The community of Santiago Cuautlalpan, is located to the south of the municipality of the Texcoco in Been of Mexico . Colinda to the south with the municipality of San Vicente Chicoloapan, to the North with the community of Coatlinchan, to the east with the municipality of Ixtapaluca and to the west with the municipality of Chimalhuacán. From 1994 it has the political category of Villa Santiago Cuautlalpan. It is to an altitude of 2,260 meters on the level of the sea. Its toponymy means, " Place of nest of águilas".

Its main economic activity is the manufacture of trophies and metallic structures, being the third producer of trophies at world-wide level. The manufacture of trophies is 50 years old. Every day 25 of July, celebrates its annual fair in honor of Santiago Apostle in the parish. Account with 11,932 inhabitants according to the INEGI, of which 5893 are women and 6039 men.

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