vaginismo is the impossibility to realize sexual Act, due to involuntary contraction of Muscles of the third inferior of Vagina . In some cases, Women who suffer vaginismo can enjoy sexual games, and even reach Orgasmo whenever does not take place Sex .

The majority of the causes of the vaginismo is psychological. The lack of sexual or lacking information of communication, that leads to Fear or fear; traumatic experiences, Violation, sexual abuses, fear to Pregnancy, fear to contract diseases of sexual transmission, etc.

Types of vaginismo

The classified vaginismo this in:

primary Vaginismo: Ocurre when a woman never has been able to have sexual relations or to obtain any type of penetration. It is commonly open pie in the adolescents and women in his veintes, because she is when in the western world the woman tries the use of stamps, to have sexual relations or when one goes to the doctor to practice Test of Papanicolaou . A woman can have vaginismo and not realize of she has which it until the moment at which she tries to have a vaginal penetration. Probably she can think that the penetration must naturally of being simple or it ignores perhaps it due to his condition.

Some of the reasons can cause that it are:

  • Sexual abuse.
  • To be taught that sex is immoral or vulgar.
  • Fear to the pain associated with the penetration, particularly with the rupture of Hymen during the first attempt of sexual relation.

secondary Vaginismo: Ocurre when a woman who previously has been able to obtain the vaginal penetration normally, feels suddenly incapable of it. This can be by physical causes like vaginal infections or trauma during Childbirth, or by psychological causes. The treatment for this type is the same that stops the primary one, nevertheless, in these cases, previously the fact that it has been able to obtain satisfactorily a penetration can be very useful to solve the affection more quickly.


A great variety of factors exists that can contribute to the development of the vaginismo, these can be physical, psychological or both, and the required treatment depends on the reason cause for the appearance of this disease. As each case is different, it is advisable that the treatment is individual.

This affection does not get worse necessarily for want of treatment, unless the woman continues trying the penetration in spite of the pain. Some women prefer to abstain actually from sex before to look for treatment to solve the problem.

Although few controlled tests have been carried out, many scientific studies prove the effectiveness of the treatment for the vaginismo. In all the cases where the systematic insensibilización has been used, also well-known like expansion, the rate of success is even considered between the 90-95% and the 100%.

He is recommendable that the vaginismo treats so much physical as emotionally, since it is a fissium-psychological disease.

According to the qualitative studies of Ward and Ogden on the vaginismo (1994), the three main causes are:

  • fear to the pain during the sexual relation
  • strict and religious education where sex was shown as something bad or was not discussed
  • traumatic experiences in the childhood (not necessarily of sexual nature).

Many people - some professionals are not even found out the emotional difficulties that they can be associate to a woman with vaginismo, between which are the low self-esteem, fears and depression. It is important to treat these aspects.

As far as the physical treatment for the muscular spasms exercises can be included “sensate focus”, exploration of the vagina through tact and the desensitization with vaginal dilatadores. The expansion consists of inserting objects, generally of fálica form in the vagina with the aid of artificial lubricants, the used objects are increasing gradually of so large conforms the woman progresses, in some cases, the physical therapist will advise to take medecines to control the muscular anxiety or relajantes. The medical vaginal dilatadores can be obtained by Internet, although they can be expensive.

The woman can choose the car treatment in house or look for the aid of (a a) therapist.

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