medal of San Benito is Sacramental recognized by Church considered by the Christian faithfuls like possessor of a great power of Exorcism . Like all sacramental one, catholic does not put their power in the same medal, because they consider that power comes from Christ, grants that it to the Church and by the fervent disposition of whom it uses the medal.

The exact date on the manufacture of the first Medal of San Benito is a mystery. In some point of the evolution of this Christian devotion were letters in the part of back of the medal. These letters had a mysterious meaning until a manuscript dated in 1415 was found in the Abbey of Metten in Bavaria in 1647. The final version of this medal dates from year 1880 in memory of the 1400 years of the natalicio of San Benito.

The medal is used of diverse ways: hung around the neck with a small chain, in the rosary of the Christian people, in the pocket, in center of a cross, in car or house of the faithfuls, in the foundations of a building.

Description and symbolisms of the medal

The medal is a glorification of the love to Christ according to the Christian faithfuls of the catholicism, is clear its power to move away the evil by means of the faith of its followers.

Frontal face

To the front of the medal appears the figure of San Benito maintaining two things. It maintains in its hand of right a cross (to which the tradition adjudges a great love to him on the part of the monk, and in its left hand the book of Rules in the other, with the oration surrounding the figure by santo: Eius in obitu nostro praesentia muniamur! : " At the time of our death we are protected by his presencia". (Oration of the Good Death). Benito is the landlord of the good death. At heart of the image it appears a one poisoned glass, which when santo did Signal de la Cruz on her was roared. A jealous enemy tried to poison giving it him a poisoned wine glass and one hogaza of bread, the bread took a crow to it (this detail appears in the medal). arrives de la Cruz appear the words Crux sancti patris Benedicti

Reverse of the medal

The reverse one shows the cross of San Benito with the letters:

  • Crux sancti patris Benedicti (C.): that in Castilian it is: Santa Cruz of Benito Father
  • sacred Crux sit mihi lux! (C.): " Santa Cruz is my luz" (vertical cruise de la Cruz)
  • Nunquam draco sit mihi dux (N.): " and that the Dragoon is not my guía." (horizontal cruise)

In circle, beginning by above towards the right:

  • Vade retro Satana! (V.): " Down with you Satanás"
  • vain Nunquam suade mihi! (N.): " it stops to attract with your mentiras" to me;
  • bad Sunt quae libas.): " Poisonous he is your carnada"
  • Ipse venena cheers! (I.): " Trágatela you yourself ".
  • PAX: " Paz"

Blessing of the medal of San Benito

(to have to be done by a priest)

Exorcism of the medal

(Sign de la Cruz) In the name of the Father and the Son and the Spirit Santo. Our aid comes from the Gentleman to us R. That made the sky and the Earth.

I order to you, spirit of the evil, that you leave this medal, in the name of God + Omnipotent Father, that made the sky and the Earth, the sea and everything what in them it is contained.

That it disappears and moves away of this medal all force of the adversary, and all that will use enjoyment of the soul health and body.

In the name of God Omnipotent Father + and its Son Jesus Christ + Sir ours, and of the Spirit Santo + Paráclito, by the charity of Jesus Christ, who is to come to judge to the alive ones and deads and the world by the fire. Sir, listens to my oration R. and arrives my outcry V. the Gentleman is with you R. and with your spirit

We pray: Omnipotent God, giver of all the goods, we begged to you humbly that by the intercession of our Father San Benito, you instill your blessing + on this sagrada medal, in order that takes that it, dedicating itself to good works, deserves to secure the health of the soul and the body, the grace of the sanctification, and all the indulgences that are granted to us, and that by the aid of your mercy strive in avoiding the ambushes and deceits of the enemy, and deserves to appear clean santo and in your presence. By Christ, our Gentleman.

(it is sprinkled with blessed water saying with Signo de la Cruz) In the name of the Father and the Son and the Spirit Santo. Amen ______________________________________


The 12 of March of 1742 Benedicto XIV granted plenary Indulgence to the medal of San Benito if the person meets the following conditions:

If Sacrament realizes of Reconciliation, receives Eucaristía, or by Santo Padre in the great celebrations and during that week it says santo rosary, it visits the patients, aid to the poor men, teaches to the Faith Cristina or it participates in Santa Misa .

The great celebrations of which it is spoken above are: Christmas, Epiphany, Passover of Resurrection, Ascent, Pentecostés, Santísima Trinidad, Corpus Christi, Asuncio'n, Immaculate Conception, the birth of Maria, All the Saints and celebration of San Benito.

Who take the medal of San Benito at the time of the death will be protected whenever they entrust the Father, confesses and receives the communion or they invoke the name of Jesus at least with deep repentance.

Partial indulgences

  • will be granted 200 days of indulgence, if one visits one week the patients or visits Church or teaches to the children the Faith.

  • 7 years of indulgence, if one celebrates the Misa or this present, and or by the well-being of the Christians, or says by its governors.

  • 7 years if one accompanies to the patients in the day of all the Saints.

  • 100 days if one makes an oration before Santa Misa or receiving the sagrada Communion.
  • Whatever independently by his advice or example it turns to a sinful one, it obtains the remission of the third part of his sins.
  • Whatever Thursday Santo or the day of Resurrection, after a good confession and to receive the Eucaristía, says by the glorification of the Church, the needs of Santo Padre, will gain the indulgences that need.
  • Whatever it says by the glorification of the Benedictine Order, it will receive a portion of all the good works that this Order realizes.

The Crucifijo with medal of San Benito

The Crucifijo of the Good Death and the Medal of San Benito have been recognized by the Church like a aid for the Christian in the hour of temptation, danger, evil, mainly in the hour of the death. It has given to the Crucifijo with the medal Plenary Indulgence him.

The plenary indulgence de la Cruz of the Good Death, that really believes in santa Cruz, will not be separated from, will gain plenary indulgence in the hour of the death. If this the Communion or with the previous repentance of its sins is confessed, received at least, calling Santo name of Jesus with devotion and accepting resignadamente the death like coming of the hands of God. For the indulgence the Cross is not enough, must imagine crucified Christ. This cross also aid to the patients to unite our sufferings to those of Our Salvador.

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