Sergio Ricardo Buschmann Silva (* Santiago, 1941 ) professional and integral Actor of In front Patriotic Manuel Rodriguez (FPMR). was one of the leaders of Internment of arms of Reedbed Under in 1986.


Sergio Buschmann entered to Communist Youths of Chile in 1962, in whose basic cells he had participation outstanding. 1973 were stopped after Coup d'etat of the 11 of September of and set free few days later. During this first halting declared to have been witness was of the deaths of many happened opponents to the regime in the Chile Stage, between which was the cantautor Victor Rockrose .

In 1975 it was stopped again because of his political activity. For that reason two members of the catholic church, bishop Carlos Camus and vicar Cristian Precht, took part in their favor and managed their exit of the country.

Buschmann traveled to Sweden at the beginning of 1976, and " was integrated to one of the chapters of the call; Committee Pro Chile" that reunited to exiled Chileans of Marxist ideology . In 1982 Cuba traveled to, to perform in play and after time to Nicaragua, where was integrated to the sandinista forces that fought the guerilla “Against”, financed by the United States. Finished the conflict, and under the auspices of the ministry of Nicaraguan Culture it cooperated in the formation of a dramatic school of art in Managua .

He was authorized to rejoin to Chile in 1983, after which Rodriguez integrated itself immediately to the east In front Patriotic Manuel. In 1985, a Communist whom had known in Nicaragua, it proposed to participate to him in the creation of a company of culture and marine product export, in the zone of Vallenar . This would be the facade for a gigantic internment of arms that the FPMR realized in the north of Chile, specifically the beaches of Low Reedbed.

It is possible to indicate that while supervised the armament entrance to the Chilean coasts, in the screens of Channel 13 Buschmann appeared incarnating to a civil servant of a hospital in the teleserie “Marriage of Paper”.

After which the CNI discovered the armament operation of the FPMR, the 26 of August of 1986, Buschmann was stopped when it rambled by hills bordering to Vallenar, trying to elude the police wall. Involved like one of the main heads of the armament internment, isolated and it was put under process the 31 of August of that same year. After a pair of months of interrogations was transferred to the Jail of Valparaiso, where it did not reach to remain a year.

This because the 7 of August of 1987, Buschmann, next to other three inmates, was escaped spectacularly from by the ceilings of that enclosure, in a cinematographic action that I even inspire some books, since he was considered more the prisoner guarded by the military regime. Days later left clandestinely the country course to Europe. After the division of the FPMR and the PC, that same year, Buschmann it decided to continue in the FPMR related to Divided of Chile Communist, separating definitively of the majority of its companions who chose to create the Independent FPMR.

After almost seven years as fugitive, the 14 of June of 1994 decided to return to Chile and to give themselves voluntarily to justice. Shut in the Jail It publishes of Santiago, the 7 of November of 1995 only managed to recover his freedom on bail. Almost two years later, the 31 of 1997 July, the Second Judge advocate's office of Santiago came to review its case again, revoking to him the benefit and condemning it to 10 years of military prison. It, to consider the court who the freedom of the condemned was dangerous for the security of the society.

The 13 of August of the same year were notified of the sentence and stopped in the city of Antofagasta when it concurred to excarcelados the court to sign the book of, being transferred Santiago to fulfill sentence in the Hill penitentiary II. One really condemned to him to belong to a group battle armed with material military and by the clandestine internment to the country, it transports, distribution and storage of firearms.

The 25 of November of 1997 it was definitively in freedom, in watched form, after the Supreme Court welcomed a resource of complaint against the Martial Court. Later settled to live in Conception. It was then in that it decided to separate definitively from the FPMR.

In 2003 it decided to move again, this time to Quillota . As far as their procedural situation, Monday 18 of March of 2002 one military court considered " finally; prescrito" the crime of " property to armed group battle”. During the following five years, the actor has only had to report to a police unit every 15 days. In spite of it the Judge advocate's office in its failure of first instance, affirms that it leaves important from the arms entered by Reedbed still would remain hidden in places that only he knows.

In 2005 Sergio Buschmann was changed to Ancud, where it lives at the moment and it continues developing its race of action.

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