treated about Madrid of 1670 (also known as Godolphin treaty in the English historiography) was signed by Kingdom of England and Spain . Gaspar de Bracamonte in the name of Mariana of Austria, runs during the minority of age of Carlos II, and William Godolphin, sent by Carlos II of England, fit to the treaty in Madrid the 18 of 1670 July.


The main clauses picked up in the treaty were:
  • Ratification of the conditions agreed in tried about Madrid of 1667 ;

  • Commitment of nonaggression between the fleets of both countries;
  • Liberation of the prisoners taken in past conflicts (with reference to the prisoners taken from both parts during War 1655-1660 anglian-Spanish );
  • Had forgetfulness of the damages and reciprocal offenses in past times;
  • Spain recognized the English possessions in the Western Indians, but without specifying as they were exactly: " all the earth, islands, colonies and dominions located in Indian Western … that the king of the Great Britain has and owns to the present ". In one Spanish Certificate of 1689 wrote down like English possessions the islands of Jamaica, Bearded, the New England, Canada and part of Island of San Cristóbal . England would take the formal control from Jamaica and Islands Cayman as a result of the treaty;
  • Each one of the signatory countries would abstain to sail and to exert the commerce in the places pertaining to the other in the western Indians, except for case of shipwreck or urgent necessity.

The treaty would be ratified by Mariana of Austria the 12 of August, and by Carlos II the 8 of October of that same year.

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