Franz von Walsegg or Wallsegg ( 17 of January of 1763 - 11 of November of 1827 ), also met like count Franz von Walsegg, was Austrian Aristocrat, that supposedly ordered famous smaller Réquiem in re of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart .


Residing in the castle of Walsegg, located near Gloggnitz, count Walsegg sent in Julio of 1791 a secret messenger to Mozart, asking to him that wrote one misa of réquiem . The count, apparently musical fan, had the custom to order works of met composers, making happen them through hers in the private concerts that he gave in his castle. Walsegg ordered and directed réquiem (as if it was his own composition) 14 of December of 1793, in memory of its young wife, Ana, who passed away 14 of February of 1791 to the twenty years of age. Count Walsegg, who was 28 years old at the time of the death (and he did not return to marry), was deeply ashamed and constructed for her a mausoleum in the neighborhood of his castle, where he was buried.

Although Mozart died before completing réquiem, its wife (due to its delicate economic situation) asked to him to one of the students of Mozart, Franz Xaver Süssmayr, finished that it with the purpose of to obtain the rest of the sum that Walsegg had promised.

Count Franz von Walsegg sometimes is erroneously met like count Walsegg-Stuppach .

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