Thuggee (or tuggee ) (of the word Hindi thag thief, of the expression in Sánscrito sthaga sinvergüenza, of the word sthagati to conceal), some times described like first was a network of secret brotherhoods of India Mafia of the world, that operated from Century XVII to the decade of 1830, whose members were known like " Thugs". This is the origin of the English term thug, like so many Indian words that they happened to comprise of the English language during the British dominion of India.

Origins and form of operation

The religion thuggee was supposedly Cultured integrated by Muslim members hindués and that robberies and murders against the travellers practiced on a large scale. Their modus operandi consisted of uniting friendship with the pilgrims until gaining their confidence. When the travelers allowed the thieves to be united them in their passage, the group of thugs killed them in an suitable place to ransack them. Its method to give death them was quite often Throttling . thugs hid corpses burying them or some times throwing them within some well. The induction was transmitted of generation in generation and frequently the leaders of the criminal groups, obtained the leadership like legacy. Another modality by which the people became thugs, was that some times truhanes did not assassinate the children of the victims, becoming position of them until returning them in consequently thugs . Some others finished being thugs due to the great poverty that suffered.

The first authentic mention of Thugs, approximately is in the year 1356, in the passage written by Ziau-d DIN Barni in his History of the Shah Firoz . The Thugs by themselves locates their origin between seven Muslim tribes, the followers hindués were related during the first periods of the Islamic development; its unshakeable cultured religious doctrine and to Kali, one of the tántricas goddesses hindués, did not show Islamic influences. The premeditaded murder to benefit, was to have religious for them and a sagrada and honorable profession was considered him, which the moral did not enter game. The practices of thuggee categorically were squashed by the British at the beginning of century XIX. The observation must become of which a small devotee minority of Kali, was thuggees but they did not share the same point of view.

Beliefs and practices

The Thugs was a good confederation organized of professional assassins, that under different clothes moved through India in groups of 10 up to 200 members, inmiscuyendo itself with the travellers of the well-off class. When a favorable opportunity arose, the pillos strangled to their victims using a yellow pañoleta or Rumal, (allegory of Kal Bhairab, God of the destruction) later to sack them and to bury them. All this fact according to certain established rituals formerly, in which the consecration of tip and the sugar offering, were a prominent part. Due to the fact that they used the ahogamiento like homicida method, frequently " was called to them; Phansigars", or " noose-operators."

They thought that each homicide avoided the arrival of Kali (its goddess) by 1000 years. The brotherhood used an own jargon ( Ramasi ), as well as certain symbols by which their members were clear in the most remote places of India. Even those that by age or disease could not participate in the homicida ritual, continued collaborating with the cause like observers or spies. Because of its careful organization, the secrecy and prevents of its maneuvers and the religious pretext with which they contained his crimes, they were recognized as a tributante profession and they continued actually by centuries of his occupation, free of investigations on the part of the Hindu government.

Number of victims

To consider the totality of victims depends much on the duration of thugs in active-duty, thus do not exist trustworthy sources. According to Libro Guinness of the Records the Thuggee cult was responsible for approximately 2. The British historian Mike Dash calculated that they assassinated 50.000 people altogether, based in the supposition of which 150 years only existed before their eradication in the decade of 1830 .

The leader Thug Behram (or Burham), often has been considered like most prolific Killer serial of the world, with 931 murders between 1790 and 1830. In relation to contemporary sources, evidence that Behram really made incongruous declarations on the amount of murders that committed, while it declared that it was " state presente" in than 930 homicides committed more by his group of 25 to 50 men, on the other hand it admitted that personally it strangled around 125 people.

The Thuggee in the popular culture

The history of the Thuggee was popularized by books like the novel of Philip Meadows Taylor, Confessions of to Thug of 1839 . The novel The Deceivers of John Masters also treats the subject. A more recent book is the one of George Brushes call The Stranglers: The cult of Thuggee and its overthrow in British India ( 1968 ).

The two more popular appearances of the cult in film are the one of 1939 in Gunga DIN and in 1984 in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom .

In 1965, the Thuggees " was described with malevolencia in films of the Beatles ; Help! ".

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