WAX (abbreviations in English of " Continous Receiving Erythropoiesis Activator") it is the generic term with which the drugs are known that are THAT (stimulating agents of eritropoiesis) of third generation. The effects of the WAX last more than Those of previous generations, and its mechanism of operation is also different: the WAX stimulates the receiver of Eritropoyetina (EPO), increasing the effects of the EPO, that is to say, stimulating Hematopoyesis .

Creation and patent

The WAX was created in Roche laboratories ( Switzerland ), under the commercial name Mircera, to be used like a drug in those patients with chronic pathologies of the kidney (including those who use dialysis). In August of 2007 European Commission gave the approval to its commercialization in the EU, that began at the beginning of 2008. In the USA, FDA approved its commercialization in January of 2008, although the legal disputes between the Roche laboratories and Amgen - possessors of several patents of THAT of previous generations, like Darbopoietina (Arasnep), a recombination of the EPO- have made difficult their diffusion in the USA.


In structural terms, the WAX is similar to other Those previous ones. Nevertheless, the WAX is connected to the PGE (glycol polythene), reason by which the WAX lasts greater in the organism that Those before known. According to Roche, the WAX is THAT with greater duration of until now approved by the FDA; Precise Roche that the WAX lasts 6 times more in the organism than the darbopoietina alpha, and 20 more than the epoetina. This data is an important advantage for the WAX, since it on the one hand, supposes that, the dose that must be injected the patient is smaller (saving costs, taking into account the high recombined price of this type of protein drugs) and, on the other hand, that the time between injections is greater (which supposes a greater comfort for the patient, whether is he who becomes congested it as if he needs that he is administered to him by a sanitary professional). One treats, therefore, of a drug with evident advantages for those patients with renal problems that must maintain their level of hemoglobina.

On the other hand, the realized clinical tests with the WAX have demonstrated, besides their duration (each 3-4 is enough with an injection weeks), also their effectiveness to maintain, obtaining the same results that with the darbopoietina or the epoetina. The WAX, generally, well has been tolerated by the patients to whom it has been administered to them.

WAX and doping

As Those of previous generations the WAX has jumped to means not by its pharmacological use in patients with renal diseases, but by the recent cases of doping in the professional sport by means of WAX.

The fact that the WAX, that stimulates the effects of the own EPO of the organism (with evident benefits in the immediate yield of the sportsman), lasts in the body during weeks without needing a new dose (avoiding to take injectable blisters to the tests that can be located in police casts), as well as its indetectability (unlike the EPO and other Those of previous generations) during several years, motivated its use with illicit aims (doping) in some sportsmen of elite from 2005 .

In Tour of France of the year 2008, the Italian cyclist Riccardo Riccò, of the equipment Saunier Duval-Scott, gave positive by WAX in the control that was carried out to him in the fourth stage, the individual race against the clock of Cholet . Automatically it was expelled from the race and its equipment, and stopped by the Gendarmerie on the basis of the new legislation French antidoping. The runner, after to have denied to drug itself at first, resigned later to the contraanálisis, and admitted his doping by means of WAX, although he exculpated to the equipment.

7 of August of 2008 knew that the winner of the mountain and three stages in Giro of Italy of that year, Emanuele Sella (of the equipment CIF Group-Navigare ), had given positive by WAX. 8 of August, the runner admitted the facts, resigning to the contraanálisis. As a result of the new diligences anti doping, Monday 13 of October of 2008 a new case jumps to the light. Bernhard Kohl, companion of Schumacher in the Gerolsteiner and third party in podio of the Tour (winning of maillot of the mountain) is controlled positive by the French agency antidoping. This case is added to the previous ones and supposes the rupture of its contract with which it was going to be his new equipment, the Silence Lotto.

In October of 2008 HAMMOCK decides to return to analyze all the samples taken during Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 in search of WAX.

Method antiwax

During years, the WAX was undetectable, since only their creators (the Roche laboratories) knew the method for their detection. Nevertheless, World-wide Agency Antidopaje (MISTRESS), thanks to the laboratory of Olympic Committee the International in Lausanne (Switzerland) and in collaboration with the Roche laboratories, developed a method for the detection of the WAX by means of a marker, which has made possible that those sportsmen who use the WAX to drug itself can be hunted.

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