Volinia (in Ukrainian : Волинь, Volyn', in Polish : Wołyń, in Russian : Волынь, Volyn' ; also call Volynia or Volhynia and, at certain moments of history: Lodomeria ) includes/understands the historical region of the west of the Ukraine located between the rivers Prípiat and Western Bug, to the south of Polesia, until the north of the Central European region of Galitzia and Podolia . The area is one of of the first regions in been to have inhabited by Slavic towns . Part of the historical Volinia forms Oblast de Volyn now, Rivne and parts of Oblast de Zhytomyr and Ternopil in the Ukraine, as well as parts of Poland (to see Chelm ).

Main cities: Lutsk (the historical capital), Zhytomyr, Kovel, Kremenets and Novohrad-Volynsky .


Protoeslavos was different from Germanic Celtas and in a long period that goes of III milenio  a. to (approximately) the year 1000  a. From the first millenium before the common era already are the Slavic cultural characteristics that they would characterize to, ethnic set that had one of his first seats in Volinia .
The first historical mention of the city of Halicz (at the moment Halych ) dates from 981, when Rus de Kiev annexed the Volinia. Indeed, the beginning of the written history of Volinia agrees with the one of Galitzia (region that indeed received its name of the city of Halych) when arising principality from Halicz-Volodymyr ( Principality of Galitzia-Volinia ); the name of Volinia derives from the territory corresponding to the city of Volodymyr. These two fused states (generally with the name of principality of Vladimir) happened to the Rus de Kiev of Century XII to Century XIV .
In 1206 Principality of Vladimir was controlled with the name of Lodomeria by the Hungarian king Andres I ; Lodomeria was a latinización of Volodymyr.
Daniel Románovič Galitzky (or Daniel de Halicz ) constituted in king of Galitzia and Volinia between 1211 ~ 1264, although had problems to maintain its power because of cuasi feudal " señores" Boyardos this facilitated that Kingdom of Galitzia-Volinia outside forced to render vasallaje to janes Tartars - Mongoles of Gold Horde .
After the outbreak of Principality of Galitzia-Volinia towards 1340, Poland and Lithuania distributed to the region between 1352 and 1366 . Poland acquired the Galitzia and the west of the Volinia, the east of Volinia passed to the power lituano.
From 1569 the Volinia happened in province of the call Republic of the Two Nations (this is the kingdom of Union of Poland-Lithuania ), in that period (of Polish hegemony) numerous Polish and Jewish settled down in the region, while as much catholic churches were constructed as orthodox. In Century XVIII settled down Menonitas

After Third distribution of Poland ( 1795 ) the Eastern part of Volinia was annexed to Russian Empire whereas the western part passed to Austrian control along with Galicia constituting after 1867 in Austrohungarian Empire a subordinated principality of called Austria Galitzia and Lodomeria . By the end of Century XIX being Volinia under the power of Russian Zarato inhabited a little more 200,000 there German most of they emigrated of territories of the Pole Kingdom of the Congress, a small amount of Czech colonists settled in the region.

In 1916, during World War I the Volinia (next to the surrounding regions) was invaded by Secondly Reich, after Russian revolution of 1917 and the formal conclusion of World War I the territory of the Volinia was one of the battlefields between different forces: the Communists of Red Army, the anti-communists " blancos", the Ukrainian nationalists, the Polish nationalists…
Towards 1920 the territory was under the Soviet control of formally being sanctioned such control by the then Eastern limits granted to Poland by means of Curzon Line, but in 1921 after War Pole-Soviet practically all the western half of Volinia happened to comprise of Polish Krezy, with the name of Polish Voivodato of Volinia, like reaction to the occupation of the western region by Poland, Stalin between 1935 and 1939 deported the Polish settlers of the Eastern Volinia, this was the first ethnic deportation in the history of USSR .

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