Ginocentrismo, also known like femicentrismo, is an interpretation of the world and the centered social relations in the feminine point of view. It can be considered this way as the opposite of Androcentrismo and has tendency to a great extent to orient the social policies and resources to the benefit of the woman, by means of these three fundamental actions.

First of all, the valuation and later eradication of the feminine specific discriminations of a preferred and meticulous way, at the same time as the masculine ones are invisibilizan and ignored.

Secondly, the involution of one improves high-priority of the capacity and Quality of life of the woman in comparison to the one of the man.

Thirdly, favoring the solution of any conflict of interests between both sexes, by means of asymmetric clear and habitually favorable positionings to the feminine part. The references to this term are in direct correlation with the demands of different defending groups from the rights of the men, as they can be the Associations of Separated Parents of Family or APFS and the groups like Mandefender. is generally movements of englobables men within Masculinismo, ideology that is at the moment in a stage of incipient development, although more and more organized and present in Society .

These groups consider to the ginocentrismo or femicentrismo like an inevitable result of the cultural, social and political height of . When positioning itself this one from his first dogmas and postulates in favor of one of both sexes, leads invariably to the discrimination of the other, if elements are not introduced correctors that affect their essentially tendentious dynamics. Liberating and on the one hand potenciadora of the feminine thing, but, at the same time, clearly sexist partisan and in the long run, to condemn background or to avoid masculine Discrimination of sort . Transversality of the thought feminist, the height and influences increasing policy in all the countries of the compatible organizations with this ideology, favor that the .feminism as much as its interests and actions, including most controversial, reach a significant degree of influence in the cultural, political and social aspects. The formation of sort professionals and its dissemination in all the social enclosures contribute to the development of a strong totalitarian control feminist, remarkably supported by the circumstantial ventajismo that grants to this movement its property to Politically correct . This, along with the absence of an organized competing group of sufficient social influence and with the suitable degree of political endorsement like moderating the exaggerated demands of the .feminism, facilitates its advance without hardly receiving institutional or academic critics.

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