vulva is the set of external the Genital organs of the woman, so feminine reproductive Apparatus comprises of . Vulva and Vagina, two different anatomical structures that they do not have to be confused, is organs of Copulación .

General configuration

In the women, vulva consists of:

  • The lobby, in whose bottom they abren Uretra and the vagina;
  • The lips majors
  • The smaller lips;
  • Pubis or Monte de Venus ;
  • Clítoris ;
  • The vestibular bulbs (or bulbs vulvares), a pair of eréctiles bodies Annexes;
  • The vestibular glands of Bartholin or glands majors, a pair of annexed glands.

lips each one of the two majors are corresponding lips that cover to smaller lips in the edges with the crack to vulvar forming you fold of Skin of fatty weave, covered by pubic hair after Puberty . The previous end of each lip comes together in folds that it forms the hood of clítoris, to which surrounds. These lips meet in folds later in the form of letter “or” call bracket. Bracket, lips majors and hood of clítoris conform the totality of the limits of the surface of vulva. They can be great or small, short or long and to have diverse sizes. They can be sexually sensible and to swell a little when Woman is excited.

smaller lips also are sensible and can be swollen during the sexual excitation. Majors are located within the lips and go of the hood of clítoris until underneath the vagina surrounding the orifices by the vagina and uretra. The orifice of the vagina receives the name of Introito and the zone with form of average moon that is after that orifice knows like Bracket to vulvar . Through tiny conduits that are located next to the introito, Glands of Bartholin, when they are stimulated, secretan flow (snot) that lubrica the vagina during coito.

They can vary of a pink color to a dark coffee, according to the color of the skin of the woman. Just as the nipples, the smaller lips can change of color when the mature woman. Some times excel between the lips majors, and can be wrinkled or smooth.


main Article: Clitoris Clítoris is located underneath the point where the smaller lips are. The head, or glande, of clítoris can appear smaller than a pea, or to be greater than the end of a finger. But only the end of clítoris can be seen above of vulva, you fold in them smooth where the lips are, under the skin of the hood of clítoris. The rest of the spongy body of clítoris, more than 9 cm, is hidden within the body. This organ has diverse measures, and can also have different degrees from sensitivity. Just as Penis, clítoris is put rigid and it is swollen during the sexual excitation. The aim of clítoris is solely to provide to please sexual for the woman. For this intention it has 8,000 nervous terminals, twice more than the penis of a man. Unlike the penis or of the vagina, clítoris does not have an important paper in Sex or the reproduction. Clítoris is there only for causing that the woman feels to please and is very sensible. One of the ways to produce to please in clítoris is by means of oral Sex or Cunnilingus .


main Article: Vagina

The vagina is the passage that connect the external sexual organs of the woman with uterus, neck and the route by where the baby is lead outside the body of the mother in Childbirth . It is also where the menstrual flow leaves the body and by where the penis enters during the sex.

Secretions and scents

Probably this one is the source of majors preoccupations about vulva. Just as most of the human body, vulva can be problematic. During the puberty, the vagina begins to produce a secretion that can be colorless or white. This is the form in which vulva is cleaned by itself because the secretions remove to the germs and other undesirable substances. When it is being ovulated or the sexual excitation takes place the vagina produce lubricant a transparent secretion and considered a natural lubricant.

The scent characteristic of vulva has a subjective acceptance for the individuals, is some that think that he is pleasant and who they think the opposite, but in a healthful woman, generally, the natural scent of his vulva is not disagreeable. If he smells really badly, like fished a to leavening or some other strong and disagreeable scent, the gynecological advice is advisable because a evil-smelling secretion can be signal that there is a vaginal infection or including one Disease of sexual transmission that is due to try immediately.

Health and hygiene

In a effort to eliminate all the natural scents and secretions, many women and girls abuse showers and feminine deodorants. The vagina is cleaned itself, the excessive washings can alter to the balance of useful Bacteria that are in the vagina and to arrive at that the woman contracts Vaginitis : inflammation of the vagina.

The health of vulva goes ligature to the way of life and knowledge of each woman, the personal psychic care, the healthy feeding, the exercise and the periodic cleaning with a specific, very smooth soap, and abundant water, applied with the hand always of the front backwards.


Some pathologies of vulva include Vulvitis, flat Lichen, Neoplasias ( Condilomas associated to VPH, Disease of Paget to vulvar rarely and Cancer of vulva), aftas genital and multiform Erythema .

The tumors of vulva tend to be benign, although a cancer in vulva can appear:

  • vestibular Papilloma, generally associated to the VPH;
  • benign fibroepiteliales Polyps ;
  • acuminado Condiloma, Warts caused by the nononcogénico VPH ( Stocks 6-11);
  • papilifero Hidradenoma, Nodules of glands sudoríparas ;
  • Other benign injuries
    • Lipoma
    • Hemangioma
    • Granulomas ** Leiomioma
  • intraepithelial Neoplasia to vulvar, Displasias slight to moderate with potential to malignidad in these advanced ones;
  • Carcinoma in situ
  • Cancer of flaky cells, slightly invading (1-2 mm of the surface) to frankly invading (more moved away of the surface)


  • KAUFMAN, Raymond H.: Benign Diseases of the Vulva and the Vagina, Elsevier, 1996.
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