV )
  • Kevin Schultze - Reporter (Early 1990 til S. WJLA-TV '2005, now AT " Soapbox Consulting" in Washington DC)
  • Beth Parker - Reporter, Anchor (Early 1990s, now AT WTTG-TV )
  • Andrew Speno - Weekend Anchor, Reporter (s, now AT Annoys 90 ' KOKH-TV )
  • J. Davis - Weekend Sports Anchor, Sports Director (1991-2000, now AT KPTM-TV )
  • Brian North - Sports Director (1992-1998, now AT WCTI-TV )
  • Meredyth Censullo - Reporter, Weather Anchor (it annoys 1990s, now AT WTSP-TV )
  • Thomas Tobin - Reporter (1998-1999, now to producer AT WTTG-TV )
  • Tom Patton - Weather Anchor (it annoys 1990s, now AT WWBT-TV )
  • They give Bewley - Daybreak Co (2000-2003, now AT WOOD-TV
  • Rachel DePompa - Reporter, Weekend Anchor (1999-2002, now AT WWBT-TV )
  • Susan Bahorich - Reporter, Daybreak Co (2000-2003, now AT WDBJ-TV )
  • Melissa Tune - Reporter (1999-2001, now AT WRDW-TV )
  • Melissa DiPane - August County Reporter (1999-2002, now AT WOFL-TV )
  • Danielle Banks - August County Reporter, Weather (2000-2003, now AT The Weather Chanel )
  • Jay Webb - Weekend Weather Anchor, Daybreak Weather Anchor (2000-2006, now AT WDBJ-TV )
  • Michelle the Smiths - 6 and 11pm Co (2001-2003, now AT WRGB-TV )
  • Erin Tate - Reporter (2002-2003, now AT WCMH-TV )
  • Amy Kehm - Reporter, Weekend Anchor, 5pm Co (2002-2006, now AT WHTM-TV )
  • Mike Mueller - August County Reporter (2004-2006, now AT WTAJ-TV )
  • Meryl Conant - August County Reporter (2004-2006, now AT WCBD-TV )
  • Evan Fitzgerald - August County Reporter, Daybreak Co (2004-2007, now AT WZVN-TV )
  • Brianne Carter - August County Reporter (2005-2006, now AT WJLA / News Chanel 8 )
  • Megan Bennett- Daybreak Meteorologist (2006-2007, now AT KEYE-TV )
  • Lauren McKay - Reporter (2005-2006) Weekend Anchor (2007) (now to producer AT WJLA / News Chanel 8 )
  • Joe Downs - Weekend Sports Anchor (2002-2003) Sports Director (2003-2007, now AT WLIO-TV )
  • Shane Symolon - Staunton Reporter (2006-2008, now AT WWLP-TV )
  • Kelly Creswell - Harrisonburg Reporter (2006-2008, now AT WJLA-TV / Newschannel 8 )
  • Tracey Neale - Reporter (Early 1990s, formerly of DC ' S. WTTG-TV and WUSA-TV )
  • Tare Brown - 5, 6, and 11pm Co (2002-2004, now AT WEAR-TV )
  • Tim Saunders - Reporter, Weekend Anchor (2003-2006, now AT WDBJ-TV )
  • They go Hackett - 6pm Co, News Director (2003-2006, retired)



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