Francisco de Montejo ( Salamanca, 1479 - Seville, 1553 ), military man and Spanish explorer . Their parents were Don Juan de Montejo and Do6na Catherine Alvarez de Tejeda.

Its familiar surroundings

A son with Do6na Ana of Leon procreated in his youth, native of Seville, his unique son man was born in December of 1508 in Seville, and took the same name of his father and was considered son legitimate. As much the father as the son participated in the conquest of Yucatan, to distinguish were nicknamed them " the Adelantado", title that it received, and " the Mozo", title of its son. In Spain, in a trip the one that sent Courteous Hernán to him, Montejo contracted nuptials with Beatriz of Herrera, from the union her unique daughter was born Catherine de Montejo and Herrera.

Its military specialty

In 1514, embarked course to the Indians. To its arrival to Cuba, participated in 1518 in the expedition of Juan de Grijalva with the captain degree, to the control of four ships. In the trip Island of Cozumel crossed just the open pie, the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, and advanced until reaching veracruzanas earth, thence returned to Cuba. During the expedition and with native of Tuxpan had confrontations with Mayan in Chakán Putum place where they hurt to five soldiers under its position. Given the adverse circumstances de refused along with Alonso Avila to leave soldiers with the intention of beginning to establish positions in the territories just shortages.

The following year accompanied to Courteous Hernán in its expedition course to Conquista by Mexico, followed the same route of Juan de Grijalva and founded Rich Villa of the Side Cross, today known like Port Veracruz, departure point for the conquest of Mexico; 22 of April of 1519 was named regidor mayor and along with Alonso the Hernandez Portocarrero, position who exerted briefly.

Francisco de Montejo was a brave man who distinguished itself by his diplomacy, virtue that was worth to him to be named by Courteous messenger it sent and it to Spain so that it informed to the Real Court of the results of the expedition. Along with Alonso Hernandez Portocarrero and pilot Antón de Alaminos traveled 26 of July of 1519 towards Spain with first relation letter and Fifth Real to defend the interests of Courteous before Carlos I .

In December of 1526 Carlos V authorized it to undertake the conquest of Yucatan with the titles of Advanced, Governing and to Commander in chief, same that Francisco de Montejo inherited to his son, " the Mozo" . In 1527 it left from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain for American earth.

The conquest of Yucatan

Its son, call Francisco de Montejo and Leon " the Mozo", conquered Yucatan and founded the cities of Logwood on 1540 and Merida (Yucatan) in 1542 .

His nephew, equally called Francisco de Montejo, the nephew, founded the town of Valladolid (Yucatan) on 1543.

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