erotic representations include paintings, Sculptures Fotografías plays, literary musical compositions and that shows to scenes of sexual nature . They have been created by almost all the civilizations, old and modern. The primitive cultures frequently associated the sexual act with supernatural forces and for that reason his religions are you interlace with these representations. In Asian countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan and China the representations of sex and specific spiritual erotic Art have meaning within the native religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto and Taoísmo . Old Greek and Roman produced much art and decoration of erotic nature, great part of the same integrated with their cultural religious and practical beliefs.

At more recent times, the erotic representations have passed to be a luxury article for a few to a tool of Propaganda and later a daily product, and even a sustenance for others. As the communication technologies have evolved, each new technique, like Imprenta, the photography, Cinema and Computers has been adapted to show and to distribute these representations.

Historical attitudes towards the erotic representations

In primitive times, the erotic representations were often a subgroup of the indigenous or religious art of each culture, and as such were not separated nor tried from form different from the rest. The modern concept of Pornography did not appear until Victorian time . Its present definition was added in 1860, replacing the previous one that prostitutas alluded to writings on, and was picked up for the first time in an English medical dictionary of 1857, that defined as “a description of prostitutas or prostitution, like question of public hygiene”. In 1864, the first version of the modern definition had appeared in Webster's Dictionary : “licentious illustration used to decorate the walls of the rooms consecrated to orgías Bacanales examples of which they are had in Pompei”. This was the principle of which today it alludes to explicit images generally. Although some specific sexual acts were regulated or prohibited by previous Laws, the simple contemplation of objects or images representing was not prohibited them in any country until 1857. In some cases, the possession of certain books, engravings or collections of images was prohibited, but the tendency to dictate laws that really restricted the vision of sexually explicit objects generally was a Victorian concept.

When excavations on a large scale of Pompei were undertaken in 1860, great part of the erotic art of Roman came to the light, shocking to the Victorian ones, that they saw itself like intellectual heirs of Roman Empire . They did not know what to do with the sexually explicit representations and tried hide-and-seek them of which they did not comprise of the high class of classic investigators. The transportable objects were locked up in Secret Cabinet of Archaeological Museum of Naples, and those that could not move went covered or surrounded so that they did not corrupt the sensitivity of women, children and workers. The first laws English (and world-wide) criminalizing the pornography were promulgated with the approval of Obscene Publications Act of 1857, In spite of their occasional repression, the representations of erotic subjects have been common during thousands of years.

Primitive representations

Between the conserved oldest examples of erotic representations they are the engravings and paleolithic cave paintings . Some of the most common images are of animal, Genital scenes of hunting and human representations of (that is created are fertility symbols). The naked human beings with exaggerated sexual characteristics appear in some paleolithic paintings and objects (like Venus paleolithic ). The rock art recently shortage in Creswell Crags (England), del that thinks that it has more than 12,000 years of antiquity, includes some symbols that can be streamlined versions of the feminine genitals. Nevertheless, there are no indications that they became for the erotic stimulation, reason why are much more probable that one is used objects in religious rituals. Archeologists German informed in April of 2005 that had found what that thought an inclined masculine figure was a scene of 7,200 years of antiquity representing on another feminine one in a suggestive form of the sexual act. The masculine figure has been baptized “Adonis de Zschernitz”. Nevertheless, it is not certainly the intention of these devices was the individual sexual excitation. Rather, the images can have had a spiritual importance and state probably related to rituals of Fertility .

old Greek used to paint sexual scenes in Ceramic his, being many of famous them by supposing some of the oldest representations of homosexual relations and Pederastia . The Greek art often portrays sexual activities, but it is impossible to distinguish which were illegal or immoral for them, because old the Greeks did not count on the pornography concept. Its art simply reflects scenes of the daily life, some more sexual than others. Falos carved in cult places such as the temple of Dioniso can be seen in Delos, while a daily and protective domestic object was Herma, a consisting of statue a head on a pedestal squared with a prominent falo ahead. The Greek ideal masculine had a penis small, esthetic that later adopted romanos.ref> the Greeks also created the first famous example of lesbianism in the West, with Hymn to Aphrodite of Safo and other homoeróticas works .

Have been numerous paintings and sexually explicit sculptures in the Roman buildings in ruins of Pompei and Herculano, although the original intention of these representations can change. On the one hand, in “Villa of the Mysteries” Flagellation is a ritual scene of that clearly is related to a religious cult, reason why can be considered that this image has one more an importance more religious than ritual. On the other, the explicit paintings in Brothel publicitan sexual services in murals on each door. In Pompei are falos and testicles recorded in the sidewalks to help the visitors to orient in the direction of the district of prostitution and entertainment, besides how general decoration. The Romans considered the representations sexual of good taste, and in fact the paintings reflect moral convention and sexual practices of their culture, as in the case of Glass Warren . The sexual acts that considered Taboo (like that they profaned the purity of the mouth) represented in spas looking for a humorous effect. The great falos were often used near the front doors, since they were a enchantment of good luck, being common to record them in the houses. The one of the first excavated objects when it was discovered complex of Pompei was a statue of Marble showing the God Bread maintaining sexual relations with one Goat, a detailed representation of Zoofilia considered so obscene that still nowadays it follows without being exhibited the public, conserving itself in the Secret Cabinet of the Archaeological Museum of Naples .ref name=" history" />

mochica Culture of Peru was another old town that carved scenes of explicit sex in its ceramics. Nevertheless, its purpose was very different from the one from other primitive cultures. The mochicas thought that the world of deads was opposite the exact one of the one of the alive ones. Therefore, for the offerings undertakers, made Containers showing sexual acts, like masturbations, felaciones and anal Sex, that was not in pregnancies. One hoped that in the world of deads they would have in opposite meaning and they would be in fertility.

There has been one long erotic painting tradition in East. Japan, China, India, Persia and other countries produced abundant amounts of art celebrating the human faculty of the love. The works as well as between represent the love between men and women people of the same sex. In Japan, the erotic art knew its majors profits in means impression of wood blocks . The known style as and some of his first medical instructors (as Harunobu or Utamaro ) produced a great number of works. The painted parchment rolls by hand also were very popular. shunga appeared in century XIII and continued growing in popularity in spite of the occasional attempts to eliminate it, first on which 7 was a prohibition on books known like dictated by Shogunato Tokugawa in Kyōhō (1722). shunga only stopped taking place when in century XIX fotografía.ref was invented name=" shunga" >

The Chinese erotic tradition also was extensive, with dated examples of erotic art as soon as in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The Chinese erotic art reached its summit during the last part of Ming Dynasty .ref name=" dreams" >

As much in China as in Japan, the eroticism played an important role in the development of the novel. History of Genji, often builds of a Japanese nobleman of century XI called “the first novel of the world”, relates the many loving adventures of its hero in a discreet but sexual language. Of Chinese century XVI, still more explicit Plums in a gold container has been considered one of great classic novels of Chinese Literature. History of Genji has been celebrated in Japan since it was written, but Plums in a gold container was prohibited like pornography during great part of its history, and replaced in the classic novel list.

The erotic scenes in Miniatures of Medieval manuscripts also were common, although destined only to which the extremely expensive books could be paid for by hand written. The majority of these drawings appears in the margins of books of hours . Many medieval investigators think that these paintings satisfied the medieval demands of erotic images and religion in a single book, but the representation of priests and other authorities dedicated to sexual acts also suggests political origins.

was not until the invention of Imprenta by Johannes Gutenberg when the sexually explicit images were put massively in circulation in the West. Before that time, the erotic images were made by hand and been expensive, being limited the men of high class, who deliberately maintained of the working-class remote, having feared the effect that such things would have on the lust animal of the illiterates. British Museum even had full Secretum with a collection of old erotic Art donated by the wealthy doctor George Witt in 1865. The rest of this collection, including his cut albums, are continued conserving in Closet 55, although the majority of the same recently has been integrated in the other collections of the museum.

Beginnings of the massive distribution

The press

In century XVI an attempt to print erotic material brought about an Italian scandal when Pietro Aretino and Marcantonio Raimondi produced I Modi in 1524, a book illustrated with 16 sexual positions . Raimondi already had gotten to publish I Modi once before, and later was jailed by the Merciful Pope VII, destroying all the copies of the illustrations. Raimondi based Recorded on a series of erotic paintings that Roman Giulio was doing by order for Palazzo of You in Mantua . Although the two representations were very similar, only Raimondi was processed because their engravings could be seen by the public. Roman did not know of these engravings until Aretino went to see original paintings while Roman it was working in them. Aretino composed then sixteen Sonetos explicit (“as much in your rabbit as in your buttock, my pullet me will make happy happy, and contents”) ref name=" imodi" > to accompany paintings and to assure the release of a prisoner Raimondi. I Modi then was published for the second time, with poems and the illustrations, being the first time that were combined erotic texts and images, although the Pope again confiscated all the copies who could find. Raimondi eluded this time the prison, but the censorship was so effective that no original copy has been found never. The conserved text is only one copy of a copy that was open pie 400 years después.ref name=" imodi" />

In century XVII they began to circulate numerous examples of pornographic or erotic Literature, forms mainly in Amsterdam and passed from contraband to the other European countries. Between these is told L'Ecole DES Filles, a printed French work in 1655 that is considered between the beginnings of the pornography of France . It consists of a dialog illustrated between two women, a young person of 16 years and his more worldly premium, and its explicit discussions on sex. The author remains anonymous until now, although some suspects underwent slight prison sentences by the supposed responsibility of the work. In its famous newspaper, Samuel Pepys counts how it bought a copy for the solitary reading and it burned soon it so that it was not open pie by its wife: “frivolous and pícaro book, L'escholle of filles, that I have bought in simple binding… because I have solved to burn it has read it so soon.”

During Illustration, many of the French librepensadores began to operate the pornography like critic means and social Satire . The libertine pornography was a subversive social commentary directed often against Catholic Church and the general attitudes of sexual repression. The market of these produced cheap pamphlets in mass soon passed to be Bourgeoisie, causing that the high class worried, like in England, because the moral of the classes weak inferiors and the mental ones would corrupt, since the women, slaves and illiterates were seen like especially vulnerable during that time.

Histories and illustrations (sold in the galleries of Palais Royal, along with the services of prostitutas) were often anticlerical, indecorosos floods of priests, monks and nuns, a tradition that in France extended until century XX. In the period that was until French Revolution, the pornography was also used like political commentary: Maria Antonieta was often object of fantasies that included orgías, lésbicas activities and the paternity of its children, and circulated rumors on the supposed sexual insufficiency of Luis XVI .ref name=" libido4" > During and after the Revolution the famous works of were imprimieron Marquess of Sade . Often they were accompanied by illustrations and they served as political commentary for his author.

The English answer to this of to Woman went Memoirs of Pleasure (later brief and retituladas Fanny Hill ) written in 1748 by John Cleland . Although the text satirized the literary conventions and the customs fashionable in the England of century XVIII, was more scandalous to portray a woman, the narrator, enjoying and even delighting with sexual acts without physical consequences or serious morals. The text is hardly explicit, because Cleland wrote the whole book using euphemisms for the sexual acts and the parts of the body, using up to 50 different ones to only allude to Penis . Two small earthquakes were given to the book by Bishop of London and Cleland was arrested and briefly jailed, but Fanny Hill continued publishing itself and is one of reprinted books more in English language. Nevertheless, he was not legal to own a copy in the United States until 1964 and the United Kingdom until 1970.


In 1839 Louis-Jacques-Send Daguerre presented/displayed the first feasible process of Fotografía to French Academy of Sciences . Unlike the previous methods, his Daguerreotypes had a quality and impressive details and were not attenuated with time. The new technology did not happen unnoticed for the anxious artists of new forms to represent the naked feminine body. Traditionally, one “ academy ” ( académie ) was a naked study made by painter to dominate the feminine or masculine anatomy. Each had to be registered by the French and approved government before being able to be sold. Soon, the naked photographies began to register themselves like academies and to commercialize themselves like aid for the painters. Nevertheless, the realism of a photography against the idealismo of a picture caused that many of them were intrinsically erotic. In Nude photography, 1840-1920 Peter Marshall indicates: “In the dominant moral climate of the time of the invention of the photography, the unique photographies of the body officially approved were the destined one to the production of artistic studies. Many of the conserved examples of daguerreotypes were not clearly of this sort, counting on a sensuality that implies that they were conceived like erotic or pornographic images. ” ref name=" about" >

Nevertheless, the daguerreotypes did not lack defects. The main difficulty was that only they could be reproduced photographing the original image, because each image was an original one and all the Negative metallic process did not use In addition, the first daguerreotypes had Exposure time of 3 to 15 minutes, doing them in certain form nonviable for Pictures Unlike the drawings, could not be action. The poses that the models adopted had to stay rigidly during long time. Due to it, the standard pornographic image happened of the two or more people participating in sexual acts to Genital a solitary woman showing his . Since an image could cost the wage of one week, the hearing of these naked ones mainly consisted of artists and people of high class. Estereoscopia was invented in 1838 and he became extremely popular for the daguerreotypes, including the erotic images. This technology produced a type of Three-dimensional image that adapted rather well to the erotic images. Although thousands of erotic daguerreotypes were created, only conserve about 800, which causes that they reach prices highest.

In 1841 William Fox Talbot patented Calotipo, the first process with negative that made the accomplishment possible of multiple copies. This invention allowed that to produce an almost limitless number of impressions from a crystal negative. In addition, the reduction in the exposure times made an authentic massive market for the pornographic images possible. The technology immediately was used to reproduce naked pictures. Paris soon became in center of this business. In 1848 thirteen photographic studies in Paris only existed, while for 1860 there were about 400. The majority of them profited selling illicit pornography to the mass that could allow it. The images also were sold near train stations, on the part of traveling salesmen and women in the streets hid that them under their clothes. Often they took place in series (of four, eight or twelve) and exported the foreigner, mainly to England and the United States. As much the models as the photographers used to be of marries working, and the excuse of put the artistic era more and more difficult to justify. For 1855 no longer they were registered naked photographic like academies, and the business had gone underground to escape to the laws.

The Victorian pornographic tradition in Great Britain had three main elements: French photographies, erotic engravings (sold in stores of Holywell Street, a London street disappeared long ago, swept by Aldwych ) and printed Literature. The capacity to reproduce photographies wholesale fomented the height of a new office, the pornography retailer. Many of these retailers took advantage of postal system to send photographic cards in simple packages to their subscribers. Thus, the development of a trustworthy international postal system facilitated the beginnings of the pornographic commerce. The Victorian pornography had several distinguishing characteristics. Mechanic of reflected a point of view very human Anatomy and its functions. Science, the new obsession, was used to study the human body obviously. Consequently, the sexuality of the model was often depersonalized, appearing without passion nor tenderness. At this time the photographies became popular of naked women of exotic ethnic groups, under the umbrella of science. Studies of this type can be in the work of Eadweard Muybridge, that although photographed to men and women, often gave to these useful like baskets of market and canes to fish, making erotic to such images of women slightly disguised.


In 1880 the impression of Halftone was used to reproduce photographies economically for the first time. The invention of this technique of impression took to the pornography and the eroticism to new directions at the beginning of century XX. This new process allowed to reproduce pornographic images in black and white easily, having been limited the previous impressions the engravings for the illustrations. This it was the first format that now allowed that the pornography became a phenomenon of masses, being more reasonable and more easily accessible that all the previous ones.

Appeared first in France, the new magazines included photographies of naked and half-naked women (engaged actresses often burlesque like models) in the cover and the interior, and although at the moment would be considered softcore (`soft'), were quite scandalous for the time. These publications soon masked like “magazines of art” or magazines celebrating the new naturista cult, with titles like Photo Bits, Body in Art, Figure Photography, Nude Living and Modern for Art Men. Health and Efficiency, initiated in 1900, was a typical naturista magazine in Great Britain.

Another pioneering form of pornography Comic strips known like Bibles Tijuana were that began to appear in the United States in 1920 and lasted until the beginning of the publication of photographic magazines to color for men. was vulgar scenes drawn by hand frequently using popular personages of Cartoons and the culture.

In years 1940 the word was coined Pin to describe to the images trimmed of the magazines and calendars for men and nailed with thumbtacks ( pinned up ) to the wall by the American soldiers in World War II . While the images of this decade concentrated mainly in the legs, for years 1950 the emphasis changed Chests .able and Marilyn Monroe were two of models more popular pin-up . In 1950 the pornography evolved to masculine magazines like Playboy and Modern Man . In fact, it can say that the beginning of the modern pornographic magazines was the purchase by Hugh Hefner in 1953 of a photography of Marilyn Monroe to use it like póster central of its new magazine Playboy . Soon, this type of magazine was main the average one in which pornography was consumed.

These magazines included naked or half-naked women, sometimes apparently masturbando itself, although were not to their genitals nor his pubic Hair . Penthouse, founded by Bob Guccione on England on 1965, adopted a different policy. In her the women indirectly watched the camera, as if they went to undertake a private idyll. This change of emphasis influenced in the erotic representations of women. Penthouse was also the first magazine in publishing photographies in which it was to pubic hair and naked integrals, considered both at the time beyond the limits of the eroticism and in the scope of the pornography. At the end of years 1960 the magazines began to include more explicit images, concentrating often in Rumps as standard than it could imagine legally and what the readers wanted to see change. For years 1970, they concentrated in the pubic zone and finally, in 1990, penetrations included, Lesbianism and Homosexuality, Sex in group, masturbations and fetichismo in the magazines more '' hardcore '' (`hard') like Hustler .ref name=" girlie" />

Soon magazines for all the tastes and fetiches thanks to the low production cost were created. The magazines for the community gay bloomed, being the most remarkable and one of first Physique Pictorial, initiated in 1951 by Bob Mizer like attempt to sell the services of masculine models, failing nevertheless the photographies of Athletic Model Guild . It was published in black and white, turning out innovating by his use from utilería and the disguises to represent icons gays such as Cowboys Marine Gladiators and ref name=" out" >


The following technological advance that affected the form in which people saw erotic representations was the invention of Cinematography . William Dickson, an employee of Thomas Edison, invented the first film of feasible Celluloid for this application and decided a size of 35 mm, standard that still is used. Then worked until obtaining Quinetoscopio, a machine that showed through a peephole a continuous curl of film illuminated by a light source of Edison. This cinematographic Projector was the predecessor of .

Dickson left the use of Edison and created its own company to produce Mutoscopio, a crank machine that showed films by a peephole. These machines generated images in movement thanks to a revolving card drum of illustrations, seizures of a film piece. Often they were exhibited in playeras locations, habitually showing sequences of women undressing or acting like artistic model. In Great Britain machines were first known like What the Butler Saw (`what saw the butler'), adopting the name of one of the first and more famous spools '' softcore '' .

The idea to project a cinematographic film in one screen in front of a hearing was an European invention. Brother Paul and Lumière carried out his first public exhibitions of cinematographic Projector . The pornographic films took place almost immediately after the means were invented. Two of the first pioneers were Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner (although this one is remembered mainly by the historians of the cinema like first in producing a film on the life of Christ, Passion du Christ ), that directed the first conserved pornographic film for Pirou under the stage name of “Léar”. The 1896 film, Him Coucher of the Marie, showed Mrs. Louise Willy realizing Striptease . The film of Pirou inspired a sort of raised French films of tone showing women denudando itself when other producers noticed the benefits that could obtain.

Because Piroe almost is not known like producer of pornographic cinema, usually it is credited to other films like initiators of the sort. According to the book Facts Film of Patrick Robertson “the first pornographic film that can date definitively is To L'Ecu d'Or ou bonne auberge ” produced in France in 1908, and whose plot shows a tired soldier who has an adventure with a crew member in an inn. The Argentinean the Satario even can be older, having itself dated between 1907 and 1912. Robertson also indicates that “the conserved older pornographic films comprise of the Collection Kinsey of America”. One of them demonstrates how soon settled down the pornographic conventions. Abend (1910) is “a film of ten minutes that begins with a woman masturbando itself single in its dormitory, following scenes in which Sex practices, a felación and one anal Penetration with a man.”

Soon these illegal films, green calls, guarras or, as they were called to them, were produced clandestinely by fans during many years from the 1940. To process the film demanded great amount of time and resources, which took to some own people to use its Bathtubs to wash the negative when the developing facilities (often related to the organized crime) were not available. The films circulated privately then or by means of traveling salesmen, but to be surprised seeing or in possession of some caused the risk of finishing in prisión.ref name=" time" >

The postwar period brought development that still more stimulated the growth of the pornographic market. The technological developments, especially the introduction of equipment of 8 8 mm and Super, caused in the massive diffusion of the pornographic cinematography amateur, arising then companies to supply this market. In Great Britain the productions of Harrison Marks were softcore, but considered ascents of tone in 1950. In the continent these films were more explicit. Lasse Braun was a pioneer of the productions to quality color that originally were distributed thanks to the diplomatic privileges of their father. The pornography was legalized in the Netherlands in 1969, which took to an explosion of the commercial production. Now that to be pornógrafo was a legitimate occupation, there was shortage of investors to finance the average technicians necessary to make a massive and cheap product, but of no quality. Great amounts of this new pornography, as much magazines as films, were introduced of contraband in other European countries, where they were sold sometimes “under the counter” or exhibited in Cineclubes “only for partners”.

Usually it is considered that the first explicitly pornographic film with a plot that was released to the public in the American cinemas is Pretty (well-known like also Pretty the Virgin Nymph, `Pretty the virgin nymph'), a production of 1970 of 59 minutes directed by Bill Osco and Howard Ziehm, that next created Film of cult of relatively high budget hardcore /softcore (according to the assembly) Flesh Gordon . The film of 1971 Boys in the Sand supposed several pornographic first fruits. Like first pornographic film Gay widely available, was first in including credits for its distribution and equipment (although great part of them under pseudónimos), in parodiar the title of a conventional film (in this case, The Boys in the Band ) and in receiving a critic of The New York Times . In 1972 the pornographic films reached their point of greater notoriety in the United States with deep Throat and After the green door obtaining the approval of the public and becoming social phenomena. followed in 1973 to them Weak In Miss Jones, which took many to predict that the public exhibitions of sexual films soon would be current, but the culture soon moved towards one more a more preservative position and this did not get to happen. William Rotsler affirmed in 1973 that “the erotic films have come to remain. They will simply finish mixing itself with the conventional films and will disappear like classified subgenus. Nothing can stop this.” Nevertheless, in Great Britain deep Throat was prohibited in its original assembly until 2000 and it was not exhibited publicly until June of 2005.ref>

Digital video and reproductions

For 1982 the majority of the pornographic films took place in economic and practical video tapes . Many directors resisted at the outset to this change by the quality of image produced by this means, but those that they changed soon were collecting the majority of the benefits of the industry because the consumers preferred the new format overwhelmingly. The technological change happened fast and completely when the directors noticed that to continue rolling in film no longer it was a profitable option. This change removed to the films from rooms of cinema to introduce them in the homes, being supposed the time end of the productions of great budgets and the generalization of the pornography. The sort returned soon to its worldly roots and was extended to cover each fetiche possible, since to roll era now very cheap. The annual production happened of hundreds to thousands of films, including the compilations of scenes of sex published in others vídeos.ref name=" time" />

CD erotic became at the end of the years 1980 and principles popular of the 1990 thanks to incorporating the innovating element of Interactivity and the fantasy. Nevertheless, its bad quality was a disadvantage, reason why when Internet became popular their sales declined. Approximately at the same time as the revolution of the video, Internet became the favorite source of pornography for much people, when offering privacy in the visionado one at the same time as the opportunity to interact with another people. The recent influence of a technology so widely available as digital cameras, of video as as much photographic, has stumped the borders between the erotic cinema, the professional photography and productions and amateur . A easy access to both formats exists, doing its production very easily attainable by any with access to an equipment. Great part of the pornography at the moment available is produced by fans. The digital format is revolutionary because it allows to the photographers and directors of cinema to manipulate the images in before impossible forms, heightening the dramatic quality or eroticism of a work.

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