Meir Bar-Ilan (been born like Meir Berlin, ( Valozyn, Lithuania 1880 - Jerusalem, Israel [[ 949]])) was orthodox Rabbi and leader of the Zionist movement religious Mizraji in the United States and British Mandate of Palestine . University was source of inspiration for the foundation of Bar Ilan in Israel, that thus was called in honor to the rabbi.


He was a student of Talmud and son of an important rabbi Haredi, Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Naftali Berlin, known like Netziv, that was the director of traditional Yeshiva Volozhin in Lithuania.

Bar Ilan Estudió in Yeshivot of Valozyn, Telshe, Brisk and Novardok, where it learned with his grandfathers, also Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein . Already Rabbi ( Semijá ), in 1902 traveled to Germany, where was made know with one more a more modern form of orthodox Judaism that had one more a more tolerant attitude to the lay education and political Zionism. He was there that attended in University of Berlin.

Movement Mizraji

In 1905 got up to the movement Mizraji, representing it in the Seventh Zionist Congress, voting against " Uganda" proposal; in order to create one " mother country temporal" bean in Uganda, according to suggested by Great Britain .

In 1911 was named secretary of the world-wide movement Mizraji (Religious Zionism). In 1913 arrived at the United States and created local groups Mizraji in a national organization, presiding over 1ª Mizraji Convention of the United States, that took place in Cincinnati in 1914 . 1915 became president of the Mizraji of EE., occupying that position until 1928, after which it went named honorary president. was member assets of JDC during World War I, and also acted like vice-president of the Central Committee of Socorro of the city of New York in 1916. founded the Institute of Professors Mizraji on 1917. 1925 became a member of the Meeting of Directors of Jewish National Bottom dedicated to the financing of the reconstruction of Jewish Mother country in then British Mandate of Palestine . In 1923, also served briefly like president which today is Yeshiva University, during the temporary absence of its then president, Bernard Revel .

In 1923 moved to Jerusalem . was against to the Plan of Partition of 1937, and to White Libro of 1939 of the British. However, pleaded for civil Disobedience and the lack of cooperation of the Jews with the British.

was president of Talmudic Enciclopedia; acted in the advice of administration of Mizraji Bank; he was founding and publisher of Hatzofeh in Tel Aviv in 1939, and author of:

  • Fun biz Volozhin Yerushalayim (autobiography) in 2 volumes (in Yidish, New York in 1933 ; in Hebrew, Tel Aviv, 1939 - 40 )

  • Bishvil has-Techiah ( Tel Aviv, 1940 )
  • Raban shel Yisrael (New York, 1943 )

Along with the rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin, was also publisher of the Talmudic Encyclopedia Volume I ( Jerusalem, 1946 ) and Volume II (published posthumously in 1949 ). It wrote articles on Talmudic subjects for diverse newspapers. It passed away in Jerusalem, Israel, 17 of April of 1949 .


After 1948, their activities were oriented to the knowledge. A committee of academic examining the legal problems of the new situation in the light of the Jewish law organized and founded an institute for the publication of a new complete edition of the Talmud.

There am organized to committee of scholars to examines the legal problems of the new state in the light of for Jewish law and founded an institute the publication of to new completes edition of the Talmud. There am also served ace Minister of Israeli Religion in the government. Also Minister of Religion evolved like in Israeli government .

University Bar Ilan

University inspired the creation of Bar-Ilan near Tel Aviv, founded on 1950, by American the Mizraji Movement, with its name: " The name of Bar Ilán was chosen in honor of Meir rabbi Bar-Ilan, a spiritual leader who took the traditional Judaism from ashes of Europe and took to the Renaissance in Land to it of Israel.
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