John Cummings ( 8 of October of 1948 - 15 of September of 2004 ), better well-known like Johnny Ramone . He was the unique Co-founder and guitarist of the band of Punk The Ramons from his formation in 1974 to his final concert in 1996 . He is considered in the position I for all time number 16 of the list of the Rolling Stone of the 100 but great guitarists.


Johnny was delinquent in its adolescence and admirer of the rock of '50s . It was characterized to use the same model of guitar, Mosrite, throughout all their Ramone trajectory. Before participating in the Ramons had a Band with Tommy Ramone, to which they called Tangerine Puppets.

The guitarist maintained a distant and conflicting relation with Vocalista of the band, Joey Ramone, since they differed ideologically. The relation got worse when Johnny married with the ex- fianc2ee of Joey. This confrontation finished with its friendship, but not with the band, since both continued integrating it until 1996. The song " The KKK Took My Baby Away" it dícese to refer to the subject at issue, with KKK being done reference to Johnny exploding his Preservative political position

Being a fervent nationalist all their life, from the separation of the band was dedicated to preservative causes, like supporting the candidacy of the American president George W. When receiving in 2002 the tribute of inclusion to Hall FAMA of the Rock and roll said:

" God blesses to North America and president Bush"


John Cummings passes away the Wednesday 15 of September of 2004 in Los Angeles, cause of Cancer of prostate .

In 2004 was including in the ranking of Rolling Stone of 100 better guitarists of history in the position 16º behind Carlos Santana .

Mainly it was characterized by its particular form to touch, always bent and touching rarely single that long and difficult. It made ascents and slopes with the guitar and had an ability to move and to touch very fast to the same times.

BuzzSaw technique

The technique of Johnny Ramone is continuous downstroke in all notes since it begins until " finishes to the song, that is to say; blow downwards " of cord 6 to cord 1 of the guitar.

Johnny attempt to stay " fiel" in the style of first discs adopting this simple technique of chords of villa in the direct ones, where rarely it was seen him execute punteo some. Another one of the reasons that hacian to him to adopt this " filosofía" of not progressing technically (or it at least did not do it in public during the great majority of the concerts), it was that it wanted to conserve estatus of the ideal band of Punk.

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