Jose Luis Trueba Lara (Mexico, D. 1960) writer, journalist, publisher, professor and university investigator . He study of basic professor of education in the National School of Teachers, sociology in the Metropolitan Independent University, political philosophy of science in the same institution and sciences in the CIDHEM. At the moment he is candidate to doctor in political sciences.


Jose Luis Trueba Lara has published near 70 books of history, policy, spreading of science, news article and narrative. Between its historical works they can be mentioned: Voices of the mine (1988), Chinese and antiChinese in Mexico (1988), Cananea 1906 (1989), the Chinese in Sonant: a forgotten history (1990), History of the grain storage in Mexico (1990-1993), Masones in Mexico. History of the hidden power (2007) and History of the sexuality in Mexico (2008). In general terms, their works of history are tie with the interest to report social construction of imaginary, speeches and practices, while they try to recreate - with the tools of Literature the daily life at some moments of the past. The majority of these works has like objective the spreading of the knowledge.

As a result of his journalistic activity (which carried out in unomásuno, the National and some other newspapers), between 1994 and 2001 it published some books of news article and analysis of the Mexican policy, in this heading can be mentioned, among others: Magnicidio (1994), Political and to be able in Mexico (1994), the landslide (1995), Dynasty (1995), first in dying (1996), Three candidates in search of a city (1997), Both bodies of the president (1998) and Chronic black of the crime in Mexico (2001). From mid the Nineties, she left the news article and she concentrated his activity in the publishing works of spreading and workings.

From the first years of the new century she has dedicated herself to the spreading of natural sciences, social sciences and the philosophy, like collaborator in specialized magazines and author of several books. So it is the case of the seven volumes of spreading of political science that conform the collection Open Society (published by Aguilar in 2003) which was selected by the Secretariat of Public Education to form part of the classroom libraries and students of the Mexican Republic. Also, concerning their works of spreading dedicated to natural sciences the five volumes can be mentioned that conform the collection: Science: a history of counted science by their protagonists (published by Aguilar in 2004), some of them also was selected for the scholastic libraries and of classroom of the state schools of the Mexican Republic. In the scope of the spreading of the knowledge Descubre published the collection with the seal of Altea and during 2005 --under seal Porrúa the Editorial-- it published the following books: Vicente Quirate: the man spider also writes poetry, Jose of the Herrán: the radio, the steel and the telescopes, Marta Chapa: the brush and the kettle and Caves before Caves, which try to approach the life and the work of some creators the nonprofessional readers.

Its narrative work is very brief. Their two published novels are: the city without name (2005) and Cíbola and Quivira: the north of the kingdom (2007), both published by Abundant spring. Some of their tests and stories have picked up in several anthologies and collective works, between which Beyond imagined can be mentioned. The thickness of their narrative works is tie with historical Literature.

Like their work of narrative, its contributions to science and the philosophy are brief, to date it has only published a book that can be considered like significant in this field: the tyranny of the stupidity (Taurus, 2008), which can be watched as its more intimate and personal work.

Journalistic workings

Like journalist, Jose Luis Trueba Lara collaborated, among others, in the following newspapers: the National, unomásuno and the Day ; also she was contributor in several magazines, between which they emphasize: scientific and technological Information, and Science and development . Also, it collaborated in several cultural supplements ( Saturday, Reading and the Weekly Day ) like literary critic and essay writer. It is possible to indicate that the thickness of their workings in the press was tie with Huberto Bátis.

The other workings: publisher, professor, investigator

Jose Luis Trueba has realized publishing workings in the Publishing Group Santillana, Random House Mondadori, the Bottom of Economic Culture and the National Council for the Culture and the Arts, also was Publishing chief of a main directorate of Times. In the two first companies he has exerted like external publisher, designer and coordinator of some collections; whereas at heart of Economic Culture he realized consultant's office workings.

From 1980 he exerts teaching and he has been professor in different universities: the Independent National University of Mexico, where it collaborated in the National School of Social Work and directed his area of investigation; the Intercontinental University and the Technological University of Mexico, where it was recognized like professor distinguished in 2007. Their activities have carried out educational them essentially in the degrees in Social Work, Sciences of the Communication and the masters in Educational Abilities.

Besides the previous activities it served his in several private companies and semi-official, between which they can be mentioned Compañía Minera de Cananea, S. (where it collaborated like engargado of social communication, manager of Cultural Radio XEFQ and director of the Mining Center of Cananea), National Warehouses of Deposit (where it served his as adviser of the chief of a main directorate) y Times Editores, S. At the moment it toils like publishing director and of production in the National Council for the Culture and the Arts.

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