Utcubamba is River that is born near Leymebamba, to 90 kilometers of Chachapoyas in Province of Chachapoyas in Amazon Region in the $andes in the north of Peru . Near Bagua is united with Marañón River .

In order to travel in boat the Utcubamba River he is too small but it gives life to several hydroelectric plants that give to electricity to the majority of Amazon Region . The valley of Utcubamba is used for agriculture, the tropical climate and the possibilities of watering the small farms with the water of the river are very favorable for example for Yucca, Maize, Rice, Cane and Banana .

The name " Utcubamba" comes from local Quechua. Previously the valley of the Utcubamba River was used for cotton. " Utcu" it means cotton, " Bamba" the Pampas of the cotton are the Pampas -.

Toponímica evolution

The Utcubamba river not always was known like so, but in the past it owned other denominations; we see the detail of its toponímica evolution.

  • In the year of 1549 the captain Diego Palomino realizes a relation of the provinces that there are in the Chuquimayo (Chinchipe), attached to this a map that is observed the town of Bagua and a river denominated like RIVER BAGUA, from this concludes that the original name of the Utcubamba river, was RIVER BAGUA.

  • the father Jesuit Samuel Fritz, Missionary in Maynas, natural of Bohemia ( Czechoslovakia ), was first in exploring the Marañón and located its east in Lauricocha. After its investigations a map of “the great Marañón river publishes in 1707 or Amazon”, is here where to the Utcubamba Peca River designates like to it .

  • As much in the “Map of the province of Quito and its Adjacent ones”, Pedro V. Maldonado (l750) and the “Geographic map of Southern America”, of Juan de la Cruz Cano and Olmedilla (l775), to the Utcubamba names like River him Huahua or Chachapoyas .

  • the Father Francisco Javier Weigel in 1769 develops a “Map of the Missions of Maynas”, to its concluded it task in the jails of Lisbon, at that time to the Utcubamba river briefed like Huahua River to him .

  • To last years of century XVIII, the bishop of Trujillo Baltazar Jaime Martinez de Campoñòn orders to realize numerous topographic letters of the jurisdiction of its bishopric, is in these plans where we have referring documentary earlier for Vtcubamba River (the old Spanish nótese).


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