In Cantabrian mythology Ojáncana or Juáncana is the woman of Ojáncano and like him a bloodthirsty personage with the same frightful aspect but she is still more perverse since their victims were the children who lose themselves by the forest. owns similarities with Lamias Basque it surpasses but them in cruelty.

It owns two eyes, lengths chests that hang to him to the back when it runs and it lacks beard. It has a long dark hair and excited and of its mouth they excel enormous and doublings teeth.

The reproduction of these beings, Ojáncanos and Ojáncanas, is extremely peculiar since does not take place Lighting but when a Ojáncano is old, they kill it to the others, abren the belly to distribute itself to him what takes inside and they bury under Roble, tree next to Tejo with mythical connotations in Cantabria . Passed nine months enormous and viscous worms of yellow color arise of the corpse that say that they smelled of rotten meat and that during three years is nursed by a Ojáncana with the blood that appears later of its great chests, becoming Ojáncanos and Ojáncanas.

Both represent the antithesis the dulzura and kindness of Anjanas and these or Genie can protect to the men of them and only punish them.

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