General Rojo is a locality of the North end of Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, pertaining to divided of San Nicholas of Streams . between the cities of is located in km 17.5 of 188 RN San Nicholas and Parchment .

Agricultural locality par excellence. To the west is Stream of Means that determines the limit with Province of Santa Fe, to the east the stream of Ramallo that determines the limit with the party of Ramallo, to the north the limit is in the denominated way " The Verde" and the south it limits with the locality of Er├ęzcano .


It consists of three Clubs: the Club Defending of Slaughter houses, the Boulevard Club and the Democratic Social Club. It has a denominated football team General Rojo Sport Union.


The settlers mainly descend from Spanish Italian immigrants and that arrived by the end of S. XIX or principle of S. The town went extending around the station of train, (today left). When being a small population, all the families know themselves to each other.


  • Slaughter houses
  • Boulevard
  • Silencio
  • Center
  • and a innominado district across of the route.

Account with, which represents a reduction of 2.5% against those of the previous census.

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