Ivan Grohar was Slovenian an impresionist painter . was born the 15 from June of 1865 in Spodnja Sorica, that is located in the northwest of Slovenia . When orphaned remaining he did not have the opportunity of desarollar his talent to paint, for that reason the priest Anton Jamnik presented/displayed to Matija Bradašek to him. In summer of 1888 began to work with Bradašek, what was already an artist consecrated in the city of Kranj. Years later, the capital of the Croatia went to Zagreb, where worked with Spiridion Milanesi. With the financial aid of the government it could study in Graz . 1894 finalized its painting studies. Two years later settled in its own study of Škofja Loka, near its native town. There it knew Rihard Jakopič, the Slovenian impresionist painter who invited to Slovensko umetniško to him društvo (Club of Slovenian artists). Although the impresionists were very not considered in Slovenia, were great successful in Universal Exhibition of Vienna, in 1905 . After the success in Vienna, Grohar organized many exhibitions in Europe : London, Belgrade, Trieste, Berlin … In spite of this did not arrange of economic means sufficient to be able to survive and either to an artistic trip Italy . When the government get ready to support to him again, because of a disease died the 19 of April of 1914, before this trip to Italy.


Grohar began like religious painter. At the outset, under the influence of Giovanni Segantini, dot in realistic style . After 1900 in its work influences symbolism, nevertheless in the end paints in impresionist style .

important Works: Brna (1899); Srce Jezusovo (1900) Heart of Jesus ; Pod Koprivnikom (1902) Under Koprivnik ; Rafolško polje (1903) the field of Rafol ; Pomlad (1903) Spring ; Macesen (1904); Škofja Loka v snegu (1905) Škofja snow-covered Loka ; Sejalec (1907) Seeding ; Krompir (1909/1910) Potatoes; .


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