Psicobloc (" to deep-water soloing" in his English version) she is one of the most novel variants of Scaled sport . Concretely, she is one of the derivations of the block or Bulder (of English Boulder ). Bulder is characterized by scaling walls of (relatively) little height, generally not more than 5-6 meters, with the unique protection of a well-known special long cushion with the name of crashpad .

On the other hand, psicobloc consists of realizing the same type of scaling without cord but on the water (it is well on the sea, a river, a dam, etc. Thus, the water takes advantage to cushion the fall, being allowed in addition to be able to realize blocks of greater height (around the 20 meters) that in the case of of bulder traditional.

In order to arrive until the wall they are used all type of methods: inflatable boats, long cushions or simply are arrived swimming. When a fall takes place, the climber must try to fall in the water of vertical way to cushion better the fall.


It was from the 78 when psicobloc began to practice in Majorca. In England however one decade began later, according to the published thing in Internet, (, of mouth of psicobloquer English Mike Robertson; The first one psicobloquer British was Nick Buckley that to end of 80s burglary the route " The Conger" in Swanage's Conner Cove. But although it would be only an isolated case, as of years 90 began to practice the Psicobloc in England with assiduity.

This type of scaling practices in cliffs, are those of Majorca but the famous ones, as well as Calanques in Marseilles, certain zones of Ireland, Sardinia, Greece Dorset and Devon and many more.

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