Frozen (Congealed) is first simple of the seventh album of study of the American singer MGP Madonna titled Ray of Light . Simple was sent between the months of February and March of 1998 to a large extent of the world.

General information

" Frozen" Ray is first simple of the album of Light . Madonna continues experimenting with the electronic sounds, since it had already done of superficial form in his simple " Bedtime Story " and completing the song with a choir of violins, cords and a full change in the voice of Madonna, with a acute tone. For " Frozen" Madonna recovers to its great collaborator Patrick Leonard, to which adds to the production of the new producer William Orbit, without which " Frozen" it would have been a very different song. The original adjustments of Patrick Leonard were conserved but Madonna and William Orbit added to new rates and sintetizadores that give to an air him Techno to the song.

The simple one officially sent in February of 1998, reaching with facility the positions #1 and #2 in the lists of Europe and the United States, respectively. But " Frozen" a month before already rolled by the radio transmitters, in particular first in releasing it was an Asian transmitter. Immediately a nonauthorized piece in a page was copied Web of Singapore ( The Singapore Madonna Link ), this happened the 23 of January of 1998. That page received more than 140,000 visits. A spokesman of Warner Bros. Record said that the company had acted to cause that the song was erased of the network (history would become to repeat with " Beautiful Stranger " and " Music "). As far as the letter, " Frozen" it is a lack of affection song. It was said that it is dedicated to Carlos Leon, the father of his Lourdes daughter Maria.

If already of in case the song it was good, the musical video is between the best ones of the race of Madonna and some of remixes that was even realized surpass to the own song as far as quality. To the critic it did not have left more remedy than to surrender before the evidence, Madonna totally returned renewed and with more force than ever. Madonna comments about " Frozen" :

" Frozen" she is one of the songs that selected for the second album great successes of Madonna: GHV2 .

Musical video

In musical Video of " Frozen", Madonna did not scrimp efforts so that outside the best quality, surrounding itself by an exceptional work group and using the best digital effects of the moment (by which it gained a prize in " MTV Video Music Awards" of 1998).

Rolling in the desert of Mojave ( Californian ) the video is inspired by one of the scenes of desert of the film the English patient, of which according to Madonna it cried very heartbrokenly. The running took place 8 of January of 1998 . The original idea era to record the video in a place in which really it was cold, even with ice and snow, but Madonna was not arranged to be congealed, and decided to record it in a desert. But and so they did not tell it is that during the nights, in the desert the coldest temperatures of the year are reached and to make matters worse it even rained. Madonna declared that it had been the work it last more of his race due to the cold that it was to support.

Madonna chose to Chris Cunningham so that it directed the video, due to its fame like creator of the monsters that appear in the film Alien: Resurrection . Him all the tétrico and magical atmosphere of the video is come off, and that combines very well with the music of the subject. For Chris the running of this video " it was a bad experience. So it was moved to have finally money to be able to make a video, and I finished in a desert raining to seas: the equipment was soaked, the cameras spoiled and we ended up rolling covered with one overturns and the hope of which he was better to us in the edition study. After this I could not leave the bed during mes".

Ariane Phillips was the one in charge of the image of Madonna. The dress and the wig (that Madonna said that it seemed a black squid on his head) are a creation of the designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Madonna appears with its hands covered with drawings realized with henna that have their meaning in Yoga (the one that takes in the palm of the hand is called " Ohm"), that gives a more mystical air him to their image. This Indian custom is called " Mendhi". The personage who Madonna incarnates in the video, is called " Veronica Electrónica", that already it has interpreted in the video of " Bedtime Story ", inspired by the dancing Martha Grahams .

Three versions different from the video exist: " Version" album;, " Stereo Mc´s Remix Edit" and " You extend Club Mix Version" Video;. The version of the album can be found in the compilation The Collection Video 93:99 and The Work of Director Chris Cunningham .

Credits of the video

  • Director: Chris Cunningham.

  • Production: Black Dog Films, New York.
  • Producing: Nick Wrathall.
  • Director of photography: Darius Khondji.
  • Hairdressing salon: Peter the Sabic.
  • Maquillaje: Joanne Gair.
  • Publisher of post-production: Gary Knight.
  • Post-producer: John Payne.
  • Personal of post-production: Steve Murgatroyd, Gives Williams, Steve Hiam, Anthony Walsham.

Official versions and formats

Next the official versions of the song are enlisted:
  • Album Version - (6: 11)

  • Video Version - (5: 19)
  • Radio Version/Radio edit/Edit - (5: 06)
  • Hook For Call Out Research - (0: 17)
  • You extend Club Mix Edit - (4: 35)
  • Club Mix Video Version - (4: 12)
  • Club Mix Radio Edit - (4: 57)
  • You extend Club Mix - (11: 17)
  • Stereo Mc's Edit/Stereo Mc's Remix Edit/Stereo Mc's Mix - (4: 51)
  • Stereo Mc's Mix - (5: 45)
  • Stereo Instrumental Mc's - (5: 22)
  • Meltdown Mix - Short - (4: 54)
  • Meltdown Mix/Meltdown Mix - Long Version/Meltdown Long Mix - (8: 10)
  • Widescreen Mix/William Orbit Widescreen Mix - (6: 33)
  • William Orbit Drumapella - (5: 15)
  • Victor Calderone Drumapella - (5: 09)
  • Vowel Demo - (2: 31)

Simple " Frozen" it was sent in several types of formats with diverse contents, next they are enlisted most common:

  • Europe CD Single

" Frozen" (Madonna/Leonard, Patrick) - 6:11
  • " Shanti/Ashtangi" (Orbit, William/Madonna) - 4:29
    • Europe CD Maxi-Single

    " Frozen" (Version Album) (Madonna/Leonard, Patrick) - 6:15
  • " Frozen" (Stereo MC's Remix) (Madonna/Leonard, Patrick) - 5:49
  • " Frozen" (You extend Club Mix) (Madonna/Leonard, Patrick) - 11:21
  • " Frozen" (Meltdown Mix) (Madonna/Leonard, Patrick) - 8:09


    18 of November of 2005 a judge Belgian located in Mons accused of the four compasses of opening of " Frozen" " was used like Plagiarism of the song; Ma vie fout him camp", written by Salvatore Acquaviva in Mouscron; the song of Acquaviva was a moderate successful in the lists of radio of Belgium at the beginning of the decade of 1980, when Madonna was living in Dancing Europe like / Corista on Patrick Hernandez . Later the judge ordered the retirement of the sale of all the remaining albums, and prohibited any transmission of the song in the radios and televisions of Belgium.

    Presentations live

    Madonna made a strong promotion for simple " Frozen" proof of it is all the occasions in which it interpreted live in shows televising of the United States and Europe in 1998. In addition it was including in two of his tours:
    • Drowned World Tour (2001): In the presentation of the concerts of this Madonna tour it interpreted the version Stereo MC's Mix of " Frozen". After the video interludio of " Paradise (for Not Me) " Madonna appeared in the scene dressed Geisha in a showy red and black attire and one the best choreographies. The action finished with small interludio instrumental of " Open Your Heart " that it gave rise " Nobody's Perfect".

    • Re-Invention Tour (2004): " Frozen" she was one of the first songs of this tour after " Nobody Knows Me " and followed of " American Life ". For this Madonna occasion it interpreted the version album of the song stopped in the middle of the scene while by the screens basic a video directed by Chris called Cunningham projected " Flex".

    Position in the popularity lists

    " Frozen" it occupied first in several lists of countries worldwide. Whereas in the United States was stopped by " All My Life" of K-Ci & Jojo .

    In the United Kingdom, in spite of the slight behavior of previous simple like " You'll See " (position #5 in 1995) and " Don't for Cry Me Argentina " (position #3), " Frozen" it meant " successful regreso" of Madonna, becoming its first simple one in making debut in the position #1. #1 in this country is also its second from " Vogue (song) " in 1990. " Frozen" #2 of the European Hot 100 Singles remained eleven weeks in the position]] Chart.

    " Frozen" it managed to sell about 2.000 units anywhere in the world.

    Lists of popularity

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    Trajectory in the lists



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