Jaime Lopez . Singing Composer and Mexican, been born in Heroic Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico the 21 of January of 1954 . He is one of the more talented Mexican composers in music and letters, contributing with his work an important legacy to the popular culture of century XX. Its more popular subject is Chilanga Band, popularized by the Mexican group Tacvba Coffee with a reversion including in the disc Avalanche of Successes. has been an controversial figure by its rebellious attitude and besides groups or political positions.

Biographical note

It was born, according to the writing by the same " in a quarter (.) I come from the old woman large cabins of the Mexicano" Army;, where he learned to touch the guitar with " sergeant Chanona, there by the corrals. To the 16 years traveled to City of Mexico where it studied the preparatory one and it entered the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of UNAM of which it only studied half semestral, to dedicate itself to the interpretation of songs that he himself composes. " He came to do prepa as good campeón/y I did yes it but outside salón", he says his autobiographical version, to the classic one of Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode, titled Never I have taken with the blackboard .

As composer the proposals of their letters intelligent and are disinhibited outside the commercial scope of the radio and the television, in which the cotidianidades of the society of are described and denounced City of Mexico, as well as the love and the narrated lack of affection of a graceful way using games of words with the popular and street language, but without leaving of side the seriousness of the poetry. is considered a very important pillar of Mexican Rock, although also it has created songs of cuts tropical, mess orderly, blues and bolero.

The 16 of August of 1985 participated in Festival OTI with the song Blue demon blues - one of the first Mexican compositions dedicated to Lucha frees -, obtaining from the judges the last place in the festival by the interpretation of this piece tribute to the fighter Blue Demon, to that Lopez invited personally but the entrance was denied to him. According to the singer, the athlete would later be thankful for the gesture and the composition to him. The reference of Jaime was fundamental for the obtaining of the last place to two of the icons of the television of then, when doing a mention to Brown Mario “Cantinflas” and finishing off rola with the phrase: 'Blue Spirit, We go “aí, that is no worse fight, than Fight Villa”.

During the next years it will have treatments with the record industry, which was worth to him to be criticized by its followers to consider it inadequate. At the point the anger arrived from fan that outside the bar the Son of the Crow in Coyoacán appeared by those years a dot that said: " Jaime Lopez and Pepsi is the one of hoy". The certain thing is that this contact gave as fruit a magnificent disc: Jaime Lopez (1989), which was recorded in the city of New York.

Between its more popular songs they are First street of the solitude, Heart of cactus, Sácalo, Dying of thirst to me, Chilanga band, In all the extension of the word love, I feel well but I feel bad, From my motorcycle, Ay, that pain to live!, To the border of the highway,, vagabond Wagon, She empacó its steak, Your curse and mequetrefe Cecilia Toussaint has interpreted and popularized the subjects " Sácalo", " Heart of cacto" and " I feel well, but I feel mal".

Between their works little known with other musicians emphasizes “You sailed” with Eblen Macari for the disc Glaciares/4 Songs of Eblen Macari Ice and “Skin” including in the disc Digital Caress of Chac Mool .

Chilanga Band

It is a song that Jaime Lopez wrote in the 80. Nevertheless, towards 1995 Lopez and the composer Jose Manuel Eyrie - main composer of the group the Ravine and exceptional guitarist recorded an experimental and influential disc in the musical panorama of Mexico: Fonky Hatred, bureau takings, is a disc outside the fact at the time, praised by the specialized press and considered by many musicians like influential and decisive, who were recorded of homemade form by Lopez and Aguilera in a department of the colony Of the Valley, in her also included the subject Chilanga Band, an original game of words done by the Lopez based on the phoneme " ch" so used in Mexico, with slang street and based musically on a rapeo of the south of the United States. " Chilango" nonofficial of the inhabitant of the capital, used in all the is the gentilicio Mexican Republic of contemptuous form.

The subject was reversionado by Tacvba Coffee in the style of rap neoyorkino, turned which it into a popular success, although many people who know the subject know of the responsibility of Jaime Lopez and their work.



  • Roberto and Jaime, Sessions with Emilia, LP and cassette (Photon and Pentagrama Editions, 1980); reedición CD (Pentagrama Editions, 1990)

  • General Constante, Simple (45 r.m) (Roquefón Discs, 1980)
  • Bonzo, Simple (45 r.) (Lunátic Discs, 1982)
  • Cenzontle, Simple (45 r.) (Unicornio/Penélope, 1983)
  • the First Street of the Solitude, LP (RCA Victor, 1985); reedición CD (Illusions Baghdad Port, 1993)
  • Blue Demon Blues, Simple (45 r.) (RCA Victor, 1985)
  • What wave, that!, LP (IM, 1987)
  • Jaime Lopez, LP, cassette and CD (BMG Ariola, 1989)
  • Office without benefit (from 1980 to 1985), cassette (Illusions Baghdad Port, 1992)
  • 15 we give from the 88 the 91, cassette (Illusions Baghdad Port, 1992)
  • Unplugged, CD (Spartakus, 1998)
  • Nordaka, CD (Prodisc, 1999)
  • Jaime Lopez and their Hotel Garage - Great Sexi Cough, CD (2006)
  • Plowing to the Air, CD (independent, Mexico, 2007)
  • By the suburbs, CD (Latin Fonarte, Mexico, 2008)

In collaboration:

  • City of Ciegos (OST), CD (Pentagrama Editions, 1991); with Jose Elorza

  • Fonky Hatred: bureau takings, CD (1994); reedición CD (Latin Fonarte, 2006); with Jose Manuel Eyrie .
  • Los Animales (OST) 1 , (1995); with Cecilia Toussaint and Oscar Chávez
  • and My Mature Voice That, CD (Discs Town, 2002); with Maru Enriquez
  • Great Lamp, CD (Discs Town, 2003); with Maru Enriquez
  • Not More Heroes Please: takings of laptop, CD (Latin Fonarte, 2006); with Jose Manuel Eyrie


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