Vedette or, in some cases, supervedette or first vedette, is the feminine main artist in a spectacle of musical magazine . The word " vedette", in French, it means " estrella" of a spectacle. One vedette always is a dancing, although can sing, also act, etc. usually it shows his body of sensual form, but, generally, trying that is not at least pornographic, so that minor can attend the spectacle, or so that, and as far as possible, nobody is scandalized too much. Vedette usually acts accompanied of a dancing group and dancer, of humorous actors, etc, a great full production of pens and spangles. They were and generally they are respected and valued like artists, although of a sort that usually is considered like minor, and that does not have a comparable cultural prestige, for example, to Ballet, and not even, except for exceptions, to musical comedy .

In spectacles of magazine or Night club can have several vedettes, in that case are called: First Vedette or Supervedette, Second Vedette and Third Vedette (it is very rare that there is more than 3).

At present ( final of century XX, principles of the 21st century ), some men act like vedettes.

Vedettes in Europe

Vedettes in Spain

Between vedettes more known in Spain they appear, among others, Duval Norm, that was the star of Folies Bergère of Paris, Celia Gámez (of Argentine origin), Lina Morgan (vedette comedian), Marlène Mourreau (French) and Barbarian King .

Vedettes in France

One of main vedettes of Europe was Josephine Baker ( Missouri, 1906 - Paris 1975 ), singer and French dancing of Night club, American origin.

In 1925, that included an orchestra of Jazz directed by Claude Hopkins, with the participation went to Paris with Revue Nègre of Sidney Bechet . Their exotic form to dance, its uninhibited sexuality and its minimum clothes - that a skirt done with bananas included, were more attractive for the European that stops the Americans. One became the star of the Parisian nights and got abrir his own club, Chez Josephine . At that same time also Mistinguett was very famous .

At the beginning of 21st century, vedettes more popular in France is probably Moor She-wolf and Dolorès Sugar Rose ( Arielle Dombasle ).

Vedettes in America

Vedettes in Argentina

First vedettes appeared in Buenos Aires in the year 1924 when the first Argentine spectacles of were created magazine in Maipo Theater . The stars characterized by their talent for the dance and the song, and also to have a great figure. Two of them were Gloria Guzmán and Tita Merello .

In decade of 1950 Blanquita Amaro and Amelita appeared two dancing of Cuban origin Vargas. They had all the brightness, the grace and glamor that characterized to the time, and which they perfectly wore in addition with local stars like Nélida Rock.

Most well-known vedette of Cuba that also prevailed in Mexico and Spain by this time and that still lives is Rosita Fornés, which also penetrates successfully in the action in cinema and TV and the lyrical art and that has been considered since then like the First Vedette of America, the First Vedette of most complete Cuba and one of vedettes for all time. In Decade of 1960, during the height of the picaresque comedy cinematographic Argentinean,, Nélida Lobato, Susana Brunetti appeared figures like Zulma Faiad, the brothers Pons Norm and Mimí Pons, Egle Martin and Leblanc Freedom .

In Decade of 1970 and the one of 1980 took place the retirement of its figures, giving passage to other stars that devoted so much in the cinema as in the theater of magazines. They were Thelma Stefani, Graciela Alfano, the brothers Red Ethel and Red Gogo, Susana Traverso, Luisa Albinoni, Noemí Alan . Arisen others at that time and that stayed effective in the following years were Susana Giménez and Moria Casán .

In 90 years vedettes arose others, some of which would extend their fame to the following decade, like Alejandra Pradón, Graciela Alfano, Silvia Süller, Marixa Balli, Fernanda Alley, Mónica Ayos or Panám .

At present is a return of the theater of magazines in the Current street, cradles of the sort. Outstanding and arisen figures at the moment in red saying are: Florence of the V, Maria Eugenia Rite, Pamela David, Natalia Fava, Emilia Attias, Silvina Moon, Eliana Guercio, Luciana Salazar, Ximena Capristo or Nazarene Vélez . With this return a great change with the arrival of models like Ingrid Grudke took place, Daniela Cardone, Denise Dumas or Nicole Neumann, everything of the hand of representatives like Pancho Dotto .

There are actresses who also have penetrated in the world of vedettes, like Catherine Fulop, Reina Reech or Romina Gaetani .

As anticipated, and taking advantage of their histriónicos talents and their beauty, some of vedettes Argentine made race within the cinema and outside the borders of the country. Nélida Lobato got to be star in one of " templos" world-wide of the world of the spectacles, Lido of Paris .

Vedettes in Mexico

The time sea bream of vedettes in Mexico was from Years 1950 to Years 1970 . Continental Hotel, Regis Hotel, Hotel Principality, cabarets the Patio, the Dressing room, Theater Fru Fru, Blanquita Theater, Theater Hope Iris, the 77 Cadillac and presented/displayed great spectacles of vedettes.

In the decade of 50s vedettes, was also great actresses of the cinema of " Rumberas " in the main centers nocturnes of the city, names like Maria Antonieta Ponds, Pink Carminic, Amalia Aguilar, Lilia Prado, Yolanda Montes " Tongolele" and Rosita Fornes, among others, were the main attractions of cabarets.

In the following decade,, the ex- finalist of Universal Miss was very famous Emily Cranz Ana Bertha Lepe, Amira Cruzat and several foreigners who caused rage in Mexico, like Zulma Faiad and Leblanc Freedom, are most outstanding and for that decade ends already shows was more bold in proportion to the previous decade.

70s nevertheless, was the decade where in the average ones like TV, cinema and magazines vedettes reached their higher point with very ample number of women who achieveed the success, the legendary names of some of these vedettes that illuminated the marquees of the City of Mexico are: Wanda Seux, Thelma Tixou, Mer to him Uribe, Rossy Mendoza, Princess Lea, Olga Breeskin, Lyn May, Grace Renat, Iris Crystal, Yolanda Liévana, Cristina Fields and Gloriella, between many more, assured the nocturnal life (particularly in years 70, when the call Cinema of ficheras and the program " Varieties of midnight " they contributed to " boom" of vedettes.

Vedettes in Peru

During the years 70s very existed concurred spectacles in famous the Limean nights where they appeared some vedettes. But he is in the years 80s where they begin to take major importance and to appear in the television, mainly in the programs " Laughter and Sauce " and " the great Magazine ", that promoted vedettes like: Brambilla Shelter, Analí Goatherd, Gisela Valcárcel, Teddy Guzmán, Susy Diaz, Brown Clarita, Giovana Vélez, Raquel the Rose and Belgium Rhodes ; besides incorporating to its Argentine spectacles to vedettes like: Sandra Villarruel, Alejandra Pradón, Forest May and Alejandra Domínguez . This one was the most representative time for vedettes in Peru.

In the decade of the 90 they appear vedettes like: Daysi Ontaneda, Maribel Velarde, Tula Rodriguez, Iris Stoneware and Mariella Zanetti . With less popularity, also they arose; Mónica Adaro, Mónica Cabrejos, Fanny Alache, Dessiré Acosta and Giuliana Herrera . It is possible to mention that the spectacles as of this decade no longer were like those of old coffee theater, appearing in popular, anniversary celebrations or discotheques; besides in humoristic programs.

In years 2000 they appeared new faces like: Eva Maria Abbot, Paola Ruiz, Malú of the Fertile valley, Daysi Araujo, Elvira Palomino, Miriam Talavera, Berrocal Ruby, Cristina Rodriguez and Pedreshi Miracles . This time more by the televising scandals of the same was characterized.

Vedettes at present (principles of 21st century )

At present, excluding Paris, in few cities and few countries, are producers interested in contracting vedettes, safe in television programs. At the moment the industry of the spectacle nocturne, focuses, generally, to Stripteases and to now called Table dances, which has contributed to reduce the number of spectacles with vedettes in the world.

In Mexico are few those that resorts to introduce vedettes in their spectacles, that its place to the dancing of Table Dance has yielded, only is the Show of transformismo like " Francis - the Show", or with vedettes that sings, dances and acts, in " Platinum Stars" of Roderick Palazuelos, which are presented/displayed at times and special dates for their better promotion.

Vedette more well-known at present is the American Bond Von Teese .

Vedettes in the fiction

  • Betty Boop
  • Sally Bowles in the film Night club .
  • Lola-Lola in the film the blue angel .
  • Jessica Rabbit in the film Who deceived Roger Rabbit? .
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