Francisco de Viedma or (Biedma) and Narváez ( Jaén, Spain, 11 of June of 1737 - † Cochabamba, Bolivia, 28 of June of 1809 ), Spanish, exploratory sailor of the Argentine patagónica coast. Santa Cruz of the Mountain range was governor of and intendant of Cochabamba.

comprised of the expedition organized by the virrey Juan Jose Vértiz and directed by Juan of the Stone, whose purpose was the construction of forts and colonies in the sector of patagónicas Coasts .

The expedition left from Montevideo 15 of December of 1778 and arrived the 7 of January of 1779 at San jOse Gulf, located in the southern part of Gulf San Matías, in present Province of the Chubut ( Argentina ). Of the Stone it established a trimming that left the control of Viedma, that was in charge of the construction of a town, call Hard of San jOse .

Along with the sailor and Spanish explorer Basilio Villarino, Viedma carried out several trips of recognition by the region between Peninsula Buckets and the opening of Negro river . Between 22 and 23 of April of 1779, Viedma ordered the construction of a fort in the right margin of the Negro river, to which it gave by Mercedes name of Patagones. The swelling and underflow of the river in June of that year brought about the transfer of the fort, although not of the town arisen to his around, to the left margin, where the land was higher; the new one hard was called Carmen de Patagones . Thus, two populations with similar name arose in the mouth of the Negro river. 21 of October of 1878 the first governor of Patagonia, Alvaro Mud, determined that Mercedes happens to designate Viedma in memory of the illustrious sailor.

Viedma also carried out other expeditions, emphasizing realized the Bay of San Julian, in the coast of Santa Cruz. With the data obtained in this trip it compiled his report, Description of the southern coast of the south, vulgarly patagónica call .

In 1776 was named governor of Santa Cruz of the Mountain range, having happened to be intendant of Cochabamba, when being created this Intendance.

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