Guillermo Hillcoat ( 19 of August of 1895 - 14 of November of 1960 ) was a pioneering pilot of Aviation Argentina .

Been born in the Buenosairean locality from America, initiated its studies of aviation in 1919 in the Palomar, finalizing in January of 1920 . After it Curtiss Airplane was representing of the company and Motor Company and instructor in a flying school.

Between 26 of November and 4 of December of 1924 united Buenos Aires with Lima in a single-engine airplane Curtis Oriole following the same route that the liberating expedition of Jose of San Martin . This deed, sponsored by Aero Argentine Club, was realized commemorating the centenary of Batalla of Ayacucho and it was worth to him that the Peruvian government, headed by the president August LeguĆ­a, would decorate with Order of the Sun of Peru for being the most bold feat realized by aviator some in America until the moment.

The passage, of a length of 4,400 km, began in the aerodrome of San Fernando . After to pass through Laboulaye and to arrive at Mendoza Mountain range of the $andes had to realize three intrepid attempts to manage to cross and to arrive at Santiago of Chile . The trip continued by the Night love song, CopiapĆ³, Antofagasta, Iquique, Arica, Mollendo, Chala, Hills, and Pisco, to finally arrive at Lima after a passage of 34 hours and 25 minutes. By this feat was nicknamed in Lima like the Gaucho Lightning.

In 1925 tried to unite Buenos Aires with New York, mission that could not fulfill by technical problems with the airplane. Between 1927 and 1932 installed and directed a school of pilots in San Fernando. In 1939 began like commercial pilot in South American Corporation of Air services, where also she was aeronavegante head of personnel. Years later got to be head of the Division of Flight of Argentine Airlines, position that carried out until 1950. It later died 10 years in Lisbon, Portugal .

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