Milo Giacomo Rambaldi is a fiction personage in the series of American television Alias . The works of Rambaldi along with their prophecies advanced to their time form the central axis of the plot of Alias. The work of Rambaldi, as much their newspapers, documents and devices were high-priority objectives of numerous governments and criminal organizations anywhere in the world. The personage is a mixture between Leonardo l$da Vinci and Nostradamus . It also gives Vinci known by his ideas and its inventions, its work also went ahead to its time. The manuscripts and the newspapers of Rambaldi were written in key, doing direct reference to the methods of Gives Vinci. Between frames, the scriptwriters of Alias called " Nostravinci".

" the woman represented here will own nonvisible marks, signs of which will be she who will produce my works, surrounding them by fury, of an ardent wrath and if she prevents it to nobody, that woman to espensas of the common people, will turn the major to be able desolation altogether "

" That woman without trying would cause it its effect to never to have seen the beauty of my sky after the Subasio mount, perhaps a single glance would have choked to its fire ".

- Milo Giacomo Rambaldi


Rambaldi ( 1444 - 1496 ), alchemist, artist, engineer and mystic was to the service as architect head of the Pope Alexander I SAW . in 1444 was born in Parma, Rambaldi was educated by Vespertine monks and worked like painter, sculptor and student of art until turned the twelve years. When turned the 18 years in one of its so many trips to Rome, it was presented/displayed before the Cardinal of the Catholic Church Rodrigo, being contracted like architect, adviser and private prophet when Cardinal Rodrigo de Borja became Pope in 1492 .

Many of their drawings and documents were written in a hybrid language of Italian and demótico and with mixtures of premasónicos symbols. Rambaldi created the earliest filigree in all papers, well-known like the eye of Rambaldi. And that only can be open pie by the human eye to the being exhibited to a black light. All leaves were done by hand with a fiber of a unique polymer (similar to the skin of the onion) and own a consistency that has lasted intact through the times until ours was, sometimes even in adverse conditions. Its mark (the eye of Rambaldi) has been the unique form to detect the true leaves of the falsifications.

Although his benefactor wished to see Rambaldi prosper, during all their Rambaldi life and its work they were hidden by mandate of the Archediácono Claudius Vespertini, who feared the revolutionary implications of the technologies in the work of Rambaldi. It asked for then the possession finally and elimination of the work of Rambaldi.

When the Pope Alexander I SAW passed away in 1503, Vespertini ordered that the name of Rambaldi was erased of all the monuments and buildings during the period between 1470 until 1496. Also it ordered that Rambaldi was excomulgado by hereje, its factory in Rome was destroyed and sentenced to die in the bonfire to show that someday science would allow us to arrive until God. Milo Giacomo Rambaldi passed away in the Winter of 1496 without leaving descendants well-known.

Just a short time after its death a second secret factory was shortage in San Lazaro, was devastated by agents of the Vatican . Their writings, planes and bocetos were sold and auctioned nearly value during a private auction.

From century XV they have been discovered material on the work of Rambaldi in places near Italy, France, East Europe and old Soviet Union, thus also like in private collections and warehouses of museums. During Third Reich the documents that interpreted the designs and lessons of Rambaldi were looked for and catalogued like high-priority objectives, due to the obsession of Adolf Hitler by the occultism and the prophecies. The designs of many of their drawings have still not been clarified and have inspired some impressive falsifications. Rambaldi has been called as one of the predecessors of the digital era by its implication in a “machine language” in 1489 created from based algorithms and their use in a species of binary codes of and zero.

The work of Rambaldi, in our days, continues formally without being published due to the international prohibition that weighs on the name of Rambaldi.

This symbol, known generally like " ojo" of Rambaldi, it is the symbol of the magnificent order of Rambaldi. In the episode of the first season of Alias Time call to tell (Time will tell - 1x08) a direct descendant of Giovanni Donato (it thinks that it was the very same Donato) described the order like the most faithful followers of Rambaldi in charge to safeguard their creations. Sadly like the majority of the things that once were pure, the criminals use that symbol now to infiltrate in the order. Some followers of Rambaldi take the mark tattooed in their hand.

Prophecies of Rambaldi


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