Don Jose Basco and Vargas, (1733-1805) was Governor and Commander in chief of Philippine Islands .


Brigadier of the Real Navy, conquered for Spanish Corona the archipelago of the Islands Fulling mills, circumstance that along with its shining action during the exercise of its functions (1776-1787) among others recognitions, motivated that His Majesty the King Carlos IV, granted the title to him of Castile of Count of Conquista of the Islands Fulling mills.


Don Jose de Basco and Vargas Valderrama and Creek, Horseman of the Military order of Santiago and Brigadier of the Real Navy, took possession from its position like Governor and Commander in chief of the Philippine islands the month of 1778 July.

From the beginning of his mandate, and for more than a year, it had differences with the members of the Real Hearing of Manila; which did not consider their appointment suitable.

Their desires of reform were pronounced from the first moment. In this way, and until the end of its mandate, ordered the plantation in Dressing rooms of more than four million of Moreras improved the conditions in the schools, repaired to the fortifications of Manila and of other strategically important points - like Mindanao and Visayas -, the army reorganized, created and supported the Real Friendly Economic Society of the Country of Manila, established the tobacconist of the tobacco (1782), promoted the implantation of the system of Intendance, introduced the tobacconist of Powder (1786), organized several operations of conquest and pacification of the region of Igorotes of Luzón and to the islands Fulling mills, and hard fought to the piracy Malayan-mahometana, among others many activities.

After stopping by own will, it embarked course to the Peninsula by the end of November of 1787. The 21 of January of 1789, King Carlos IV granted in prize to his numerous services the title to him of Count of Conquista of the Islands Fulling mills; grace to which he added to the appointments of Squad leader and Governor of Cartagena. Its work of government has been famous like one of most shining in History of the Interior and General Capitanía of the Philippine Islands.

Honoring all the authors its transcendente work in the economic plane to the being the creator of the establishment of the rents insulares. Fruit of its good financial management was the shipment of 150,000 pesos that realized in 1784, in the Asuncio'n frigate, like contribution to the general expenses of Corona.

Basoue Vargas established the bases for the takeoff of the agriculture of Philippine export with a tolerance policy towards the activity in illegal theory of the foreign retailers, mainly English and North American who went to Manila to complete their product shipments tropical-sugar, manila, índigo-, like one more a scale in his cabotage by the sea of China.

Also she was the person in charge of the beginning of the monopoly of the tobacco in the Philippines, guarantor during a century of the financing of the bureaucratic and military costs of the Spanish presence in the islands. This situation had to much to the successful management of Jose Basco and Vargas like Governor-general of the archipelago, between 1776 - 1787.

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