Isabela is a municipality that is in the North region of Puerto Rico . Founded the 21 of May of 1819 and to award honor to Reina Isabel of Spain.

General performances

It does approximately 1, 150 years the Cacicato of the Guajataca settled down to borders of the mouth of the river " Guajataca", denominated of that way by the Indians. This Cacicato extended by everything what Boundary is known today like the District. The most important Cacique that he inhabited those earth was it the Mabodamaca Cacique, whose face carved in stone adorns the entrance of the town.

Later, around the 1750, inhabitants of the town of the Watered down one, began to settle down in the denominated town San Antonio de Padua of the Bigeye tuna where they constructed a hermitage to celebrate the Catholic Misa. The 26 of August of 1819, the neighbors of the town San Antonio de Padua of the Bigeye tuna, arrived with the parish priest Dark Domingo at the District from the Isabela, that located in the coast and counted on a perfect climate for seedtime and a port visited enough, with the intention to establish the town in this area. The neighbors of San Antonio of the Bigeye tuna, decidedly destroyed their houses and they formally changed to this district, constituting itself the town of the Isabela, in honor to queen Isabel II. For more information it is seen, Columbus, Maria Judith, History of Isabela and its urban development 1750-1850, Esmacos Printer Corp., Carolina, PR (1988). At the moment the ruins of the hermitage San Antonio of the Bigeye tuna are protected by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and the Mabodamaca Corporation and are attractive part of the tourist one of Isabela.

Isabela is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the region the northwest of the island. To the north is the Atlantic sea, to the south San Sebastián, the Quebradillas east and the west Moca and Aguadilla. Isabela this compound of 13 districts and the town (Center admisnistr ativo of the city)

The City is well-known like " Garden of the Northwest, " By the several flowers that were normal to see. Other names with what is known Isabela are like " Town of the Quesitos de Hoja", by its leaf cheese production. It is known him like the City of the Gallitos by the fights of roosters and the quality of the roosters of produced fight. Also Isabela was recognized like the best producer of horses of fine step. Carlos Thin Altieri (2007)

Those that lives in Isabela call isabelinos .

Their landlord and parish are " San Antonio de Padua".

Illustrious personages

  • Manuel Corchado and Juarbe, lawyer, poet and writer
  • Vicente Géigel Polanco, lawyer and politician, were member of the Legislative Assembly and Secretary of State. They denominated " to him; brain mágico" by its capacity to turn abstract social ideas into laws, and by its dominion of the right.
  • Noel Estrada, musician and composer, author of " In my Old San Juan "
  • Santiago Polanco Abréu, lawyer, politician and elect Resident Commissioner by the Democratic Popular Party in 1964
  • Juan Juarbe Juarbe, politician and sportsman
  • Mickey Coll, sportsman, member of the Gallitos de Isabela in the decade of the '70.
  • Antonio (Tony) Lamb, musician and composer
  • Jhony Ortiz, musician and composer of " Fania All Star". Its work includes, between so many, more classic as “Catherine Or” (in voice of Pete " The Conde" Rodriguez); “Eyes” (of the repertoire of Rubén Blades & Willie Columbus); “The weeping of the flowers” (jitazo of the Ponceña Sonant with Luigi Texidor); ““Rate of the heart” is not compared” (that Frankie Ruiz recorded with the orchestra of Tommy Olivencia) and, including in the album of equal title that in 1988 deserved the Grammy prize to him to Ray Barreto and Celia Cross.
  • Eleuterio (Teyo) Cross, musician, arreglista and composer
  • Efraín Lopez, musician and civic leader
  • Eduardo Villanueva Muñoz, lawyer, politician, and ex- president of the School of Lawyers of Puerto Rico
  • Julio Bonilla, musician and singer
  • To stop Santiago, doctor in music, arreglista and professor of the Department of Music of the University of Puerto Rico and the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico
  • Felix Mantilla, player of ball in the Great North American Leagues
  • Victor Manuelle, Sauce Singer the call " Sonero of the Juventud"
  • Eulogio Burgos, Cane Cattle dealer and agriculturist of Sugar. In its honor a well-known territory of Isabela located in Low the Galateo district, Sector Eulogio Burgos"


Isabela is located to the north of the island; to the North of San Sebastián, to the East of Aguadilla and to the West of Quebradillas .


  • High sandy grounds
  • Low sandy grounds
  • Lownesses
  • Rattans
  • Boundary
  • High Galateo
  • Low Galateo
  • Guayabos
  • Guerrero
  • Jobos
  • Lowlands
  • Blackberry
  • Flat
  • Isabela Town

Other Data

Located in the northwest of the country; one of the thirteen municipalities that formed the old district of Aguadilla. Located in the north-western coastal zone, it has a humid tropical climate, that next to the character of coastal plain, allows to the culture of Coffee, sugar Cane, Tobacco, Vegetables and Cotton, and other tropical plantations; on the contrary piedemonte is cattle dealer more. Since the beginning of century the municipality counts on System of irrigation that maintains the plantations at the dry time. On this tradition its election like test center for the agricultural investigation is also explained, extension of University of Puerto Rico, although the school of agronomists is in High Stones. The main economic activities are the sugar refineries, tobacco workings and preparation. Population (2004), 44.

The present population in Isabela is near 52.

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