Kay Galifi, been born with the name from Gaetano Galifi and registered in Argentina with the name of Cayetano Galifi (n. 1948 in Sicily, Italy ) is Musical Argentine, Guitarist, servant in Rosary that became like member of the legendary band of rock famous the Cats (1967-1970), considered founding of “ Argentine national Rock ”. In 1968 left the band surprise, radicand in Brazil, where it was dedicated to music, but during several decades nothing of him in Argentina was known. In 2007, on the occasion of 40º anniversary of the Raft, reappeared in Argentina and was part of the reunification of the Cats and the undertaken Latin American tour.


The Kay nickname

Galifi that of small was frequently object of jokes on the part of other boys, due to its name of Italian origin counts. For that reason, when the decade of the 60 took root in Buenos Aires when mediating, he himself was created the nickname of " Cay", abbreviation of Cayetano. Shortly after and after to have seen an English film in which appeared a called personage " Kay", ended up adopting the nickname in its definitive version.


Kay Galifi was born in Sicily, Italy, with the name of Gaetano Galifi. When he counted on a year, their parents emigrated to Argentina, being registered like Cayetano Galifi. They took root in Rosary, Province of Santa Fe, where Kay grew up and realized its primary and secondary studies. His father was first dock worker in port and soon he installed a position of food sale that finally concentrated in cheeses and cold cuts. Kay remembers that, often the Cats ate thanks to the foods that to them his father sent.

In Rosary, their musical tastes first oriented towards Folklore . In a news article in Brazil it counts as rock began in the taste by, during the first tour of the band of Mexican adolescents, the Teen Tops, in 1961 :

Then Oscar knew the drummer Moor, also of 13 years, with that soon would integrate the Cats . Both formed a called band the Hawks, that a last name pianist also included I gave Doménico and to a bear. Shortly after was summoned by the singer Johnny Tedesco (soon famous to integrate Club of the Clan ) to touch with him, along with Moor and the bear of the Hawks. The group touched North American music, but with letters in Spanish and mainly the songs of the Teen Tops, among them the famous song of Rock in Spanish " Popotitos ".

In 1965 began to study the race of Medicine in National University of Rosary, although without leaving its musical activities in celebrations and carnivals. At that time Litto knew Nebbia and Ciro Fogliatta, also rosarinos, who had an important band of called rock The Wild Cats (name soon changed by its translation, the Wild Cats ), that already was touching in Buenos Aires, with a contract in the spread program of television Musical Scale .

By the end of 1966, Kay asked to him Nebbia if it could be united to its band. In fact by then the Wild Cats had dissolved because the contracts in the television whereupon were maintained had finished. Nebbia faced anyway it its vocation and it said to him that if really it liked music, it had to burn books. Kay, literally, did what Litto said to him, burned its expensive medicine books and it went away to live to Buenos Aires.

Litto Nebbia (voice) and Ciro Fogliatta (keyboards) integrated to that Kay (guitar) and Moor (battery), and began to try informally, giving to origin to the Cats . The four lodged in a humble pension in Eleven district of call Hotel Santa Rosa, on Rivadavia Avenue almost Jujuy corner, to few meters of one pizzería called the Rep it, that shortly after would be constituted in one of the redoubts in which arose the call " rock nacional" Argentinean .

The Cats and " The Balsa"

At the beginning of 1967 Litto Nebbia obtained that the Cats, now completed with an originating bear of the South zone of Buenosairean Conurbano, Alfredo Toth, would be contracted like permanent band of the Cave, a small and precarious club nocturne Underground located in Pueyrredón 1723, where the little musicians and followers of the local rock concentrated themselves.

During those months, Kay Galifi, next to the Cats, integrated the handful of young rockers who concentrated in Buenos Aires and gave rise " national rock argentino". That movement had its original epicenter in a triangle formed by the Cave, Institute I gave to Tella (Florida 900) and France Place .

Besides the Wild Cats and the Cats, some of the groups and musicians who constituted the original center of the Argentine national rock were The Seasons ( Carlos Mellino, Alexander Medina ), the Beatniks ( Javier Martinez, Zaguri Small bird, Mauritius " Moris" Birabent ), In ( Francis Smith ), Miguel Grandfathers, Tanguito and the journalists and original poets of the rock Pipo Lernoud and Miguel Grinberg . Sandro was one of that they had rented the Cave, but only exceptionally participated in the encounter. By the nights, when the functions in the Cave finished, the rockers were going to dawn to the places or the bars that remained open all night.

Between those bars pizzería was the Rep it (of the Eleven), against Miserere Place, in the corner of the avenues Rivadavia and Jujuy. The place was a habitual point of contact because it was around the pension in which the Cats lived.

Galifi remembers thus that one time:

In the Rep it of the Eleven, Litto Nebbia and Tanguito composed " the raft " in the autumn of 1967, song considered like the moment of beginning of the national rock. Shortly after, in June of 1967 the Cats recorded two subjects of rock in Spanish for seal RCA (Vik): " Yesterday just " and " the raft ". 3 of July both subjects was sent like simple. The subject became a massive and unthinkable success between youth, selling 250,000 plates.

Few months later the Cats sent their first album, with all subjects of Rock in Spanish made up of Litto Nebbia, headed by " Balsa", and that also included two subjects that became success: " Yesterday nomás" and " The king lloró".

The success of sales, soon abrió the doors of the television and the Cats with Litto Nebbia at the top, became " rock stars" . Shortly after " Balsa" was constituted in the subject of the summer 1967 / 1968 . The success denied the opinion, at that time almost unanimous, of which the rock had to be sung in English and which the Spanish lacked the suitable loudness and he would be rejected by the public.

Singer rock-MGP Johnny Tedesco remembers the style of Kay this way:

Galifi participated in the three first albums of the band: the Cats (1967), Wind dile to rain (1968) and We will be friendly (1968), that other massive and lasting successes like " include; Wind dile to rain ", " The king lloró", " The clowns do not know reír", " We will be amigos", " The girl of paraguas", " Mañana" or " You are foretells to fin", among others.

In the peak of the success, the Cats dissolved in 1968. Nebbia undertook a race soloist and the rest of the group traveled in 1969 to New York with the intention to personally live the revolution on the rock. Kay Galifi was with them, but to the return it disappeared.

" gato" lost

When the Cats appeared member state 1968 in the Festival the International of the Song of Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil ), Kay Galifi knew a young Regina call, with which it fell in love. In 1969, after to return from New York, resigned to the Cats and it went to Brazil to marry. Neither their companions nor the Argentine mass media returned that is to say nothing from him until 2005.

In a news article of the magazine Rolling Stone to Litto Nebbia, realized in 2005, the journalist asked to him if sometimes they returned to have the news of Kay Galiffi, and the soloist answered:

The Cats again met in 1969 . Before the absence of Kay, Nebbia available brought a guitarist called Neapolitan Pappo, that would turn out to be the top guitarist of rock of Argentina.

Meanwhile Galifi indeed left everything by love and it went to Brazil. “Was my being or not to be”, would say years Galifi later, thinking then. There one married and it lived five years with the Brazilian young person took who it to leave the Cats, the fame and Argentina, radicand in Rio de Janeiro and dedicating to classic Music with his legal name, Gaetano Galifi:

In Brazil, among others activities, the group of Bossa integrated by the end of the decade of the 60 novates Impact 8 with Raulzinho do Trombone, Robertinho Silva, Oberdã and Hélio Celso, among others. Also she was guitarist of the group Analfabitles rock, between 1971 and 1972. In the middle of decade of the 70, formed the Quase group, all with action in underground from Rio de Janeiro, in a while in which Brazilian Rock had little masividad.

In 1975 divorced and fell in one extreme depression by several years:

One evolved then like professor of guitar in the Conservatory of Music of Rio de Janeiro. With its lessons it influenced in all a generation of rockers and Brazilian bluseros, among them Victor Biglioni, Celso Blues I go and mainly Frejat Robert, the guitarist of Barão Vermelho, key band of Brazilian Rock, led by Cazuza . Complete Method to Guitar published in addition : do Blues ao Jazz . In 2001 it composed and it recorded in album his classic symphony " Amazon. Poem violinístico".

Reappearance and the return of the Cats

In 2005, Brazilian journalist Nelio Rodrigues of the site Senhor F entrevistó, and shortly after the historian Mario Antonelli communicated with him to locate to Galifi. The moment agreed with the proximity of the 40 years of the recording of " Balsa", 3 of July of 2007, and consequently of the birth of the Argentine national rock.

Ciro Fogliatta and Litto Nebbia offered to him then to return to Argentina to participate in a meeting of the Cats original, without the presence of Oscar Moor, deceased the previous year. Kay Galifi accepted and the Cats became to reunite, summoning two historical drummers, Rodolfo Garci'a (ex- Almond ) and Daniel Colombres, to occupy the empty place of Moor. was not Pappo either, passed away in 2005, integrated the Cats in replacement of Galifi.

With this new formation the Cats realized a Latin American tour of celebration of the 40 years of the Raft. In this frame of recognition, Litto Nebbia left its traditional position of not touching " Balsa", and the band realized a new version of the subject with participation of Fito Páez . The new version of the Raft integrated the publication on the part of Sony BMG, of a box containing the six original albums of the Cats.

In 2007 Galifi appeared in Rosary to interpret in concert its classic symphony " Amazon. Poem violinístico".


  • 1967-1968: the Cats ( Rock in Spanish )
  • 1969-2007: bands underground and education of the guitar in Brazil
  • 2007-2008: The Cats



  • the Cats, 1967
  • Cats II (Wind dile to rain), 1968
  • Cats III (We will be friendly) 1968
  • Amazon. Violinistico poem, 2001


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