Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy ( 1945 -), Musical, Composer and cantautor.

Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy was born in Somoto, Madriz ( Nicaragua ), 19 of February of 1945 . Son of Carlos Mejía Fajardo, popular, construction musician of marimbas and Maria Elsa Godoy, teacher of school and bread craftswoman. His brother, three years older than he, Carlos Mejía Godoy is also a famous musician.

He is one of the most important composers and you interpret Nicaraguan. He participated actively in the period of sandinista government ( 1979 - 1990 ) with responsibilities in him. Its work, of highly social content, is very important in the history of the music of Nicaragua and all the music developed in Spanish.

The beginnings

From boy it was already entertained touching the percussion instruments that his father did of an experimental form. After his studies of it would prevail in his native city finishes (1965 would finish in to them) secondary in Leon, where I form its first group of music with companions of studies where it composes some song already. With the orchestra of Somoto Madriz Jazz would take the first passages in boleros the public activities singing and ballads.

Once finished the baccalaureate Costa Rica moves to to begin the medicine studies in 1967 in that country would remain until the triumph of revolution in Nicaragua . In 1969 leaves the studies with the firm decision to dedicate itself exclusively to music. He records his first discs as member of the group the Rufos but the following year ( 1970 ) he disappears east group and he begins his race alone, with the unique company of his guitar. There he is where he begins to develop to his facet of recorded cantautor his first songs of social content. Thematic that will not leave in his expanded artistic life and that will be accompanied by its Carlos brother.

Next to other Costa Rican musicians and singers Movement of the new Costa Rican song founds on 1975 participating actively of the cultural life of the welcome country and being related to others of Latin America and Movement of the new Latin American song those same years creates the group TAYACAN with musicians of Costa Rica, Venezuela and Chile. Also it makes tours international, as much as soloist, with the group or accompanying to his brother Carlos and its group Those of Palacagüina .

Return to Nicaragua

The 19 of sandinista July of 1979 enter Managua proclaiming the triumph of Sandinista Revolution . Luis Enrique returns to Nicaragua and enters to comprise of the Ministry of Culture, with Ernesto Cardinal like minister, and on 1980 Nicaraguan Company of Cultural Recordings founds ( ENIGRAC ) which directs until 1988 producing more than 100 discs of folksong.

In 1980 with musicians of different experiences and artistic expressions creates the group MANCOTAL with that crosses numerous countries worldwide. From 1988 is dedicated exclusively to music in all facets and realizes several international tours with the group the Tepehuani Band of El Salvador .

Along with its brother realizes the program of the TV tapisca ( 1980 ) in which travels by all the country gathering its folklore. Also the armed guitar carries out the radio program between 1980 and 1981 .

After 1990

On 1992 along with other cantautores ones founds association of Nicaraguan cantautores (ASCAN-VOLCANTO) which presides. This association is dedicated to promote the song and to the artists and musicians noveles.

On 1993 founds with its Carlos brothers and Chico and other friendly the first coffee concert of Nicaragua the GOOD NOTE that became an important center of Nicaraguan music. There 1998 would work until half-full of

In 1997 the brothers Mejía Godoy create Foundation Mejía Godoy, foundation without spirit of profit for the cultural development from where they conduct battle of all type, concerts, recordings, programs of antidrug health and, fights against AIDS… Son of this foundation is another project very wanted by the Mejía family… the House of the Mejía Godoy that is an important center of the art and Nicaraguan culture and a place of tourist interest.

Its work

Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy has musicalizado to poets like Rubén Darío, Ernesto Cardinal, Jose Colonel, Joaquin Steps, Julio Cortázar or Gioconda Belli among others. Nicas has put music in many audio-visual productions.

It has received many recognitions, nationals and international they emphasize Cultural Order Rubén Darío (maximum recognition to the artists and intellectuals in Nicaragua), the 25 Medal of anniversary of the theater Rubén Darío, Gueguense de Oro, etc. In 1999 as much he as their Carlos brother was appointed by the Agrarian national University doctors developing Honoris Causa rural.


  • Sol filaments (CBS) Costa Rica, 1970.
  • This it is my Town (CBS) Costa Rica, 1972.
  • For Luchar and Quererte (CBS) Costa Rica, 1975
  • The Freedom in each Street (GRASSHOPER) Venezuela, 1978
  • Song Town in Fight (SEGOVIA) San Fco. California, the United States, 1978.
  • Loving in the days of Guerra (CBS) Costa Rica, 1979.
  • The Revolution (CBS) Costa Rica, 1980.
  • They are for my Town (ENIGRAC) Nicaragua, 1981. and Mancotal in Holland (KKLA) Holland.
  • I am of a Simple Town (ENIGRAC) Nicaragua, 1983.
  • In spite of You (ENIGRAC) Nicaragua, 1985.
  • Nicarafricanico (PENTAGRAMA) Mexico, 1988.
  • Reasons To live (SONY MUSIC) Costa Rica, 1993.
  • Poetic Errante (NICARIB) Nicaragua, 1997. Mejía Godoy (Ten years) (SONY MUSIC) Costa Rica (Anthology) 1995.
  • Chips of the same Canto Vol.I (NICARIB) Nicaragua (Anthology) 1994.
  • Chips of the same Canto Vol.II (NICARIB) Nicaragua (Anthology) 1997.

With other artists:

  • Armed guitar (With Carlos Mejía Godoy) Pentagrama, Mexico, 1979.
  • Epic song (With Carlos Mejía Godoy) Pentagrama, Mexico, 1981.
  • Festival of the New Song, Mexico, 1981 (Tania Freedom, A.
  • Festival by La Paz, Managua, 1983 (Mercedes Soda, Silvio Rodriguez, Buarque Boy and others).
  • Festival of the New Song, Ecuador, 1983 (Several artists).
  • Festival by La Paz Oloff Palme, Costa Rica, 1986 (Several Artists).
  • Tour by Greece, Holland, Belgium (Adrián Goizueta, Ochoa Shelter, others), 1988.
  • Music afro-Antillean (PENTAGRAMA) Mexico, 1990.
  • Tour by Holland (Roy Brown and Teresa Parodi), 1991.

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