Juwes is the name with which masones designates to the three assassins of the Great Master Hiram Abif, called according to the folklore mason Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum, these serian a group of initiates who tratarian to force to Hiram abif to divulge the masonicos secrets that this poseia. This legend, allegory, or parabola is represented by three degree, and within blue lodge is one of the important rites but of everything masón.


In the masónica parabola the assassins of Hiram Abif are met like Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum, and together she is denominated to them like juwes (Yu is), some think that she meant " judíos" by its similarity, the unique meaning that can be deduced is that the three contain jubel that in Arab means mountain.

In this legend it is said that the Great Teacher Hiram Abif was the main architect of the work, although does not know to whatever was to position calculates that at least it had to its position to " men of Gebal".

The murder

15 initiates who worked in the temple, when seeing that he almost was on the verge of finishing the work and occurring account that did not own " secrets genuinos" of the Masón Teacher, they conspired to obtain them at the cost of the violence against Hiram if it were necessary, 12 of them regreted, and they were only 3 persistent workers in his persistence of " to obtain secretos", these three were bet in three places of the temple, in the South entrances, the west and this.

Hiram Abif preparing itself to retire within the temple like was its custom, to give adoration the Highest one () being hour 12, when finishing its devotion was prepared to retire to the South entrance waited for one to him of the ruffians there armed of one Sealed with lead, under death threats if it were against and it requested the secrets to him, but faithful Abif to " verdad" deposited in him, it said him that he not could to reveal secret because approval needed the other two teachers, because they were three in the world who owned the secret, and could not break its vote that it preferred to die to reveal " sagrada verdad" deposited in, to which he said to him if it had patience could learn it someday, the angry one, the ruffian struck a blow to him in right Sien by his refusal falling Hiram of knees.

Recovering Hiram the west of the temple rose and ran to the entrance where it waited for the second ruffian to him, said the same to him, Hiram refused and violently it gave him sien in it left with the level whom it had in hand, falling Hiram in his right knee, already been annoying and bleeding Hiram rose again and ran to the entrance this of the temple waited for the other there to him and never it divulged the secret, this one struck another blow to him in the middle of the forehead with a stone mallet and Hiram fell without life.

The search

At dawn oía the general murmur of the workers in all the departments of the work, because three of the supervisors of the same class were not in the same day, in their respective places, the 12 original men of the plot, came before the king and made a voluntary confession of everything what they knew, Salomón according to account the legend I select 15 initiates and I order to them to make a search diligent of the Great Abif Master, to know if it had survived, or it would have suffered in the attempt of which it divulged the secrets.

These apprentices formed three lodges in the three entrances of the temple, and from they left there to look for the Teacher, unfruitfully looked for by several days without finding nothing, the first class or those that left first did not discover anything, the seconds after many days already tired sat down in a pasture, one of them discovered a shrub that had grown near where they were resting and when touching account occurred it of which it was the smooth Earth and it was possible to be removed easily, said to him to its other companions and investigated a grave, and found the body of Hiram, they covered respect yet and to distinguish the place they left a small branch of acacia raises, returned to Jerusalem and told everything to the King.

The crushed king I order to them they unearthed that it and who its tomb would get to be its rank, like their talents, these companions informed to him that with their death the secret was had lost for always, I order to them that they took special well-taken care of and they observed everything in his tomb, any signal, symbol, or words that could find, paying tribute of this form by the merits of Hiram Abif.

I complete group those of the third lodge or class Jopa continued looking for spear to him, and meditating if they returned to inform to the king of its unfruitful search, this I complete group of initiates from return to Jerusalem and accidentally listened to within a cavern " the deep sounds of lamentation and remordimiento", and they took prisoner to them I sentence them until death to Salomón, the body of the teacher was buried near " Sancto Santorum" " as close as it would allow to the law judía" it;, according to what it is taught to the aspiring to the teacher degree, it is that the tomb was to 91 cm (3 feet) to the east, the west, north and the south of distance, and 5 feet but perpendicular, could not closely together be put of the place santísimo, since law does not allow anything impure enters the sanctuary, the human meat is considered impure, only Extreme priest could enter once every year after several ablutions and the purification of its own sins.

To the 15 initiates of the confidence of Salomón I become ordained myself to them that and white gloves took care of the funeral dressed in white Apron, like emblem of its innocence.


The example of the death of Hiram Abif is for teaching masón that it would have to do the same at the time of facing " prueba", in this degree one teaches to the greetings and secret keys to him that call " zarpazo of lion or drags of águila", (" tubalcain" handshake), the real squeeze (ma-ja-Bon) and " five points of hermandad", for this degree, because for the first degrees they are others, these are called to them, for the initiate or ap.´ is the greeting of " B.", for " Com." he is the one of " Sh.", all this, of Biblical symbolism also.

To this one him standard that the light of the teacher masón is not but that the dark, visible to only express the dark, in the penumbra of " veil of oscuridad" represented in this case for the human reason, that it only can be penetrated with the attendance of the divine light, listening the voice of the nature witness of this " picture in descomposición", where " resides; santa confidencia", of which God will allow " them; pisotear" to " king of terror" under its feet in the light of the matutinal star, symbol of peace and tranquility, to the obedient ones. Each degree is progressive and it cannot more be obtained than by the time, patience and diligence, in the first degree the initiate teaches his duties to him before God, his fellow, and to itself, in the second degree he is admitted to participate to him in " misterios" of human science, and to draw up to the kindness and majesty of the creator in this called case Great Architect of the Universe, analyzing the worker of the creator.

In the third degree, the one of the death and " resurrección" of Hiram Abif, it is the foundation of which must unite to the men through " Místicos" points; of the brotherhood, a bond of brotherly affection and Banquet towards the brother, this represents " the dark of muerte" and the tomb to one more a light more shining than follows the resurrection of " justo", when this mortal body has for a long time been in " polvo" and to be risen, to meet in affinity with the spirit, had with immortality.

To the candidate him standard that the example of Hiram Abif must at some time give strength him of the life when he is " position on approval " in " valley of sombras", all these keys are Biblical or Christian references, in different parts from the writing, the same him standard that the death does not own any terror similar to " Spots of the falsification and deshonor" del that the candidate can get to be.

(you remember the oaths, is a treason to divulge the secrets) q the q looks for finds but not so easy

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