Kampala is the capital of Uganda, in Central Africa and with a population of 1.544 inhabitants, according to the census of 2002, is the greater urban sprawl of the country. is located in homonymous district, to a height of 1,189 Meters on the level of the sea. The city enjoys a climate temperate by its altitude, in spite of its proximity to Terrestrial equator .

Their more remarkable economic activities are the industry, especially moving and the machinery, as well as the agricultural product export like coffee, Cotton, tea and Sugar .

exists an international airport in Entebbe, to about 35 Kilometers of distance, as well as a port on the border of Lake Victory to 10 kilometers, Port Bell .

In the sector of Makarere Hill the main campus of can be University of Makarere, one of the main training centers superiors of central and Eastern Africa. Kampala is also soothes of the Development bank of Eastern Africa.

In agreement with the survey of biennium 2004-05 realized by the Ministry of Health, Kampala owns the greater index of infection by HIV .2% of the adults are infected, rate that goes off to 47% as far as sexual workers talks about.

Origin of the name

Before the arrival of British, Kabaka or king of Buganda had chosen the zone that would become Kampala as one of its refuges of hunting. The zone is formed of hills waved and ebullient humid zones. is a zone of ideal young for several Antelopes - particularly impala. When the British arrived at the zone they called Hills of the Impala ( Hills of the English Impala in ).

The language of baganda, luganda, adopted many words of the English due to the interaction of its speakers with the British. Of this form, baganda translated " the Hills of Impala " like Kasozi ka Empala - " Kasozi" means " colina", " ka" means " de" and " empala" means " impala". When speaking in lugand├ęs, the words ka and empala pronounce meetings, like a single word, Kaampala . Soon, when kabaka was going to hunt baganda said Kabaka agenze and " ka Empala", that means, " Kabaka has gone to Ka'mpala". The Kampala name soon was adopted.


Kampala expanded around a fort constructed by Frederick Lugard in 1890 for the British Company of Eastern Africa. In 1962, Kampala replaced Entebbe like national capital. Great part of the city was destroyed in 1979 after the overthrow of the dictatorial government of Idi Amin and the subsequent civil war.

Patrimony of the Humanity

Tombs of the kings of Buganda in Kasubi, are placed in the hill of Kasubi of the capital, were including in Patrimony of the Humanity of UNESCO in the year 2001 .

Illustrious personages


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