Pingueral is a beach and a town located in the commune of Tomé, Region of the Biobío, in Chile .

In year 1988 the brothers Gregorio and Gustavo Yánquez acquire I found Pingueral, located in the North sector of the town of Dichato, where they begin to develop a tourist real estate complex. The sector is characterized by its beauty, with a beach with strong surge and nonapt for the bath, besides a small lagoon, formed by the mouth of the Pingueral river.

To year 2007 already they had been constructed more than 500 houses, between houses and departments, and lived in permanent form more than 80 families. The investment in the complex is calculated in 50 million dollars and is developing projects by other 20 million dollars.

Pingueral during the decades of 90 and 2000 was the sector of commune of Tomé with greater urban development. Between the proprietors Marcelo honors the ex- tennis player number 1 of the ATP Rivers and the ambassador and ex- intendant, Jaime Tohá .

The community has questioned the lack of public access to the beach of Pingueral, because it is a national good of public use. In the 2006 real estate one obtained necessary the marine concession for the construction of a navy. In the 2008 minister of National Goods, Romy Schmidt Crnosija, she dictated to a resolution by means of which establishes that the access to Pingueral is public pathway and that the municipality must guard by the free access. The real estate one resorted to justice to try to annul the measurement.

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