National University Federico Villarreal or UNFV is a located public institution in Lima, Peru. It was created by means of Law Nº 14692 of the 30 of October of 1963, during the government of the president Fernando Belaúnde Terry . Previously, it worked as filial in Lima, of UNCP .

The UNFV shows the name of the Peruvian wise person Federico Villarreal, that during its life penetrated in almost all the fields of the human knowledge, dedicating itself completely to the study of sciences, the investigation and to teaching.

His present Director is Doctor Juan Escudero Roman.

Hymn of the University

letter and music of the villarrealino hymn was made up of Abelardo Coit Baratta, that was winning from the contest summoned by the university.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the UNFV, it was intoned for the first time in the Safe Theater, by the tenor Luis the Rose, the 5 of November of 1965; with the National Symphony orchestra.


Gasping studious Youth
of the knowledge,
boisterous Alegre and
Llegarás to overcome


Our voices is buglers
and our sonorous song
So that our choir hears itself (twice)
In the last bordering.
Federico Villarreal
In honor to your memory
Lucharemos firmly,
With the soul and the heart
Until arriving at the glory (twice)
With the force from the reason.

Community UNFV

The 10 of January of the 2006, Community UNFV of the National University is based Federico Villarreal who is a community formed by Villarrealinos to help another Villarrealinos. Taking advantage of the multiple advantages the Internet, the community it provides with multiple services to his members like Forum, Blog and electronic mail.

This community began with the aim of offering a space abierto in Internet for the discussion of subjects mainly related to the university, besides related others to the environment national, and/or social. This it is the first created university vestibule in Peru and second version is at the moment in his. It offers, to his pupils, professors and office staff, diverse services that allow them to increase their productivity and to interact continuously.

Museum Anthropology and Archeology

Museum of Anthropology and Archeology of the National University Federico Villareal was created the 23 of October of 1986 and was recognized the 27 of March of 1989 like scientist-cultural and integral organization of the National System of Museums by INC. It is a dependancy of the Vice Academic Rectorado and comprises of the Cultural Center Federico Villareal.

Account with 2000 archaeological, ceramios specimens of diverse culture, textiles, líticas axes, musical instruments, etc. is located in the Jr Cañete 697 Lima.


The university counts on 18 professional faculties, 62 schools, one University School of Postgraduate, being one of the majors of the country by the number of schools and registered students.

Medicine " Hipólito Unanue"

Location: Jr River Chepén Nº290 - Augustinian .

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Human Medicine

  2. Obstetrics
  3. Infirmary
  4. Nutrition


Location: Colonial Av.

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Administration of companies

  2. Administration of Tourism
  3. International businesses
  4. Public administration
  5. Marketing

Architecture and Urbanism

Location: Passage Páez N° 140 Jesus Maria .

School of the faculty:

  1. Architecture

Social sciences

Location: Av. Nicholas de Piérola N° 351 - Lima . 219-3600 Annex 8101

Professional schools of the Faculty:

  1. Sociology. - The withdrawn one has a rational and analytical vision of the world and its scoeidad as far as economic, political, social and cultural his problemáticaa, the same that its critical capaacidad enriches and of proposal. - The graduate one from this Professional School promotes the social economic development in the familiar surroundings and promotes the familiar company, among others points.

  2. Sciences of the communication. - The withdrawn one is characterized to have a solid theoretical, methodologic and scientific formation. It interprets the socioeconomic reality and cultural global, closely tie national and to the scope of the information.

Sciences You will finance and Accountants

Location: Av. Nicholas de Pierola N° 262 - Lima .

School of the faculty:

  1. Accounting

Natural and Mathematical sciences

Location: Street San Marcos Nº 351 Free Town .

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Mathematical

  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Statistic

Economic sciences

Location: Av. Nicholas de Piérola N° 262 - Lima .

School of the faculty:

  1. Economy

Political faculty of Right and Sciences

Location: Av. Nicholas de Piérola N° 351 - Lima .

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Straight

  2. Political science


Location: Av. Nicholas de Pierola Nª 351 - Lima .

Schools of the faculty:

  1. initial Education

  2. Primary education
  3. Special education
  4. Mathematical - Fís
  5. Natural sciences
  6. Philosophy - Social Sciences
  7. Legua - Literature
  8. Social sciences historical
  9. Special education
  10. Languages
  11. Technology and enterprise Management
  12. Computation and computer science
  13. Physical education


Location: Av. Nicholas de Piérola N° 351 - Lima .

The building where this faculty is located began to construct by the end of century XIX, being finished for 1920.

Initially lodged to the school Jesuit of Immaculate, until mediadios of the XX. At the moment, in the top of the facade of the faculty the image of the Immaculate Virgin is conserved, being a memory of when the school in that one premises worked.

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Philosophy

  2. Linguistic
  3. Literature
  4. History
  5. Anthropology
  6. Archeology

Civil engineering

Location: Jr Diego Omen N° 206 (ex--Yungay), Magdalena of the Sea .

School of the faculty:

  1. Civil Engineering

Geographic, Environmental engineering and In Eco-tourism

Location: Colonial Av.

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Engineering in Eco-tourism

  2. Environmental engineering
  3. Geographic engineering

Electronic and Computer science engineering

Location: Jr Iquique N° 127 - Scrub .

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Electronic Engineering

  2. Computer science engineering
  3. Engineering Mechatronics
  4. Engineering of Telecommunications

Industrial engineering and of Systems

Location: Colonial Av.

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Industrial Engineering

  2. Engineering of Systems
  3. Agro-industrial engineering
  4. Engineering of Transports


Location: Street San Marcos Nº 351 Free Town . School of the faculty:
  1. Odontolgy

Oceanography Nourishing Fishing ground and

Location: Jr France N° 726 Miraflores .

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Fishery Engineering.

  2. Nourishing engineering.
  3. Fishing engineering.


Location: Colonial Av.

School of the faculty:

  1. Psychology

Medical technology

Location: Jr River Chepén Nº 260 - Augustinian .

Schools of the faculty:

  1. Laboratory and Pathological Anatomy

  2. Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  3. Therapy of Language
  4. Radiology
  5. Optometry
Specialty, pioneer in the University field, consists of 5 years academic and a year of hospitable boarding school. Recently a modern cabinet of optometry in the Faculty of Mèdica Technology was constructed.

University school of Post Degree


Sciences of the health

  1. Health publishes
  2. Teaching and investigation in stomatology
  3. Administration of services of health
  4. Rehabilitation in health
  5. Clinical psychology and of the health
  6. Management in social security
  7. Health publishes with mention in epidemiology
  8. Health publishes with mention in hospitable management
  9. Health publishes with mention in reproductive health
  10. Management and conduction in health
  11. Medicine
  12. Physiotherapy
  13. Educative psychology with mention in learning problems, position of a guardian and educative direction
  14. Social psychology with mention in management of projects of social development
  15. Management in infirmary

Basic engineering and Sciences

  1. Aquiculture
  2. Environmental management
  3. Engineering of systems
  4. Management of projects of Engineering
  5. Management of the modern construction
  6. Industrial engineering with mention in management of operations and productivity
  7. Sciences of the sea
  8. Architecture
  9. Management of the biodiversity
  10. Agro-industrial engineering
  11. Environmental engineering
  12. Engineering of systems with mention in Software engineering
  13. Engineering of transport
  14. Engineering in cadastre
  15. Engineering in eco-tourism
  16. Engineering in mountain management
  17. Engineering in vulnerability of the urban atmosphere
  18. Geographic engineering
  19. Ecological and economic zoning
  20. Engineering of systems with mention in technology management of the information

Social humanities and Sciences

  1. University teaching
  2. Educative management
  3. Administration and social management
  4. Management and administration of the education
  5. Andragógica education (education of adults)
  6. Political anthropology
  7. Social management

Straight and Political Sciences

  1. Civil and straight commercial
  2. Straight penal
  3. Straight constitutional
  4. Political science
  5. Straight enterprise
  6. Management of policies you publish
  7. Criminology
  8. Straight of the boy and policies you publish for the childhood and adolescence
  9. Straight with mention in customs
  10. Straight with mention in fiscal policy and taxation
  11. Straight privative military man

Sciences of the company

  1. Administration
  2. Finances
  3. Enterprise economic management
  4. Integral audit
  5. Countable and financial audit
  6. Municipal management and local development
  7. International marketing and businesses
  8. Management of high direction
  9. Economy
  10. Banking businesses
  11. Costs and budgets
  12. Management of political organizations
  13. Management of enterprise projects
  14. Management of investment publishes
  15. Regional economic management
  16. Regional economic planning
  17. Taxation


Sciences of the health

  1. Medicine
  2. Psychology
  3. Public health
  4. Odontolgy

Basic engineering and Sciences

  1. Civil engineering
  2. Industrial engineering
  3. Engineering of systems
  4. Environmental engineering
  5. Geographic engineering
  6. Environment and sustainable development

Social humanities and Sciences

  1. Education
  2. Social sciences
  3. Latin American test

Straight and Political Sciences

  1. Straight

Sciences of the company

  1. Administration
  2. Economy
  3. Accounting


The university counts on diverse institutes
  1. Cultural center Federico Villarreal
  2. Institute of Recreation, Physical education and Sports
  3. Institute of Languages


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