Pierre Woodman is a photographer and director of French cinema born in Auvergne the 29 from April from 1963. Author of more than 60 pornographic films, more than 1,000 scenes X, 1,500 photographies and more than 7,000 castings. He is conceited to have laid down with more than 3,000 girls (sometimes he acts also in his productions). Often he has been compensated in different ceremonies by the quality from his films, that are much more real that other traditional accomplishments of cinema X, and is considered like the producer nº 1 of the industry of the business for adults.

His pseudónimo Woodman comes from its childhood where, living in the forest and being very good rising the trees, their friendly of the school first later called “the man of the forest” and, during its adolescence “the Woodman”. Later when it made debut in the world of showbusiness, it began to sign its work like Pierre Woodman. To the other side of the Atlantic, this name can have a sexual connotation and was its friend Jena Jameson the one that stood out it when the Fertile valleys were known in in 1995.

Biography and work

Originating of a poor family, it began to work to the 16 years exerting in this period a great number of different uses (newspaper waiter, barman, salesman and magazines, etc. To the 17 years one gets ready with the army, happening later to work for the body of the police in 1983. In 1986 its labor life changed when beginning radically to work of fashionable photographer in the television. In 1989 Video made debut with Hot. As of 1992 worked for Private Average Group, company for which realized a great number of films of elevated budget such as Pyramides (1.2 M$), Tatiana (600 thousands $), the Riviera (450 thousands $). It must its reputation to the risks, sometimes the limit of the unconsciousness, that takes to realize some of its films in countries where the pornography is synonymous of capital punishment (Egypt, Indonesia, etc. In 1997 sent to its series Casting X that nowadays is the sold product more in the world within category XXX. In 1999, to give to foot to the arrival of the phenomenon “ Gonzo ”, begins to produce scenes of 100% sex for its series Superfuckers . At the end of year, the multimillionaire director of LFP received an invitation of Larry Flynt and publisher of the magazine Hustler, the tenth more important erotic magazine of the USA, behind Playboy and after Penthouse was on the brink of madness the bankruptcy. Larry Flynt said that a department needed video to follow with life. It asked to him to Pierre Woodman that created a structure similar to the one of Private and, in the year 2000, signed a contract of 5 million dollars for 5 years. Larry Flynt has many means but contrary to Berth Milton in Private it does not invest anything in publicity, counting exclusively on his name to sell. This irritated much to Pierre Woodman and realized productions of great budget like Brazilian Snake (520 thousands $) or Manipulation (430 thousands $), but in the end disappointed by the lack of publicity of its productions, did not sign no contract nor prorogation of the existing one with LPF.

After being married three times, to be father of two children, to be divorced of the star of Pornographic Tania Russof, in 2002 begins to live with the model on photography Sophie Paris .

In 2005, after a secondary roll next to Denise Richards and Daryl Hannah in the Spanish film I Puta of Maria Lidón, and another photo-shootings for diverse magazines fashionable like Vogue, Blast, Issue or Numero, Pierre Woodman sends an affiliation program to buy by called Internet “Spider-Cash” to be able to distribute its films. It was then when Berth Milton called to him so that it returned to work for Private, realizing with them realized Sex City, a trilogy in high resolution, realizing an adaptation of the production with a budget 540 thousand Euros, whose first episode left in May 2006. Five weeks later, the film became the best sale of all the history of Private, arriving to be the first in the lists of sales of the USA 5 of June of 2006. Nevertheless, Pierre Woodman officially announced the 20 of June of 2006, that left, for the second time, to work for Private and that set up its own company of production and distribution: Woodman Entertainment. In August of 2006 it realized, like his first production for his own company, remake of the film Excalibur, with a budget of 800 thousand Euros. For this film casting for 40 actresses, 35 actors and 250 figurantes, a first fruit in the world of the pornographic one was carried out massive. In September contract to the Czech actress Katerina Stancova that he res-baptize with the name of Caylian Curtis, by the sum of 300 thousand Euros for 3 years. The Venus fair to fair 2006 of Berlin, was its occasion to occur to know and in which presented/displayed to the eight more handsome girls of its last production Excalibur .

Paralelamente to all this, continues working in the world of the fashion, realizing sessions of photos for the great magazines, obtaining through his castings many of top models present that now have great agencies. Also it maintains a near relation with the traditional cinema, reason by we found which it in many of the great events in this scope ( Festival of Dogs, MTV awards, Academy Awards in Los Angeles etc. is let regularly see in yellow Press and several programs of the television where its sincerity often is able to hit the listeners.

The Castings de Pierre Woodman

Pierre Woodman began to realize castings in 1992 when it began with Private. At the outset, he was not nothing commercial, but as a result of the case of violation against Mike Tyson, always wanted that there were witnesses to protect to him of a possible accusation. From “Casting X” and behind scene were born here . It has happened more than fifteen years in East Europe, reason by which discovered many of the great feminine talents of the world of Pornographic . The DVDs titled Casting X that later was put on sale (as of 1997) allows to see what passed in these castings. They often took place in rooms of hotels of cities of countries of the east where their agents of recruitment took their last acquisitions to him. Also hunted to its 100% rare called exclusive rights its Rep them in commercial centers and other sites public. The girls who participated in these interviews had generally between 18 and 20 years. The majority of them did not know what was the true activity of Pierre. For the Woodman, most difficult it is to obtain than the girls accede to go to their room of hotel. Immediately, with the help of his interpreter, it teaches to his work presenting/displaying to them a magazine to them or pornographic images and it proposes to them to make similar films or photos. The girls normally refuse but Pierre Woodman is often able to convince speaking them long and laying almost always (with the camera extinguished, and thus you do not go away what it proposed to them, but some actresses have counted who approached several subjects; trips, unpublished sexual experiences, money, etc.


Its way to realize these interviews, its verbal ability that allows him to convince to the models to make certain things that they initially refuse to do and the fact in that it has with them sexual relations (that record) with girls according to his sometimes virgin words, is subject of multiple controversies.

The other peculiar aspect of this controversy is that they are always men who criticize their technique and never the actresses who have participated in his castings or that have worked in their films; is more, usually they are they who in the interviews for the television or the press, describes to him like a great very correct professional who often pays to them more of the agreed thing and that them always full of details during the runnings. If the two greater companies of production X (Private and Hustler) have smoothed him the way to be able to mount their own company, it is due to consider like a great professional. Pierre Woodman has already removed 64 DVDs from its series Casting X using the Hungarian girls (427), Czechs (336), Russians (176), Rumanians (41) and other nationalities (more than 200) and declared in an interview in television to have more than 7,000 in stock.

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