Name: Acid Yellow 023

C.Food: Food Yellow 004

tartrazine is Coloring artificial widely used in nourishing Industry . It belongs to the family of the coloring azodyes (those that contain the group azo −N=N−). One appears in the form of dust and he is soluble in water; becoming of yellower in so much more dissolved color it is. Lactose is incompatible with and acid ascorbic .

tartrazine increases its potential commercial because besides the yellow-orange tones, to the being mixed with other dyestuffs as blue brilliant ('' E133 '') or green S ('' E142 '') obtains diverse tonalities verduscas.

tartrazine (in English tartrazine ) as coloring E102 (5 European Union) and Yellow owns the codes or 5 Yellow (FDA-USA), reason why is possible to identify as foods, drinks or other products contain tartrazine when reviewing its ingredients in the label.

Although the use of tartrazine is authorized in more than sixty countries, was already prohibited in Norway, whereas in Austria and Germany soon is prohibited. The resolution 94/36/EC partially prohibits in European Union . The American legislation it demands that the presence of this dyestuff in the label of products so that the final consumer makes the decision to buy it or no. is indicated explicitly.

Some people are sensible to tartrazine and can present/display allergic reactions and, although the susceptibility to present/display allergic reactions is low (1 of each 10,000), increases between the hypersensitive people Aspirina (10% of them are allergic to tartrazine). In Spain the maximum daily tartrazine ingestion is of 7.

tartrazine is related to a great percentage of the cases of syndrome of ADHD (hyperactivity) in the children, when has been used in combination with Benzoates (E210-215). Nevertheless, these studies have not been confirmed, and severely are questioned. Also, the asthmatic people also can undergo symptoms after the consumption of this additive, since she knows herself acts like a liberating agent of Histamina .

Nutritional uses

tartrazine is used in drinks, instantaneous purees, chipses, pies, soups, ice creams, caramels, chewing-gum, jams, Yogurt, and many other products with Glycerin, lemon and honey. Artificial saffron is also used in .

An example, the famous Peruvian drink Kola Inca, contains in its composition tartrazine - Yellow 5 .


The coloring azodyes have been questioned repeatedly, because many dyestuffs of this family (not them authorized for nourishing use) have demonstrated to be cancerigenic in experiments with animal. A fundamental difference is that coloring the cancerigenic ones are little polar, soluble in fats, and cross with certain facility the intestinal barrier, getting up itself to the organism. However, coloring the authorized one, that is very polar and soluble in water, they are not absorbed.

Although the tartrazine is coloring an authorized one, the excessive consumption of treats colored with tartrazine by children is a subject that merits all the attention of the parents and is part of the debate in public health in the European Union (the HACSG does not recommend their use).

Ever since in 1959 it was described for the first time a picture of urticaria due to tartrazine has related more cases of urticaria, purpuric injuries, anaphylaxis due to this and other coloring azodyes.

Although, one settled down that many of these patients are those that allergically react by the use of aspirina (while they ingest tartrazine) the level of prevalence of the urticaria by tartrazine considers between the 5 and 10% of the patients.

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