duc of red taps, dull red, langur jaspeado or simio disguised ( Pygathrix nemaeus ) is a species of multicoloured Primate of the family of cercopitécidos .


Asiático is original of South-east, specifically of Kampuchea, China, Laos and Vietnam . At the moment only one is in central Vietnam and Laos. The name duc is of Vietnamese origin. Before 1967 little was studied. They have been found in different Habitat : from low earth to 2,000 mountainous zones of of M of altitude, in forests of Caducifolioa primary and secondary forests in Forests in the mean levels and superior of canopea .


Measures 60 to 76 cm of stature, its tail reaches between 56 and 76 cm in length, being longer in the male who in the female. The male weight in average 7 kg and the female a little more 5 kg.

Its colorful one makes shine like small Buddha, dressed gray shirt and pantaloneta black. The hair of the taps is reddish and it is appraised like socks or legginses that cover with the knee to the ankle. The forearms have hair and they are seen like long sleeves of the black gloves that cover the hands. The eyelids are bluish. The head is black and it is seen like a cap on the golden face, under which pelambre is white, as much in the lips, as a width and dense necklace on the neck and the nape of the neck, bordered by another necklace, thin reddish chestnut tree or orange dark. The tail and a triangle in their base, is white. The males distinguish themselves to have a white spot to both sides of the rumps and by their colored genitals, reddish the pink penis to and escroto white. The tail is not prehensile it only uses and it to balance.


Of diurnal and arboreal habits, it eats and to duer me in the trees. Social Animal is and lives in groups, generally of 4 to 15 individuals, but they have been found in groups until of 50. In a group, by each male there are two or more as much male females and as females live in the group that were born and have established hierarchies, being the dominant males in any case. When the adult males mobilize themselves guide the group and the young people go back, leaving to the females with the young in center. The USA the arms and legs to move through the forest, throughout established routes. She is a specialist in aerial mobility and jumps up to 6 ms of distance. If it does not perceive any threat moves noisily of branch in branch, but it detects danger, flees quiet.

It is published with face expressions and it has " game of gestos", with the abierta mouth, the teeth shortages partially and the pushed chin ahead. The glance fixes is a threat, as well as serious gruñido. A whine serves as aid signal. Sometimes it closes the eyes and it entangles legs one with another one with scorn of the danger that means this pose on a very high branch.


Its diet consists especially of small leaves and tender, rich in fiber, but in addition it eats fruits, sprouts, petioles, flowers, buds of bamboo and seeds. It has a divided great stomach in coats that contain Bacteria that trigger Fermentation to digest Cellulous . This gives a potbellied appearance him and it produces abundant gases to him. as much obtains from the food Proteins as Water that it requires and it does not need to lower of the trees to drink.

It consumes 50 different species plants, but nonimprisoned animal. It does not have conflicts by the food with the other individuals of its species and on the contrary, it is used to distributing what eats with other members of its group.


Little it has been observed in its habitat and until now they are begun to know its habits courtship, mating and raising. Before mating, the female and the male are done the one to the other signal advancing jaw, raising and lowering the eyebrows and shaking the head. The female begins down, tended expensive on a branch, watching at the male selected by on its shoulder. Male tel responds with a glance fixes and soon it watches towards the place that considers more advisable to be reconciled. They can happen one or several successive connections.

The mating happens between August and December. The gestation lasts 165 to 190 days after which a young is born, indeed when it is going to begin the harvest of the fruits that desires more. It is born with the open eyes good and one clings to the mother. Another females of the group can also nurse it and other members of the group to take care of it. The color of the hair of the young is clearer that the one of the adults; he is short, smooth, gray, with a dark ray in the back, black face and pale strips under the eyes. As it grows appears the black hair and in resistance the face is clarified; it acquires his adult coloration to the 10 months. The female arrives at the maturity to 4 years d age, while the males can take until the 5. They can live near 25 years.


Their main predator is the humans: there is a lucrative illegal commerce that promotes its capture to sell it outside its habitat; and the native ones hunt it feeding and to obtain parts of the body used by the traditional medicine. During War of Vietnam its population was decimated by the bombings and the aspersions of Agent Orange and used it to the soldiers like objective of practices of shot to the target.

of species in danger has been including by IUCN in Ready Red and the norms of CHALLENGES prohibit their international trade. Also it is protected by the Vietnamese laws. The problem is in which the legislation actually hardly it is fulfilled.

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