Gaëtan Dugas (the 20 of February, 1953 - the 30 of March, 1984 ) was a Canadian man that worked for Air Canada like flight assistant. Dugas arrived to be known like " Patient 0"   of the syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency ( AIDS ).

Patient Zero?

In the history of the search of the virus it is not possible to be stopped speaking of famous " Patient 0" from where at the first moments seemed to divide Epidemic. A Homosexual flight attendant is Gaetan Dugas and multiple sexual pair that recognized to have had more than two thousand sexual companions. From HIV isolated in his Blood identified, investigating patients worldwide, to more than 40 cases of HIV of identical characteristics, distributed by multitude of countries that they had common in addition, the shared salary Sex among them. Disease doubtlessly contributed to extend by everybody, something that happened in a time record, but also helped to recognize that the disease was very Contagious and that certain attitudes could help his Dissemination, therefore was possible to take measures to reduce to the rate of Contagions .

A study published in the American Medicine Newspaper in 1984 I conclude that many of the early infections by HIV of New York City were attributable to an assistant of masculine flight Gay infected. Epidemiologists were conceited that Dugas took to the virus outside Africa and introduced in Western the homosexual community .

Dugas was portrayed in the book of Randy Shilts " And the Band Played On", that documented to the bud of AIDS in the United States . Shilts portrayed to Gaëtan Dugas with a psychopathic behavior, alleging that it infected voluntarily, to others with the virus. Dugas was described like a charming man, a beautiful athlete, who, according to the same, had hundreds of sexual encounter to the year. He said to have had on 2,500 sexual acts with Homosexual others in everything North America, because as attending of Dugas flight could travel by all the globe to epicenters of the beginning of HIV, such as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and San Francisco . Undergoing of Sarcoma of Kaposi, and after being warned medically that it could infect a sexual virus, Dugas rejected to stop to have sex without protection being thus infected to numerous people.

It thought that this new sexual disease could be treated easily, like Syphilis and Gonorrhea, but it turned out to be incurable and almost always Mortal, during years 80 and great part of the 90, until the investigators found combinations of drugs that stop the advance of the disease, but not its treatment. Dugas died in the city of Quebec the 30 of March, 1984 of renal insufficiency caused by the infections and diseases caused by the virus of AIDS.

Analysis and Critic

Analysis Genetic of HIV provides certain aid for theory of patient zero, although Dugas not was probably unique person in charge of extension initial of virus in the United States, if it seems to be part of a reduced group of homosexual men who traveled frequently, were extremely sexually active, and that they died of AIDS in the first times of Epidemic (around 1980-1982).

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