Tractor caterpillar is a device of transport used mainly in heavy Vehicles, like Tanks and Tractors or another type of vehicles. consists of a set of modular links that still allow a stable irregular land displacement.

The majority of the caterpillars comprises of strongly flexible Belt with a set of rigid links united an a others. The links help the vehicle to distribute the weight in a surface greater than the one than hubierta had with the use of Wheels and this causes that it can move by a greater number of surfaces without sinking due to his own weight. For example, Pressure that exerts an automobile on the ground is equal approximately to 207 k Pa, whereas the seventy tons that weighs a car M1 Abrams exert a pressure on the firm one of 103 kPa.


A tractor caterpillar was designed in the year 1770 by Richard Edgeworth . Nevertheless the British Sir George Cayley patented it with the denomination of " universal railway" or universal railroad. In the year 1837 a Russian inventor Dmitry Zagryazhsky designs a species of vehicle with movable sections and that the same year patents. Nevertheless due to a great lack of bottoms a prototype cannot elaborate. As result its patent were forgotten in 1839. The tractors pushed steam used a form tracked that was proven by the western alliance during War of Crimea in 1850s . An effective caterpillar was invented and implemented by Alvin Lombard, that patented in the year 1901 .


After the beginning of operations of Lombard, Hornsby in England manufactured at least two vehicles " guidances by orugas", and its patent later was acquired by Holt in 1913, allowing to Holt popularly to be known like " inventor " of tractors caterpillar. Hornsby made a version for the British army of which later it would be the inspiration of " tanque" ".


  • The tractor caterpillar has been the foundation of the design of tanks .
  • The tratores with one denominated Shovel ahead are Bulldozers and usually are used in the construction to remove earth.
  • The caterpillar has been used in some of the vehicles of the field like aid to Agriculture .
    • Marshall Tractor
  • Space shuttle is transported to its launching site by means of great transporting caterpillar .
  • The vehicle with greater caterpillar of the world is Excavating German Bagger 288 .
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