Tour 1978 is the tour that Rolling Stones realized by the United States between the months of June and July of 1978, immediately after the launching of the successful disc Some Girls . Like the Tours American of 1972 and 1975, the promotion is in charge of Bill Graham . The overture was in charge of Peter Tosh, that sometimes sang to pair with Jagger the song " Don't Look Back".


Tour is very short, minimum in the Seth list in comparison to tour of 75 Americas ' and to tour by 76 Europe ', possibly due to the appearance of the scene Punk rock, with its emphasis exclusively in music and the attitude instead of to present/display a huge and outlandish scene.

Continuing with a program initiated in 1966, the trips from the Stones to the United States were every three years. Sometimes the Stones under pseudónimo, sands and touches in a mixture of Theaters Stages, practice that would follow in future trips.

Nevertheless, this noncontinuous tour of the United States by Europe in 1979, breaking the calendar of the group that also realized tour by Europe every three years, that had begun in 1967. In this time Keith Richards alone collaborated in the tour of Ronnie Wood by the United States in 1979, to promote its album Gimme Some Neck, while The New Barbarians was in process the new band .


Although the tour was a commercial success, it was harassed by drunkards or people who made difficult the beginning of the spectacle. The photographer of tour Lynn Goldsmith compared this tour with the one of Bruce Springsteen and and Street Band, where also he participated: " With It brushes were no drugs, there was no alcohol and the sound was controlled in shows. With the Stones, one was not to verify the sound, in many shows ran to take his airplane soon privado".

Independent of this, for fans this tour is seen like one of the best ones of the Stones, to a great extent because it was in many senses the return to the essential, as much in visual and musical terms. Generally this it was the return of classic songs (Tumbling Dice, Star Star, Happy, Street Fighting Man, etc.) mixing with numbers of Blues and songs of Chuck Berry, besides including a great number of songs of then just sent to LP Some Girls . It was the first tour with songs written with Rum Wood like an official member of Rolling Stones, and their contributions of this period are considered by many fans of the Stones like one of greatest. Live album does not exist with audio of this tour, but there are recordings that show the musical quality of shows, in particular the multi-show King Cookie Flower Hour FM with one more a more well-known recording like " Handsome Girls".

Some artists who accompanied to the Stones in individual his shows include to Pretty Ronstadt, Sugar Blue, Doug Kershaw, Bobby Keys and Nicky Hopkins .


  • Mick Jagger - voice, guitar
  • Keith Richards - guitar, voices
  • Rum Wood - guitar
  • Bill Wyman - low
  • Charlie Watts - battery
Additional musicians
  • Ian Stewart - piano
  • Ian McLagan - keyboards

Tour Seth list

  1. Let it Rock

  2. All Down the Line
  3. Honky Tonk Women
  4. Star Star
  5. When the Whip Comes Down
  6. Beast of Burden
  7. You roll
  8. Miss You
  9. Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)
  10. Shattered
  11. Respectable
  12. Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces Away Eyes
  13. Love in Vain
  14. Tumbling Dice
  15. Happy
  16. Sweet Little Sixteen
  17. Brown Sugar
  18. Jumpin' Jack Flash
  19. Twice: (I Can't Get Not) Satisfaction, Street Fighting Man (in some shows not habia twice).


  • 10/06/1978 Lakeland Civic Center - Lakeland
  • 12/06/1978 Fox Theater - Atlanta
  • 14/06/1978 Capitol Theater - Passaic
  • 15/06/1978 Warner Theater, Washington D.C
  • 17/06/1978 JFK Stadium - Philadelphia
  • 19/06/1978 Palladium - New York
  • 21/06/1978 Hampton Roads Coliseum - Hampton
  • 22/06/1978 Myrtle Beach Convention Center - Myrtle Beach
  • 26/06/1978 Memorial War Coliseum - Greensboro
  • 28/06/1978 Mid South Coliseum - Memphis
  • 29/06/1978 Rupp Sand - Lexington
  • 01/07/1978 Stadium Policeman - Cleveland
  • 04/07/1978 Rich Stadium - Buffalo
  • 06/07/1978 Masonic Hall - Detroit
  • 08/07/1978 Soldier Field - Chicago
  • 10/07/1978 Saint Paul Civic Center - Saint Paul
  • 11/07/1978 Checkerdome - St Louis
  • 13/07/1978 Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans
  • 16/07/1978 Folsom Field - Boulder
  • 18/07/1978 Tarrant County - Fort Worth
  • 19/07/1978 Sam Houston Coliseum - Houston
  • 21/07/1978 Community Center - Tucson
  • 23/07/1978 Anaheim Stadium - Anaheim
  • 24/07/1978 Anaheim Stadium - Anaheim
  • 26/07/1978 Oakland Coliseum - Oakland


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