Ex- minister of Education and Información in Republic of Ghana . was during a time the youngest minister of Ghana and the Commonwealth . It began in the position with only 29 years. along with Kwame Nkrumah comprised of Convention People´s Party, first president of the republic. Very it was wanted by the young people, since she was a great sportsman. played Soccer, to Cricket and champion of Ghana even proclaimed itself of Ping-pong . He was fan to the reading and also to the photography. He had four children.

He went to the school from the 3 years, since his father who was masterful wanted to instill the education to him from small. When it finished the school sent to the institute of Cape Coast . Soon it worked like teacher, and later like clerk. At the end of 1947 and after university study in the United States and England, Kwame Nkrumah returned to Ghana. Baako is interested in the speeches of Nkrumah on the indepencia, and writes the article " My hatred to Imperialism ". It is dismissed of his work, and it happens to comprise of a black list that causes that nobody wants to use to him. Nevertheless, after an encounter with Nkrumah, it is gives to the editor position head him of Cape Coast Daily Mail . With 20 years " writes the article; We cry out against libertad", and for that reason it finishes in the jail. Also Nkrumah and several activists were stopped more. They spent 13 months between grates. That group later would conform the Ghanaian government.

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