tanatorio is a qualified funeral establishment for the funeral wake of deceaseds, the word is used mainly in Spain, since some countries of Latin America is known him under the name undertaker, without making distinction between the site and the organization whom the service offers. In Chile and Argentina, they are known like funeral wakes. In Latin America the word is not common or she is not well-known.

The tanatorios ones generally offer a series of associate services such as the sale of coffins, tablets and crowns, legal consultant's office, psychological attendance, Cremation, transport of the deceased and tanatopraxia.

On Spain, first tanatorio (tanatorio Irache) was founded on 1975 in Pamplona by four Navarrese funeral societies having marked the beginning of a reconversion of the deprived funeral sector in response to the needs of a society in evolution.

Factors that explain the recent origin of tanatorio are the increasing number of deaths in hospitals and not in addresses, the geographic disintegration of the families and the diminution as large as the houses, factors that make difficult the traditional funeral wake in the address of the deceased.

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