Jacinta Pichimahuida, is the name of a fiction personage whose roll was the one of a teacher of primary school.


The personage was developed in a series of TV that was called " Maestra" young lady; (the Series)

that died the 27 of December of 1996, after a confused episode Was carried out by Cristina Lemercier, 5 days before of its death fired a firing in the head, which brought about cerebral death to him, passing away after unemployment cardiorrespiratorio. seconded Jorge Barreiro, Patricia Castell, Romualdo Quiroga, Stella Maris Closas and Héctor Blond Fernandez, that was the doorman of the school and coined a phrase that " said; It pulls ahead, it pulls ahead, white palomitas", the students were: Gabriel Canci (Tito), Gloria Carrá (He lards), Omar Lafosse (Palmiro Caballasca), that had a famous phrase " Señorita" boils the head to me;, Marcelo Fabian (Cirilo), at present is prisoner, Julio Whistles (Siracusa), dead in an assault that ahead took with Marcelo Fabian.

The creator of the series was Abel Santa Cruz and the director was Marta Reguera, emitted itself by A. (Argentina Television transmitter Color) first television channel in colors of Argentina

The stigma of “masterful Young lady”

After the death in an assault of " Siracusa", one of the students of Jacinta Pichimahuida. " Cirilo" she was accomplice and today he is imprisoned. The map course that underwent " white palomitas" 25 years after that one success

The death of Julio Whistles, who interpreted the paper of “Siracusa”, and the arrest of Fabian Rodriguez, met in the fiction like “Cirilo Tamayo”, after which they carried out the robbery of kiosco of Palermo, is added to the tragic end of the actors of “masterful Young lady”.

In addition, Silva and the Rodriguez integrated a called group of music " The Siracusa", of cumbia romantic, and they had published a CD.

The destiny of that it loaded with the main paper, interpreting to the educational one that it gave title to the program, also was dramatic. In 1996, Cristina Lemercier took off the life when going off a shot in the head.

On the other hand, Graciela Cimer, well-known in the series like Etelvina, that was replaced by Laura Tuny, had a doubtful death, when falling from first stage of a department that shared with the actor Estell Frame.

In “Young lady Maestra” also they excelled Omar Lefosse, more well-known like Palmiro Caballasca, that now works of remisero. He was “the good-natured” student of the strip, and although its life today is far from the action, its desires of applause follow latent. While it studies theater with Jorge Dorio, Lefosse is called on doors to find some space in the small screen, forgetting the arrogance that in some time had given the early action him.

But who, luckyly, saved of the stigma of “Young lady Maestra”, it was Héctor Blond Fernandez, who interpreted the paper of Efraín, the doorman of the school that immortalized the phrase " white palomitas" and that is one of the few that it continues dedicating itself to the action.

This is the history of the faces that sometimes they conquered to several generations, and that this time did not have a happy end.


Several films with the personages of the series of TV were realized.
  • " Jacinta Pichimahuida, the teacher who not olvida" Larrotonda ( 1974 )

  • " Jacinta Pichimahuida enamora" ( 1977 )


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